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Singapore - Japan Rail Cafe

Japan Rail Cafe in Singapore! I have been Shizuoka Prefecture two May ago for their Fuji Shibazakura festival. The next time I go back there is to hike Mount Fuji #IfIamFitEnough. Here I am at the event at Japan Rail Cafe where their region for the February in Japan Rail Cafe is Mt Fuji x Shizuoka Prefecture.

NDP 2016 - “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”

NDP 2016 - "Building our Singapore of Tomorrow". My last live NDP preview was 3 years ago when bf got the tickets. This year, my brother was lucky enough to win the tickets - I have to admit that I have been consistently balloting for NDP tickets with all my families' particular and have not been win once with my name. Ironically, the preview date was coincidentally fell on my wedding day -.-" (dont know wanna cry or wanna laugh). I managed to exchange tickets with one kind soul on carousell. YAYs! This year was a little bit special as it was held back to our National Stadium.

Singapore - Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens By The Bay Festive 2015

Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens By The Bay Festive 2015. Heard that this was the most christmasy place in Singapore so we decided to pay it a visit. It was not as pretty at the outside but. ..It was so damn fairytale in the inside ! Be prepared to see lots of people photobomb your photo.

#SG50 NDP 2015

#SG50 NDP 2015. Year 2015 was a special year for Singapore as it has been independent for 50 big fat years already! As we did not manage to get the tickets (*sad), instead of watching the parade at home, we went down personally to celebrate the day with our fellow Singaporeans. This post is very late but #latebetterthannoshow lol

Kiwi Adventurer Plans To Row From Singapore to New Zealand

Kiwi adventurer Grant "Axe" Rawlinson has quite an adventurous resume. Not only has he climbed numerous peaks from around the world – including Everest – he has also trekked and cycled his way through some of the most remote and beautiful locations on the plane. But his next endeavor just might be his most challenging yet, as he has now announced plans to row and cycle from Singapore back to New Zealand, covering a distance of 12,000 km (7456 miles) in the process.


Street Art by Artist Ernest Zacharevic and others in Singapore. I fell in love with street art ever since I seen them in Penang. I extremely admired the artist Ernest Zackarevic for his talent and his artistic imagination. I have read online that he usually stays in the city for a couple of weeks to observe the customs of the place before he starts on his artpiece on the wall. In Singapore, most of his street art are done on the side walls of shophouses in Jalan Pisang and Jalan Klapa, facing Victoria Street.

#FoodHoppingSG - 1942 Alfresco @ Changi & War Museum

1942 Alfresco @ Changi #ThePastBackToLife. I am always very psyched about going to a themed restaurant. The exterior of a restaurant definitely is a big point of attraction to earn my money. I came across this restaurant on facebook (someone reposted and appeared on my feed) and I am quite surprised that Singapore actually has such an interesting restaurant with history themed. I believe the owner of this restaurant survived the World War II.

#FoodHoppingSG : Cyclists' Heaven - Wheeler's Yard

Wheeler's Yard. Having a bf who loves cycling (probably more than me), this is like a heaven to him, okay to me as well that he can admire bicycles while I sip coffee. Perfect day for us! It is at a strategic location where cyclists can cycle around the industrial area and rest at this place for a cup of coffee. The exterior looks like its a warehouse until you enter by its side door. This concept is similar to Chye Seng Huat Hardware store. Can not judge thing by their appearance, indeed.

#FoodHoppingSG - Kombi Rocks Diner

Kombi Rocks - The same old brand new diner. "I am a vintage lover". I came across this vintage diner place when I was googling interesting theme cafe in Singapore. Immediately, I bookmarked the address and checked the diner out on the very next day. Very hard to miss the diner due to its prominent location - just opposite Serangoon stadium and first shop to see when you turn in to the small alley.