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What are the various way in which I can raise funds to buy house?

Author: Sachin Gupta | Find me on Twitter

Now that you have decided to buy a home, you need to determine the home affordability and sources of home finance before you actually approach the developer to buy your dream house.

First thing first, what is the value of home that you can afford? Well, home affordability is derived by taking into consideration your current household income levels, and monthly expenditures. Here is the detailed example of calculating home affordability.

Now, the crucial aspect in home buying is sources of funds.

Let’s say, based on your current income levels and monthly expenditure, it is determined that value of home that you can afford is Rs. 6000000

As per banking norms, you can avail 80% of this as home loan from banks or housing finance companies. However, check your loan eligibility from the local bank. Your loan eligibility depends on host of factors such as nature of loan, amount of loan, income of the applicant, financial status of the applicant, his/her age, qualifications, number of dependents, spouse's income, assets, liabilities, stability and continuity of occupation, income, expenditure and savings history.

Home loan = 60 lacs x 80%
                  = Rs. 48 lacs

How do you source the remaining Rs. 12 lacs?

  • Cash savings

Firstly, Pool in the cash that you and your spouse may have accumulated over a period of time. Additionally, if possible, you can borrow the money from your close relatives or friends. The benefit of borrowing from family sources is that you will be paying zero or low interest as opposed to borrowing the same amount from commercial lenders.

  • Fixed deposits

If your fixed deposits are nearing maturity, unlock them. Or one can also avail loan against fixed deposits. Banks normally lend 70-80% of the total value of fixed deposits.

  • Savings in the form of shares or mutual funds

Shares and mutual funds are highly liquid asset class. You can trade your stocks and generate the money that is needed to make the down payment for your home. Some banks also offer loan against these securities. Check with your bank about the eligibility for loan against your stocks or mutual funds. The interest rate charged (10 to 14%) will be in direct proportion to the nature of your stocks and mutual funds.

  • Personal loan

This is probably the easiest way of making down payment for your home. If you are employed, approach your company’s bank for personal loan. Your company’s official banking partner will certainly have attractive interest rates schemes for the employees. We have noticed in past when employees were given personal loan at 11-12% as against the market norm of 17-18%.

  • Loan against gold

Indians are the largest consumer of Gold. Your gold collections may be lying idle at home or in your bank locker, instead why not unlock the value of gold? It will definitely be handy towards your down payment. Gold is relatively a safe asset class and therefore, banks will charge relatively low interest rate when sanctioning loan against gold. Approach your bank for loan against gold and you will be surprised at ease with which banks will provide you loan against gold.

  • Provident funds

Provident funds can also be a reliable source of generating funds towards down payment. One can also avail loan against his/her provident funds.

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