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Japan - Osaka

Japan : Kyoto - May 2015

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This was our last stop of the day - Osaka and we were here to see the Glico running man sign and eat their takoyaki.

The two famous food and shopping street - Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade respectively. We alighted at JR station - Namba station and crossed a few streets before we reached Dotonbori.

We thought we were still early to see the crowd until we crossed one more street to reach the bustling spot of the Dotonbori.

We started to see crowd and lots of restaurants with big seafood signs.

Gyoza restaurant

Puffer fish restaurant!! Wanted to try but too scared to try lol

What is this shop selling for?

We saw a couple takoyaki shop on the way and this shop was one of the longest queue so as a kiasu Singaporean, of course we followed the crowd. They have two big takoyaki molds and all the customers can see their making process - pour in the sauce, put octopus, put spring onion and turn into a ball.

The queue was actually clearing quite fast. We were too anxious to have the first bite but it was still too hot in the inside and we split it out lol! Although I rarely eat takoyaki in Singapore, I love their local texture that it melts in your mouth. Bf sarcastically commented "Moon is always rounder when you are oversea".

Grilled scallops!

We found mini glico running man sign! Where is the big one?

We had a hard time finding the big glico running man sign that we used our last resort - googlemap. 

Yays! We managed to locate it using googlemap. It is actually just behind all the tall buildings along the Dotonbori street by the river.

It is just opposite this rectangle ferris wheel.

What a nicely hairdye done~

Pablo cheesecake!

They have 2 kind - super melty and normal. They only sell whole cake. In the end, we bought 1 normal cheesecake back as our next day breakfast before we head off back to Tokyo. Little did we know, there is a branch at Shibuya haha~

Minami (Namba)