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Korea - Mount Sorak (Seoraksan)

Korea trip Oct 2013

Yays! Are you ready to see spammed pictures of leave foliage?? ^.^

Finally we were going to Seoraksan! Do you know the best season to go Seoraksan is autumn?? The autumn colours - red and yellow forest - are the beautiful combination in Korea!

Our tour guide told us that it was the peak period to see leave foliage and yesterday the carpark was full with tour buses and cars. Today was still ok though!

Already so pretty when we were heading to the entrance! 

Taking the cable car up to the top.

Such a pretty sight! I will let the pictures talk =)

Perfect timing at perfect place 

An experience we will never forget.

Now going to Shinheung Temple where is just at the bottom of Seoraksan.

We have conquered autumn! I want to see snow or sakura next time!!

Seoraksan National Park
Address: Seoraksan-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
Admission: Free
Direction: From Sokcho Intercity / Express Bus Terminal, take Bus 7 or 7-1. 
Get off at Seorak-dong (설악동, the last stop)

At the train station back to Seoul, we saw a group of kids (maybe on their excursion trip) are playing around
 Then our focus was immediately on the "blond" boy. How did he dye this hair this way? Cannot be his natural hair colour is blond and he dyed black right? lol what a high tech way of dying hair and who the hell dye their kids hair at such a young age?

perfect for emo picture

This barrier is actually built to prevent all the unnecessary spies from swimming over from their neighbour half country if you know where I mean...

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