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How to get rid of acne - How to Eliminate Acne with Honey

How to get rid of acne - How to Eliminate Acne with Honey

Acne! Everyone must have felt in life. Although generally acne occurs when we were teenagers. Characteristics stubborn acne scars make us always feel sad when exposed acne. Besides acne also caused a decline in confidence.

Causes of Acne

How to Eliminate Acne with Honey
How to Eliminate Acne with Honey
Acne can happen to anyone, including parents and teens. However acne in adolescents has become a very common disorder. What is the real cause of acne? In the world of skin health cause of acne is not known or can not be analyzed specifically. But here are some common causes are often assumed to be the cause of acne.

how to remove acne with honey

Hormonal imbalance
Problems increase in hormones common in adolescent girls as the cause of acne during menstruation. This is due to the high levels of hormones that cause acne androgen and progesterone levels. As a result, the oil glands to produce more oil and this makes the oil glands are very sensitive.

Hormonal changes drastically. Acne that occurs in pregnant women due to hormonal changes occur very rapidly.
Genetic. Some other facts also revealed that older people with severe cases of acne can be down to his son.
Cosmetic use. Too often wear makeup and allergies in some cosmetic ingredients.
Stress. Thoughts are depressed are also believed to cause acne.
Dietary habit. some foods are not good consumption of such foods cause acne, fat and contain a lot of oil.
Acne Skin Disorders

Acne is a skin irritation with shapes such as lumps or inflammation under the skin. Acne occurs on the channel the oil glands in the skin. There are different types of acne as a small pimple that can disappear without treatment or acne that can cause inflammation. Already inflamed acne usually requires special care to avoid infection.

How to get rid of acne naturally using honey widely applied. Honey became one of the substances which have excellent properties to restore the skin when exposed to inflammatory conditions such as acne. Honey has a wide variety of content and compounds that affect the health of the skin such as:

antioxidants that destroy bacteria and germs that cause acne,
moisturize the skin
cleaning the skin
accelerate the healing of acne
Here are some of the benefits of honey mask to treat acne.

Honey has natural antioxidant that acts to kill bacteria and germs that cause itchy pimples on the skin.
how to get rid of acne with honey contains a natural antiseptic that can kill bacteria and cleanse wounds on acne.
Honey has an osmotic nature so that it can clean the wound, the wound to absorb water and release hydrogen peroxide acne that works to heal wounds acne.
Honey has acidic properties that are very effective to prevent and reduce bacterial growth.
Honey contains anti-inflammatory that works to stop inflammation in the wound.
Honey has the special substances that make sticky so that it can be used to attract dirt and dust from the skin.
Honey has natural probiotic substances and can be useful to reduce acne and stop a possible new acne.
Honey moisturizes the skin so the skin becomes more delicate, not greasy and cure acne quickly and naturally.
Here are some ways to get rid of acne with honey.

1. Natural Honey Mask

There are different types of honey that we could find. One is the natural raw honey or honey are taken directly from the beehive. If you have this honey can be used for the treatment of facial acne, how:

Take a few drops of natural honey
Apply directly to all parts of acne or facial with a soft cotton
Let the honey for about 45 minutes
Once dry or sticky and thick skin then rinse with cold water or ice water
Perform this treatment a few times and see the difference your face
You can use raw honey for 3 times a week.
2. Mask Honey and Fruit Pala

Nutmeg is usually used as a spice in cooking. Nutmeg aroma very fragrant and distinctive proved to have excellent properties when mixed with honey. How to remove acne with honey can wear pure honey or honey from bees that live in longan fruit. Here's how:

Take a few tablespoons of honey
Mix the nutmeg that is already in the puree to be a mask for acne prone skin
Apply to all parts of the face
let up for 30 minutes
After all ground nutmeg and honey settles on the face then wash face with warm water
Apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type
Do this treatment twice a week
Look at your acne can be lost and no scar.
3. Mask Honey and strawberries

Strawberries contain vitamin C and antioxidants are very high. A mixture of honey and strawberries will be a very good nutrition to eliminate acne from the skin. Here are some ways to eliminate acne with a mixture of honey and strawberries:

Take strawberries that have been cleaned. Make sure you wear freshly picked strawberries or recently picked.
Puree strawberries until the pasta or mask
Take 3 tablespoons of honey a natural or other types of honey and mix with crushed strawberries
Apply to all parts of the face that had been cleaned. And leave for about 30 minutes
Clean your face with warm water so that the pores and acne is clean and does not cause infection
Do this treatment for two months for 3 times a week and see acne disappear and your face becomes very clean.
4. Mask Honey and Sugar

One way mengaatsi Bekes how to remove acne on the face is clean all parts of the face with an object that is a little harsh. A mixture of sugar and honey is very effective to open the acne and acne scars on the skin peeling.

You can wear these masks, rubbing gently. Perform massage with honey and sugar to mask the area around the pimple. This method can be used for acne that is already a bit old or new acne will appear. Do this treatment for one week once.

5. Mask Honey and Turmeric

Saffron or turmeric meeting was also very effective for treating acne. How to remove acne with honey and turmeric berasald ari content of antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory so it is very effective to remove acne.

Here's how to treat acne with honey and saffron.

Take four spoons of honey and pour in a small bowl.
Add half a teaspoon of turmeric that has been processed into a powder. You can find turmeric powder in places that sell herbal products but use pure turmeric powder that has not been mixed.
Use this mask to all parts of the face and apply for about 10 minutes.
Clean the face with warm water and wipe with a soft towel so that the surface of the face is not too dry.
Do this treatment twice a week to obtain optimal results.
6. Forest Honey Mask

In addition to implementing the various ways the above then you can also use natural honey. You can choose the type of honey from bees that nest in the plant fruit or honey types of natural forest.

Apply honey on all parts of the face at night
To stay comfortable should apply slightly and evenly to all parts of the face
Let the honey to survive until morning
Clean the honey from the face after waking up
Clean with warm water so the face becomes more comfortable
This treatment can be done every day, if you want to get rid of acne fast.
Other combinations Honey Mask

Basically the honey to remove acne treatments can be done with a variety of mixed materials. How to remove acne with honey used with a combination of ingredients that contain high antioxidants such as;

lemon juice
egg whites
Aloe vera gel
olive oil and apple
You can also eat honey 2 tablespoons every day to treat acne from the inside. Honey contains antioxidants, vitamins and various types of minerals that can heal wounds and renew the body's cells are damaged.

Tips to Prevent Acne
Acne Skin Care Ways
If you have very sensitive skin it can protect or perform maintenance cberbagai way to prevent acne. Below are some tips to protect skin lightly so as not affected by acne:

Not too often consume foods that contain saturated fat
If you have acne that is pretty much it while avoiding all kinds of food that is grilled or fried
If out of the house and facing air pollution and excessive solar heat then use the product to protect skin
Avoid rubbing the skin too hard when treating skin waja
Balance your food intake acne removal containing vitamins, proteins and minerals that are good for the body
White water consumption according to the needs of the body and do light exercise regularly.