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Japan - Hakone

Japan : Hakone- May 2015

Hakone (箱根) is less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo.

We bought Hakone day pass which includes all transportation to and in Hakone. We saw on news that Hakone Ropeway is closed due to volcanic activity around Owakudani. It had over hundred mini earthquake at Hakone area. We were abit hesitant about going but thought that it should be safe as only the ropeway is closed.

What a sunny day~

Hakone Tozan Railway - Japan's oldest mountain railway

Lake Ashinoko - actually a volcanic crater that formed after the volcano's last eruption 3000 years ago.

Towards Hakone Shrine

Hakone Shrine stands at the foot of Mount Hakone along the shores of Lake Ashi. I bought a pair of love charms for myself as well as 1 love charm for my friend. Heard that my friend has recently in love~ lol 
Charms normally only last for a year.

This is the magical Hakone baby wishing tree.

Two hands means twin lol~

Here we go to take the cruise behind~

Sigh. Since Owakudani is closed, we were unable to eat their magical black egg as well. They say eat one black egg will lengthen your life by 7 years.

This is our alternative black egg.

Then we left Hakone and heading off to Kawaguchiko to stay a night there.

This is the sunshine doll that I bought from Asakusa. I have to say this doll indeed works AMAZING as it has been sunny since the first day I bought it!

I have already booked a hotel near Kawaguchiko and the english speaking staff knocks off at 6pm but we only reached the bus station at 5.30pm. We were supposed to go to the travel information counter but it already closed at 2pm. OMG we were very worried but luckily the souvenir shop has wifi so I still managed to send out email to the hotel staff. I was still very anxious on the possibility if the staff would pick up my email so I had no choice to approach two school girls for help. While I was trying my best to tell them my story, I received an incoming email bing sound. To my relief, it was the reply from the hotel staff and he still specially got us a shuttle bus from the station. 

At the kawaguchiko souvenir stop.

Our room! They have onsen room on the rooftop, separated by gender.

Our room view. Too cloudy to see mount fuji -.-

Regretted not to book dinner beforehand and we had to find dinner place in the cold.

As the night was getting darker, we decided to head in any decent restaurant which was still open lol

By the time we went back our hotel, they already made our bed nicely!
btw, this is the only hotel/apartment that has TV provided.

Free yukata to wear

I dont know what does this mean..

Like where doraemon sleeps..


Why was everybody doing the same pose?