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Why Lie in Filing a Car Insurance Application?

Why lie in filing a car insurance application?

While Millennials are more inclined to prevaricate than their elders, women and men lie to insurers.

Surely, car insurance is expensive, and in one survey, almost two-thirds of the drivers who submitted false info to insurers said they did so to save cash. A Consumer Federation of America report found that most motorists pay $500 annually for coverage, and many shell out more than $1,000.

Mendacious motorists have many methods to cover up inconvenient truths which could make them pay higher rates. Occasionally, it’s a matter of failing to admit to having injuries or traffic tickets. Other times, applicants fib about where they house the auto or who else will drive it.

If people such as a claim files, though, the insurance company likely will find outside them. Their investigators will create a huge effort to check whether their application was exact. They stand to get their policy rescinded and civil fraud penalties are possible.

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Rates are set using a whole slew of variables other than one's driving record. Folks frequently are asked, for instance, to supply their credit history, the average variety of miles they drive and their vehicle’s year, make and model.

The goal of supplying false information – to make oneself look like the automobile of one and a much better driver appear to be a better threat – is a tempting, if dubious, strategy for pushing insurance premiums. But it’s one that’s fraught with its danger: being found out. Omit the drunk driving citation you got? Fake that the junker is a more roadworthy automobile with lower mpg?

On the surface, the likelihood that the car of someone will run into trouble seem not large. As well as the nation had 212 million licensed drivers. That means a motorist has about a 3% probability annually, of getting involved in some form of accident. The question is whether the motorist desires to trust in fortune, year in, year out.

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Typical Lies Motorists Tell
Often, policyholders who are telling a whopper state that a blunder was made by them or simply forgot to include something crucial in their own history. Automobile insurance companies, of course, have heard such stories before; their likelihood of getting lenient treatment is slim to nonexistent.

Below are some common omissions and untruths that will bring about a policy that is lost, inability to get fines, new coverage, a legal order to pay back premiums – even jail time:

- Injuries or citations.
- Who the primary driver is
- Just how many miles you drive.
- The way you make use of the vehicle.
- Where you really live.

Not being honest with an auto insurance carrier may seem benign, along with the settlement in lower premiums may make the small white lie appear rewarding. But if that person files a claim, he/she very likely is going to be unmasked, and the results are harsh.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting affordable auto insurance quotes, comparing them with each other and buying a policy does not take long online. With less than an hour of work you could be saving hundreds of dollars. The good part of it is that it is only for this year. Once you manage to find a fair automobile insurer you are likely to keep getting the similar great deals at each consequent renewal periods.

You will need a good vehicle insurance comparison website to help you find the best deals in your area. That is where this website comes to your help. You could start with entering your zip code in the box above and click get quotes. Instantly, you will be taken to a page where you will see the latest policy packages from top insurers in your state.

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Once you see something you like you can click on it to go direct to the carriers own page to get quotes. You can repeat this process as many times as you like. Ideally, you should at least get three quotes to have a proper comparison. The process is very easy especially because most companies on our panel are well known household brands. You will have no problem buying policies from them.

Should you have any questions before you make the payment you can always contact them online or call them. Even though you will be doing most of the work by yourself you are welcome to ask any questions or clarifications. At the end of the day, you must be fully satisfied before you part with your money. Take your time, save your work and come back another day if you need to. No pressure.

Some people may not be comfortable with leaving their current insurer. You should not be concerned with such thoughts initially. You may be only checking the prices and it is your right to do so. If you do not look after your interest who will? It would be naïve to think that large financial corporations would do everything in their power to get you the best renewal offers you deserve. Just as you have a family to look after they have shareholders to keep happy.

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Only when you have a great offer from a company as well-known as your present provider you have a decision to make. When you realize you have been paying over the odds you may not find it hard to switch. Once you have the facts in front of you it will be much easier to make an informed decision.

Bringing the rates down a bit can help you afford the level of coverage you like. Alternatively, you can take the savings and used for something else. Another important point to remember is that anyone can do with a bit of savings.

Some people may think that they are not that tight to go around looking for extra savings. No matter how rich you are it is unlikely that you are richer than the insurance company who is charging you an arm and a leg.

Claim with Car Insurance on Liberty Mutual Insurance

Auto Insurance Like you've never seen it before
your situation as individual as you - and now you can get an insurance policy to match. Liberty Mutual auto insurance options, benefits and discounts mean you can get the protection you need, at prices you deserve.

Car Insurance Coverage

Helping you find the best coverage to fit your needs.
Not all car insurance is the same. Sure, there is a minimum level of coverage that all auto insurance companies offer – liability coverage for example - but there are also additional types of coverage that you can include on your policy to add an extra level of protection. Let's cut through the jargon and walk through some of the more popular coverage options.

Superior Protection 

Liberty Mutual goes above and beyond to make sure you're protected. From coverage like New Car Replacement, which is included on all car insurance policies, to Unlimited3 Rental Coverage, which you can choose to add to your policy whenever you'd like, we want to make sure you're confident in the coverage you choose.

New Car Replacement

It's said that a car starts depreciating the minute you drive off the lot. But with New Car Replacement, if your new car is totaled in the first year and within the first 15,000 miles, you'll get the money for a brand new car – not just the depreciated value.

Better Car Replacement

Even if your car is no longer new, you can still treat it like it is. With this optional coverage, if your car is totaled we'll give you the money to replace it with a car that is one model year newer and has 15,000 fewer miles on it.

Unlimited Rental Coverage

If you are ever in an accident, you can rely on our optional Unlimited Rental Coverage to pay your rental costs for as long as it takes to fix your car, when you choose to have your car repaired at a Liberty Mutual-approved repair facility.

Deductible Fund

This optional policy add-on can help lower your collision deductible and reduce the money you pay out-of-pocket in the event of a claim. When you add the Deductible Fund to your policy, Liberty Mutual will immediately put $100 into the fund to get it started.

Teachers Auto Insurance

If you're a teacher, you can get additional coverage to protect your vehicle and any teaching tools inside the car whether they're personally owned or were bought by your school – as long as they're in the car for school-related business.

Standard Coverage

No two auto insurance policies are the same, but most policies will include some variation of the following standard coverage.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily Injury Liability covers you in the event that you cause an auto accident in which another person (or people) is injured.

Property Damage Liability

Property Damage Liability gives you coverage in case your car damages someone else's property - usually this means someone else's car, but it could be a fence, light post or other piece of property.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments covers certain medical expenses if any vehicle occupants are injured in an accident.

Collision Coverage

Collision Coverage is an optional coverage that covers damage to your car caused by impact with another car or object.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage is also an optional coverage that covers damages to your car caused by something other than a collision - like theft, fire, etc.

Car Insurance Benefits

Insurance Policies are About More Than Just Coverage

Your auto insurance policy includes more than just coverage for your vehicle. It may also include some added benefits (some that are standard, some you can add) that can help make your insurance experience as hassle-free as possible.

Accident Forgiveness

If you've been accident and violation-free for 5 years (no matter what insurance carrier you've been with), we won't raise your rates due to your first accident. If you qualify, you'll receive this benefit at no extra cost.

Lifetime Repair Guarantee

If your car is in an accident covered under your policy, you can have it fixed at one of our approved repair shops and the repairs will be guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle ever breaks down, we won't leave you stranded. From a jump-start to a tow, our optional 24-Hour Roadside Assistance coverage will get you moving again - we'll even make the arrangements.

12-Month Rate Guarantee

Many auto insurance policies only last 6-months. This means that your rate can change after only half a year. At Liberty Mutual, our policies are for a full-year - guaranteeing your rate for an entire year.

Convenient Payment Options

Paying your bill should be quick and easy; whether over the phone, online or through our mobile app, there are a number of options at your disposal. Have your payments deducted automatically from your checking or savings account (Electronic Funds Transfer), pay by credit card, mail us a check – you decide.2

After-Hours Policy Services

Have a policy or billing question, or need to change your policy? You can call our customer service representatives for expert help with questions regarding your policy and billing after normal business hours and on weekends.

Call 1-888-398-8924, Mon.-Fri. 8 am-10 pm ET, Sat. 8 am-8 pm ET, Sun. 11 am-5 pm ET.
Manage Your Policy Online
Make or schedule a payment, switch to paperless delivery, update policy information, track claims status, view transaction history and more with our online services. Register for eService today to begin managing your auto, home and life insurance policies from your computer or mobile device.

Car Insurance Discounts

Rewarding you with savings for affordable car insurance.

When you get a car insurance quote from Liberty Mutual, we'll help you find the discounts you qualify for, such as savings connected to your vehicle and driving record, employer, professional association, or alumni group. Qualifying for these discounts can save you even more on our already competitive car insurance rates.

Your Policy

Multi-Policy Discount

If you have more than one policy with us, you get additional protection and savings. 

Exclusive Group Savings

If you are a member or employee of any of the more than 14,000 employers, groups, credit unions or alumni associations that are a part of Liberty Mutual's affinity program, you could be eligible for exclusive group savings.

Preferred Payment Methods Discount

With several convenient billing options, you can choose what works best for you. Plus, you could get special savings when you pay your bill in full or choose one of our automatic payment methods.

New to Liberty Mutual Vehicle Discount

When you add or change a vehicle on your policy, you'll not only enjoy personalized service and expert advice, you'll receive savings on your premium.

Your Vehicle

Vehicle Safety Features Discount
You could receive auto insurance savings because of some of the standard safety features in your car, such as anti-theft and anti-lock brakes, as well as innovative features including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and collision preparation systems.

Hybrid Vehicle Discount

Preserving the environment is important. That's why we offer special savings to customers who insure hybrid cars.

Multi-Car Discount

It pays to have multiple cars listed on the same policy. Our Multi-Car Discount ensures you receive the best value and minimize the hassle of managing your auto insurance. For more information, go to our Multi-Policy Discount page.

Your Road Through Life

Teen Driver Discount

Our teen driver discounts can help keep your rates down while rewarding your teen for responsible driving.

Good Student Discount

Students who are under the age of 25 and achieve at least a B average get special savings on car insurance.

New Graduate Discount

Once you've completed your studies, get the right level of protection with special savings for new graduates.

Newly Married Discount

Get the right coverage with special savings for newlyweds.

New Move Discount

Let us help make your moving process easier with special savings just for updating your policy with your new address.

Newly Retired Discount

Now that you're retired, get the right coverage with special savings for new retirees.

If you need more information about this insurance please visit their website directly here

Safe Your Family with CAR Insurance

This insurance for your life. This is Central Asia Raya (CAR) is one of the leading life insurance company in Indonesia and provide high service. In 2013 the Company had a net worth of more than USD 4.71 triyun with risk-based capital (RBC) of more than 120%, as well as the only life insurance company and the first won a Platinum Award from Infobank magazine on the predicate "very good" for 10 (ten) years in a row (1999 s / d 2008).

CAR Insurance

Global business competition is a challenge for the Company to become a leading life insurance company in Indonesia is not easy. The government is getting serious fix the financial institutions that collect public funds banking, securities, and insurance (life and general). The insurance market increasingly open, while the public is increasingly critical and understand the importance of the insurance world. The 2012 Law on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has been approved, the authority or regulator of financial services, especially insurance and non bank financial institutions other, on January 1, 2013 has been shifted from the Ministry of Finance to the FSA, and followed by the banking industry on January 1, 2014.

Central Asia Raya provides a variety of products tailored to customer need, Including is:
  • Individu: Insurance Products to Protect Personal and Family
  • Group: Insurance Products to Provide Comfort to Employees and Members Enterprises / Society In addition to Individual Insurance Products, Central Asia Raya Insurance also provide Life Insurance Products and Medicare set. With the aim to provide protection to the company from the financial risk associated with treatment / compensation for employees, or protection against creditors if there are debtors who died.
  • Bancassurance: Providing Certainty Credit Refund and Value Added Products Banking - Financial Services. Central Asia Raya Insurance has Bancassurance products, which in our sales activities to establish cooperation with the national banking or credit card issuing institution
  • Micro Insurance: Microinsurance product is an insurance product that is intended to allow all levels of society can have insurance at an affordable price. This product discount simple administration, can be obtained by any customer, economically and procedures of claims quickly and easily. CAR 2 types of micro-insurance market, namely as distributor microinsurance microinsurance SiPeci and dengue fever. SiPeci is a product of the mandate of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) through AAJI (Life Insurance Association of Indonesia) to create products to low-income people can have insurance as a mechanism of protection against financial risks faced. SiPeci motto smash the administration Simple, easy to get, Economical price, and immediately claim payment process.
  • Pension Fund: In an effort to maintain the continuity of income in old age requires a planning and effective and efficient handling in the form of Pension and Severance Program which is a program of new long-term savings and enjoy the results after participants or employees reaching retirement age. DPLK-CAR helps participants and the Company (employees) in the planning and implementation of programs Retirement and Severance Program thus ensuring the wellbeing of pensioners in old age.
  • Sharia: One base in CAR Insurance is Sharia, as a universal concept by promoting fairness based Syar'i.

Shareholder support is very important, especially in terms of capital, and this proved that the shareholders agreed to increase its paid-up capital of Rp 100 billion in 2008. Total paid up capital is in compliance with the provisions of the Government in the area of ​​insurance before the regulation was published. It is very important that the company has been anticipating changes in the regulation of the insurance industry.

Keep safe your life. For join with Car Asia Raya Insurance visit official website at here

Free Car Payment Insurance: What's The Catch?

If you are not sure about buying a new car because the job market looks shaky and your current job does not feel stable, is there any reason why you should take the risk of new-car-payment? One reason may be a car payment protection plan that is offered free of charge by the car makers such as GM (NYSE: GM), Hyundai (OTC: HYMLF) and Ford (NYSE: F).

How does it work?
When you lose your job in a way in which you will qualify for your state unemployment compensation program, your payment will be made for you up to a set amount and for a set number of months. However, if your salary is reduced and you can not afford the payment anymore, you're in luck with this program.

Just like warranty, payment protection must occur within a certain time period. For example, dealers can make the payments for six months or more if you lose your job within a year or two. The proper term is very varied and you'll want a copy of the terms in writing before you buy your new vehicle.

When Is It There?
Date of payment plans vary, but the protection plans are gaining popularity in the spring of 2009. However, as an incentive to buy a car, it can disappear and reappear at any time. Thus, you should always ask the car dealer if the feature is currently being offered.

How much does it cost?
These free incentives in addition to rebates and other incentives. You will not have to pay more for your car to get these services.

Is Payment Protection Plan Enough Reasons to Buy a New Car?
The plan may be reason enough to buy a new car with the following assumptions:

You are going to buy one anyway
You do not lose your job already
You feel comfortable that if you lose your job, you can find a new job within a set amount of months that was given to you before your payment should continue.
Caps on the amount of payments

Every car company that offers this deal may offer different payment cap. Something beyond the amount that you still have to pay while the insurance covers your payment. For example, say you buy a $ 30,000 car that you would pay in five years with interest of 6.5%: Your monthly payment will be $ 587. If the insurance payments covered up to $ 500 for each payment, you still have to pay the remaining $ 87 per the month when you are unemployed.

Alternative and Additional Commitments
Car insurance payments - if available - is a nice safety net, but that's no reason to get a car that almost did not in your budget right now. Not getting the highest price of the car you can afford. Getting a car that you can still afford even if other situations are not insured that occurred, such as payroll deductions or medical expenses that are not planned. There is also a lower cost alternative to buying a new vehicle.

Here are some alternatives to buying a new car for you to consider:
Low mileage used cars. If you can, consider saving money by buying a used car with less than 10,000 miles. Make sure you compare this cost with the final selling price after rebates and other incentives offered on new cars.

Keeping the car you have. If the car you have is a few years old and in good shape, figure out how much your car will cost you in repairs over several years by asking your mechanic.
Create your own payment protection plan. Even if your shiny new car is equipped with payment protection, it's a good idea to have a few months payment in case of saving your finances get tighter for any reason. Even if you decide to get a new car for a payment protection plan or other incentives, start putting extra money in your savings if you are having trouble making your car payment at a later date. If you are unable to do so because the new car payment will leave you short of money, ask about less expensive models.

Concentrating on Best Deal
You will have these vehicles far beyond the period of layoffs, so the interest rate and the minimum sale price is just as important as a payment protection plan. Shop around for the best deal but the best insurance plan payments. After all, would you really care if your payments are protected if you buy an expensive car and had a payment you can not afford right now?
Different names for the same thing

Each car makers that offer these programs will call it something different. Therefore, if you really want to know if a particular dealer to have the program explained to them that you are looking for help with a payment plan if you lose your job.

car payment protection plan can feel like a drug to stabilize woes buy your car. But it is never a good idea to buy a car you can not afford now and in the future. If you do not find a stable job and you want or need a new car, buy cars that cost less than the maximum you can afford. The worst and the best that can happen is that when your revenues start to rise again, you can trade your car purchase for you ever dreamed about.