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Video: Wingsuits Over the Dolomites

We all know that Italy's Dolomite Mountains are a spectacular playground for climbers and hikers, but it turns out they're pretty fantastic for wingsuiting too. As you'll see in this short video, the landscapes make for a pretty dramatic backdrop for some of the best arial footage imaginable. With Chamonix putting an end to wingsuit flights in the area – at least for now – the Dolomites could become the next big destination for BASE jumpers and wingsuiters, and this clip will tell you why.

Video: Stunning Wingsuit Flight Ends in Nasty Crash

Wingsuit pilots take their lives into their own hands every time they take flight. Case in point, in this video a flyer named Eric Dossantos starts off with a leap from the top of a mountain with stunningly beautiful views all around him. His descent down the slopes of the peak looks fantastic too, with snow covered ridges zipping by at warp speed below him. But once he soars low enough to encounter the treeline things start to go wrong with Eric ultimately crashing into the forest below. Fortunately, he survived the flight, although he did end up with fractured ribs, multiple bruises and lacerations, head trauma, and a lacerated kidney. Dossantos has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical bills but it is going to be awhile before he's fully back on his feet.

The flight took place above Chamonix, France, which has recently banned wingsuit flying because of these types of dangers. This video underscores why they decided to make that decision, but thankfully Eric survived. Others haven't been quite so lucky.

How not to fly a wing suit unless you want to crash from Eric Dossantos on Vimeo.

Video: Base Jumper Sets New World Record by Leaping Off Cho Oyu

Standing 8188 meters (26,684 ft) in height, Cho Oyu is the 6th highest peak in the world, and a popular climbing destination during the fall season in the Himalaya. A few weeks back, climber/BASE jumper Valery Rozov went up the mountain in an attempt to fly off the summit. He didn't quite make it to the top, but he did manage to don his wingsuit and leap from 7700 meters (25,262 ft), setting a new world record in the process. You can learn about his expedition, and see his flight in the video below.

Video: Welcome to the Birthplace of Extreme

This video takes us to the French town of Chamonix, which is widely regarded as one of the best outdoor playgrounds in the entire world. Renowned for its exceptional skiing and mountain biking, Chamonix is also the launching pad for trekking and climbing expeditions in the Alps, as well as the most popular BASE jumping and wingsuit flying destination on the planet. Here, we'll see a group of wingsuit pilots taking flight over the iconic village, while some work to overcome their fears. Chamonix is quite an impressive place to do just that.

Video: Watch Skydiver Luke Aikins Plummet 25,000 Feet Without a Parachute

Yesterday I wrote about skydiver Luke Aikins and his 25,000 foot jump without a parachute. At the time, I said that there had to be a YouTube video coming that would show the entire proceedings, and I was right. You can watch the entire spectacle in the clip below, which is as scary as you would expect, even knowing the outcome. It will also give you more respect for Aikins skills as a skydiver as he maneuvers into a relatively small net to arrest his fall. Amazing stuff all around.

Skydiver Sets Record For Highest Jump without a Parachute

One of the biggest stories from this past weekend was the record setting skydive by Luke Aikins, who on Saturday leapt from an airplane at 25,000 feet (7620 meters) without a parachute and yet still managed to land safely and walk away completely unharmed.

The historic jump took place in the California desert on Saturday evening, which is when years of planning and months of training came together at long last. The very experienced skydiver used all of the skills he gained on more than 18,000 previous jumps to maneuver himself through the air and land on a 10,000 sq. foot net, which caught him perfectly, preventing Aikins from smashing into the ground. At that moment, he became the first person in history to jump from an airplane without a parachute, and land safely.

In the minutes leading up to that dangerous landing, Aikins – along with three other support skydivers who were wearing chutes – jumped from an aircraft and began drifting back to Earth. Luke wore an oxygen mask until he dropped below the 18,000 foot (5486 meter) mark, at which time he proceeded to fall without any kind of additional aid. He had to keep his wits about him at all times, and control his descent as best he could, in order to land on his mark. The net, which is roughly one third of the size of football field, was specifically designed and built to catch him just right, preventing any kind of injury. But, in order to hit it the daredevil had to be very precise in his approach. Fortunately, he was.

Just prior to making the jump it was announced that Aikin had been required to wear a parachute, although he vowed not to open it. It is unclear where this requirement came from, and it flew in the face of the entire plan, casting a brief shadow over the proceedings. Luke had been planning to make this jump sans chute for more than two years, and we even told you about his jump here on The Adventure Blog more than a year ago. But once he was airborne the requirement was reportedly lifted, and he was free to make the jump as he had originally intended.

As already mentioned, Aikin is an incredibly experienced skydiver. In addition to the 18,000+ jumps he's already made, he also is a consultant to the U.S. military, served as a stuntman, and even worked on Felix Baumgartner's record setting jump from the edge of space a few years back. In other words, if anyone had the skills necessary to make this leap, it was Luke and very few other people should even consider it. Hopefully this doesn't start a trend of more people trying to push the envelope in the skydiving department, which could end in tragic accidents.

That said, this is another stunt that I'm eager to see the YouTube video for. Hopefully we'll get something released int he next few days. It will definitely be interesting to watch the entire fall and see how it all unfolded.

Congratulations to Luke on accomplishing this feat. What an amazing, daring, and crazy stunt to pull off.

Video: 61 Wingsuit Pilots Take Flight Together

Recently, 61 wingsuit pilots took flight over Perris, California to set a world record for the most people in such a formation. This video captured that moment in beautiful fashion, as these men and women drifted effortlessly through the air. Quite an impressive sight to see indeed.

Video: Wingsuit Pilot Flies over Active Volcano

In this video we travel to Chile with stuntwoman Roberta Mancino where the wingsuit pilot makes a dramatic flight over Villarrica, an active stratovolcano in that country's Andean mountain chain. The results are some spectacular views and a close approach to one of nature's most awesome displays of power.

Video: When We Were Knights - A Story of Friendship, Love, and Wingsuits

Last summer, Base Jumper and wingsuit pilot Ian Flanders died while jumping in Turkey. When he passed, he left behind a letter to his friend Matt Blank expressing his love for the life they lived and the adventure they had together. This video is a visual translation of that letter that includes some incredible footage of the two men jumping and flying together. It is a reminder to do the things we love and pursue our passions, but also let those around us know just how much they mean to us too.

Video: Wingsuit Pilot Flies Through a Ring of Fire

The title for this one pretty much says it all. Wingsuit pilot Uli Emanuele proves his skill by flying through a ring of fire at high speed. As you can imagine, this looks as crazy in motion as it sounds. Definitely don't try this at home folks.

Video: Wingsuit Flight Past Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil

A few weeks back I shared a preview video of wingsuit pilots preparing to attempt a flight past the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While intriguing, that clip didn't give us the full story, and left us wanting more. Now, we have the full video, allowing us to get the whole story of Jamie Flynn's Rio flight. Check it out below.

Video: Wingsuit Flight Down an Italian Mountainside

In this beautiful wingsuit video, pilots Uli Emanuele and Dario Zanon make an amazing flight from a mountain top above Lake Garda, approaching their launch site by first hiking through a cave. Their helmet cams capture some fantastic footage as they fall back to Earth, with the final challenge being a tricky landing on a small shoreline along the lake itself. Pretty impressive stuff all around.

Video: Preview - Wingsuit Pilots Fly Past Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio

This video is a preview of others to come. In January, G-Form – the makers of protective gear for every body – sent a team of wingsuit pilots to Rio to attempt to fly past the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue there. A three-part series of videos telling their story will be released later this week, but the clip below is a preview of what's to come. Check it out and get excited for the full videos that will be here soon.

Video: Wingsuit Pilot Flys Between Two Radio Antennas

We have another wingsuit video today, but unlike most of them that we see, this one isn't great because of its amazing scenery. Instead, we're wowed by the skill of the pilot, who manages to fly between two radio towers used for mobile phones. It's an impressive stunt for sure, and the scenery still doesn't look bad either.

Video: Flying a Wingsuit Over Glaciers

To make this beautiful video, wingsuit pilot Alex Miziuk traveled to Chamonix, France to take an amazing flight over the glaciers found in the Alps there. Wearing his action cameras throughout the flight, Alex captures some stunning footage of the landscape that can only be seen from the air. This is definitely one of the best wingsuit videos we've seen in some time.

Glacial Lines from Alex Miziuk on Vimeo.

What the Hell is Wingboarding and Will it Be the Next Big Thing in Extreme Sports?

Outside Online has published a story about an emerging new activity called wing boarding that is in the early stages of development. Inspired by the old Disney television show Tailspin from back in the early 90's, wing boarding is the brainchild of aerospace engineer Aaron Wypyszynski, who has designed a flying wing that is pulled behind an airplane with a person standing on it. In simpler terms, it is wake boarding in the air.

Over the past couple of years, Wypysznski has been developing prototypes of what he calls the WingBoard. In its current state, this flying platform spans 12-feet and weighs approximately 70 pounds. It has bindings attached to it much like a snowboard, and allows a full grown man to be towed through the air behind an airplane, doing all kinds of stunts in the process.

Outside says to date, the engineer has spent more than $25,000 on this project, which he hopes one day will be used at airshows with extreme athletes carving up the sky behind stunt planes. In a sense, it would be surfing through the sky, with safety features such as breakaway bindings and parachutes on both the pilot and the board, to ensure that no one gets injured in the process.

So far, only scale models of the WingBoard have been flown, with the most recent test involving a prototype that is 40% of the actual size of the end product. A similarly scaled model of a human was attached to that prototype, with the test running coming off without a hitch – including a full barrel roll. If further testing goes as planned, Wypysznski could begin producing and selling WingBoards as early as next year.

So? What do you think? Would you ride this thing? Check out the video below for a look at one of the models in action.

Video: Taking Flight Over Moab

This beautiful video takes us high above the rocky landscapes of Moab, Utah where eight different disciplines of flight (proximity flying, wingsuits, skydiving, etc.) all converge to show us what is possible when humans take to the air. The landscapes around Moab make a great backdrop for these scenes, which look incredible from every angle. After watching this, you'll believe that a man can fly.

Video: Adventure Highlights From 2015

Now that 2015 is squarely behind us, we can look back at the year that has passed an think about some of the amazing adventures that took place over the course of those 12 months. There were some amazing expeditions, challenges, and accomplishments for sure. In this video, Redbull reviews their own very adventurous year with some great clips of climbing, BASE jumping, mountain biking, and so much more. It is a good video retrospective of some of our favorite activities. Here's to another adventurous year in 2016!

Skydiver to Jump From Stratosphere Without a Parachute, Spacesuit, or Oxygen

I had a curious email arrive in my inbox this morning. It announced an insane event that is scheduled to take place on March 25, 2016 at an as yet undisclosed location. That is when an unknown skydiver will reportedly leap from an airplane at 50,300 feet (15,331 meters) without wearing a spacesuit, oxygen mask, pressure suit, or parachute. They'll then plummet from more than nine miles up, into the ocean, in a place that is said to be teeming with great white sharks. The entire thing will be aired online as a pay-per-view event that will be sold for $15, with VIP tickets available for purchase for those who want to witness this strange occurrence live. Oh, and did I mention that the team behind this also claims to being doing it to raise awareness of water-related diseases which claim the lives of a child somewhere in the world every 60-90 seconds?

The even is being billed as the Death Challenge since the person making the jump seems to have very little chance of survival. After all, how is it possible that someone could fall from more than 50,000 feet up without a parachute and hope to survive? I suppose the organizers of the event are using that as selling point to get as many people to tune in as possible – at $15 a pop – with the morbidly curious hoping to see someone actually perish.

As if that wasn't enough, there will apparently be several "lifelines" that people watching on the Internet will be able to vote for or against. Those lifelines will reportedly offer the skydiver some things that could save his or her life, although ultimately it will be the audience that decides whether or not they receive them. Just what those things are has yet to be revealed.

The information I was sent about this event doesn't share the name of he person who is actually making the skydive. They only refer to him or her as "The Challenger." Why the shroud of mystery? That isn't clear, but I suspect it's because they don't actually have someone who is willing to commit to making the leap just yet, so their hedging their bets without sharing a name.

I have to admit, I was very hesitant about writing about the "Death Challenge" at all. On the one hand, this seems like a dangerous and stupid event that must surely result in someone either dying or getting severely injured. On the other, it is being billed as a way to raise awareness of an important issue, so I'm not really sure what to believe. All I know is that this "challenge" is marketing being pushed to the extreme, with the hopes of pulling in cash from those that can't wait to see someone else get injured or killed.

I've got to believe that there is something that the marketing for this event is not revealing just yet. Some way that the person who is jumping out of the aircraft will actually survive the fall. Perhaps they'll have a jetpack or special wingsuit to help with the descent. We all know that it is nearly impossible to survive a fall from that height without some kind of aid, even if you are landing in the water. After that, any sharks that are swimming nearby are least of the person's worries, as they're unlikely to attack a person anyway.

So, is this a marketing ploy taken to the extreme? A real event that is incredibly crazy? Something in-between? I guess we'll have to wait to learn more, but it certainly sounds very dubious to me.

Video: Former Navy SEAL Sets Record for Longest Wingsuit Flight

Meet Andy Stumpf, a former Navy SEAL, skydiver, and wingsuit pilot. In an effort to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation, Andy attempted to set a new world record for the longest wingsuit flight, eventually traveling over 18 miles (29 km) after jumping out of a plane. In this video, you'll not only see that record-breaking flight, you'll learn a lot more about what makes it possible, and the dangers involved. While he wasn't zipping just above the tree line or zooming through rocky canyons as we've seen in other wingsuit videos, Andy's flight is none the less a thrilling one. Check it out below.