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Video: Riding Whistler's Mountain Bike Trails on a Cyclocross Bike

We've seen some epic mountain bike videos over the years here on The Adventure Blog. We've even seen some set in Whistler, Canada before. But this one is a unique breed to say the least. The clip follows pro-rider Yoann Barelli as he takes on Whistler Bike Park's A-Line and Dirt Merchant trails, which in and of itself would be fun to watch. But in this case, Yoann is actually riding a cyclocross bike, which is certainly not designed for this kind of abuse. Check it out below.

Video: What I Do in Whistler

Remember the Internet meme that was making the rounds awhile back which featured various activities shown from multiple points of view, usually with the captions of "what my friends think I do" or "what my grandma thinks I do" with images juxtaposing the reality of the situation? The video below is a film version of that meme, with the various viewpoints centered around mountain biking in Whistler. In this case, our erstwhile hero just wants to go riding, but he has to face the challenges of what his boss, girlfriend, and grandfather thinks he does there. Worse yet, he has to get over the hurdle of what his mom thinks he does there. It's a funny clip, with a good payoff at the end, and some great mountain biking shots intermixed.

What I Do In Whistler from Matt Dennison on Vimeo.

Video: Remy Métailler Shreds the Whistler Bike Park

We all know that the Whistler Bike Park is a legendary place to ride, with fun, challenging trails and unmatched scenery. But local rider Remy Métailler makes it look easy in this video, that has him bombing down hill on a fast and furious run. Watching this definitely makes me want to get on my bike again soon, and see what my local trails have to offer. Great stuff.

Remy Metailler burns the Whistler Bike Park from chris ricci on Vimeo.

Video: Winning Mountain Bike Run From Crankworx Race in Whistler Caught on GoPro

A few weeks back, Marcel Gutierrez won the Crankworx Garbanzo DH race in Whistler, Canada. His  winning run was captured by his helmet cam, and you can watch the entire thing below. It his a white-knuckle ride that goes on for more than 12 minutes, leaving you breathless and exhausted by the end. If you've ever wanted to know what a professional mountain bike course looks like, this is as a close as you'll get without riding it yourself.

Video: Riding the Top of the World Trail in Whistler

We all know Whistler, British Columbia is one of the best places to mountain bike in the world, but this video reconfirms that notion nicely. It features Cedric Garcia riding the "Top of the World" trail through some of he best mountain scenery imaginable. This looks like a fantastic ride, and the video serves as great inspiration heading into the weekend. Summer is starting to wind down, so get out and find a trail of your own over the next few days. You won't regret it.