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Video: Rare Drone Footage of a Blue Whale

Blue whales are amongst the rarest and most elusive animals on the planet, and while they had been brought to the brink of extinction, they seem to slowly be making their way back from the edge. This video gives us an amazing look at one of these creatures from a drone's eye view. The clip shows us how the blue whale eats as it goes about its life in the ocean. As the largest creature ever known to inhabit the Earth, it is quite a sight, and one that I was fortunate enough to see on my recent visit to the Southern Ocean. Check it out for yourself below.

Video: Get a Whale's Eye View of Antarctica

As part of a research project to study and protect whales in the Southern Ocean, researchers have attached noninvasive cameras and sensors to some humpbacks. This has allowed them to track the animals and learn more about their habits. It has also allowed them to capture footage like that found in this short clip, which follows a whale as it zips through the water just off the coast of Antarctica. It is a unique and beautiful way to get a look at that part of the world as only a whale sees it.

Video: The Aurora and the Whales - 3 Days in Tromsø, Norway

This stunning video was shot over three days in the village of Tromsø, Norway and it features two of the things that most people visit that place to see – the Northern Lights and the Whales. At nearly a half-hour in length, it is a bit on the long side, but the images that you'll see are simply beautiful. You'll catch a glimpse of large pods of whales as they pass through the waters during the day, and the enchanting Norwegian sky set aglow by the aurora borealis at night. If you have time, watch it from beginning to end, enjoying the music that was selected as the soundtrack. If it's a bit too much to take in one sitting, at least sample some of the footage. It is definitely worth a look.

The Aurora & The Whales: 3 days in Tromsø from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Video: Swimming with Killer Whales

Spotting a pod of orca whales (aka killer whales) in the wild is an impressive sight indeed. But few of us ever get the chance to actually go swimming with them while they are in the midst of a feeding session. This video takes us into the cold waters off Norway to do just that, providing some amazing footage of these massive creatures in their natural environment.

2016-11-12 - Spectacular close ups of herring feeding orcas from Jonas Follesø on Vimeo.

Video: Drones Capture Close Encounter with Whales

It is tough to top last week's video in which a curious whale approached a passing boat, providing some spectacular footage of a humpback that was very up close and personal. But, this clip will come very close as it was shot in the South Pacific near the islands of New Caledonia. Using a drone, the crew of this ship were able to capture not only the incredibly deep blue ocean waters found there, but also several whales that once again wandered up to their boat. It is a truly amazing scene to behold and one that I think you'll find as enchanting as I did.

Video: Curious Humpback Whale Gets Close to Boat

Having spotted whales in the wild on a couple of occasions, I can tell you that it is a magnificent sight to see them up close. But, I've never seen them as close as they are in this video, in which a very curious humpback swims up to a boat to get a better look. The result is a clip that is about as close you can get to a massive whale without getting into the water yourself. Amazing stuff.

Video: Clever Seal Avoids Death by Jumping into Boat

What's a desperate seal to do when being hunted by orcas? Why jump into a passing boat to avoid certain death of course! That's exactly what happens in this video, which was shot by an amateur filmmaker (witness the use of vertical video) who caught a pod of orcas hunting a seal who ultimately decides his best course of action is to leave the water altogether and hitch a ride on their boat. Warning: some of the language in the clip is a bit salty, but it is still amazing to watch nonetheless.

Video: Blue Whales Off Iceland

This short, but sweet, video takes us off the coast of Iceland where we get the opportunity to spot one of the rarest and most elusive animals on the planet – the blue whale. At almost 30 meters (98 feet) in length, and weighing over 150 tons, this is the largest creature ever known to inhabit the Earth. Seeing one is a rare treat indeed, but we get to watch one thanks to this clip. Enjoy!

The blue whale of Iceland from Arnaud Muller on Vimeo.

Video: Whale Encounters Don't Come Any Closer Than This!

We've seen some interesting whale encounters captured on video over the years, but none of them are as close as this one. A feeding humpback wandered into Knudson Cove in Ketchikan, Alaska and when it breached it was right inside the harbor. It isn't often that you see a whale this closely, let alone capture it on video. Wow!

Video: Wild Chile Teaser

Chile is one of my favorite places that I've been fortunate enough to have visited in my travels, and this video is a short, but sweet, reminder of why. Just one minute in length, it gives viewers a tour of the country, spotlighting some of its most wild and beautiful places. It is a stunningly beautiful place with some surprising diversity. Warning: After watching this, you'll want to go to Chile too!

WILD CHILE Teaser 4K from NedoEquilibrio on Vimeo.

Video: First Footage of a Nursing Blue Whale

Blue Whales are the largest creatures on Earth, measuring 30 meters (98 feet) in length, and weighing in at 190,500 kg (420,000 pounds). They are also extremely rare, although they are starting to battle back from the brink of extinction. In this video, the first of its kind ever captured, a drone is used to film a baby blue whale while nursing. This is something we've never seen from this vantage point before, and it a chance to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

Video: Kayaking with Whales in Maui

Shot just a few weeks back, this video takes us to Maui in Hawaii to go kayaking with whales. The footage was shot with a GoPro camera, and shows just how close the paddlers were able to get to the giant mammals swimming around them. But the best shots came when the filmmakers plunged their camera under the water and captured several whales swimming just below them. Having recently gone whale watching myself, I found this video to be a lot of fun.

Kayaking with Whales from Chris on Vimeo.

Video: Paddleboarder Has a Close Encounter with a Whale

We've seen some close encounters with wildlife in some of the videos I've posted in the past, but this one just might be the most impressive of all. In this clip, paddleboarder Lukas Reilly is followed by an Orca whale, who is very curious as to what is floating on the surface of the water. So much so that it appears that the whale actually taps the back of the board that Lukas is standing on. Fortunately, this wasn't one of the larger Orcas out there, and it seems its curiosity was satiated very quickly. Still, quite an amazing experience for sure.

Video: Racing Extinction - In Search of the Blue Whale

This short film serves as a prelude to Racing Extinction, a new show that is set to premiere on the Discovery Channel on December 2. It follows a group of filmmakers as they set out to capture the first footage ever of a massive blue whale swimming alongside a human being. Before they ever left on their quest, they were told over and over again that they wouldn't be able to achieve their goal, and while it wasn't easy, they did manage to find those elusive animals, and record some of the most amazing footage you'll ever see. The short documentary is about 16 minutes in length, but well worth a watch, as it is not only very well done from a creative standpoint, it also shares insights on how we can help save species that are now nearing extinction.

Video: The Rarest Whale in the World

The Balaenoptera Omurai – aka Ombre's Whale – is one of the rarest species of whales on the planet. In fact, scientists know very little about them, but have been trying to study them for years. This is one of the first times they have been captured on video, as researchers have been studying a pod of 25 individuals off the coast of Madagascar. As you'll see, these large mammals are unique in shape, and utterly fascinating. It makes you wonder what other species of sea creatures are still out there, waiting for us to discover them.

Video: Stand-Up Paddleboarding with Whales

Shot near Esperance, in western Australia, this beautiful video was captured using a drone flying above the crystal clear waters found there. It features a lone stand-up paddleboarder having the encounter of his life as two whales swim alongside him. It must have been quite an experience to be so close to those amazing creatures on such a tiny SUP board. Definitely a once in a lifetime encounter.

Video: Breaching Humpback Whale Lands on Top of Kayakers

One of the highlights of my recent travels was a whale watching tour on Monterey Bay in California. We spent three hours out on the water watching dozens of these creatures swim all around us. It was an amazing experience to be sure. In this video, shot in the same area that I was in, a breaching humpback whale not only flies high out of the water, but manages to come down on a tandem kayak that is paddling through the area. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident, but the man and woman aboard the kayak got a little more than they bargained for. See for yourself below.

Video: Underwater Explorers Encounter Rare Sperm Whale

While operating a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, a team of underwater explorers had an unexpected encounter with a sperm whale. The
magnificent creature circled the ROV several times before moving on, while cameras aboard the unmanned craft recorded the experience. The video below shares that footage, along with the very excited voices of the team that witnessed the encounter. To say they were thrilled would be an understatement. Amazing stuff to say the least.