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Video: 72-Year Old Ultrarunner Completes Western States 100

And now for your daily dose of inspiration. In this amazing video, we meet 72-year old ultrarunner Wally Hesseltine, who set out to not only run a 100-mile (160 km) race, but perhaps the best known ultramarathon of them all – the famed Western States 100. He managed to finish that epic run in 30 hours, but that isn't the entire story. Watch the short film below and then go put on your running shoes. Amazing.

Thirty Hours from alex on Vimeo.

Video: Western Time - Running the Western States 100 with Sally McRae

In June of 2014, trail runner Sally McRae set out to run the Western States 100 ultramarathon for the first time. As a Nike-sponsored athlete, she already had a number of accolades under her belt, but this was the first time she was taking on the iconic race that is held in high regard with the endurance community. The short documentary below follows her through the race, including qualifying for the event and preparing for the challenge of her career. This is a good look at a legendary event, and what it takes to compete in it.