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Way back in 2011 I posted about a new website called that aimed to become an online community for climbers to share their outdoor adventures, gain information about various mountains, and plan their expeditions to summits great and small. Since that time, the site has continued to grow, and now boasts more than 11,000 members, 336,000 peaks climbed, and 117,000 summit posts. But, as is common with websites that are more than six years old, the owners knew it was time for a fresh coat of paint. They got that recently in the form of a site redesign, which brought some much needed new features, including support for mobile devices.

In a blog post announcing the new Peakery, ten of the new features are shared with members of the community, with things like now having the ability to add GPS tracks of your climbs, sharing summit routes, and getting updates on climbing news from your specific region. The site also boasts improved summit logs with more information, as well as better pages for sharing photos. You can even set challenges for yourself, and then check them off as you complete them, while also earning virtual awards for your accomplishments along the way.

But, easily the most important update to the site is that it now features responsive design that makes it accessible on more devices. Site designers say that Peakery 2.0 now has three independent designs, one for computers, another for tablets, and a third for use on a phone. The site also allows you to upload photos directly from your mobile device, get turn-by-turn directions to the trailhead, and more.

If you've been a member of for awhile now, these updates will probably be very welcome indeed. If you're a member that hasn't dropped by the site for some time, perhaps this will lure you back. But most of all, if you're not already a member, go ahead and sign up. You'll find a lot to love on the website, as it is a great resource for climbers everywhere.

Travel Tip:

Frequent travelers take note; I've got a website that you're going to want to bookmark for future use. It's called, and it gives us the ability to take all of that extra cash that we bring home with us from our adventures, and convert it back into money we can use. The site accepts a wide range of currencies, and offers very good exchange rates to ensure that you're getting the most value for the foreign money that you probably just have sitting around in a drawer somewhere anyway.

As someone who travels to foreign destinations on a regular basis, I always seem to come home with a few bank notes or coins in my pocket. Most of that cash ends up going into a box, along with other money that I've collected on my journeys. I currently have everything from Egyptian pounds to Nepali rupees, to Mongolia tögrögs rolling around in there, plus a few others too. But with, I can get that money converted back into something I can use.

Here's how it works. Simply go to the website, select the currencies you want to exchange, and add them to your online wallet. After you've done this for all of the various types of money you want to swap out, you click on the wallet to see your current balance. Then, push the "Proceed to Exchange" button and fill out the information in the form to create your account. Doing this will lock in your exchange rate for 14 days, which allows you the time necessary to send your foreign currency in to be verified. After that, the website will either send you a check, or direct deposit your money into a bank or PayPal account.

The process works for wide array of currency types, including bank notes and coins that are even out of circulation. It is a quick, easy, and efficient way to get some real cash for the foreign money that you have left over, and your local bank won't accept. You can find out more by visiting the website and starting the process yourself.

The 151 Best Backpacking and Hiking Websites

The Internet is full of great outdoor related websites, but it isn't always easy to find them. That's why a site called Happy to Survive has compiled a list of their selections for the 151 best backpacking and hiking websites of all time with some familiar and not so well known pages – including this one –making the list.

Some of the more well known websites the earn a spot on the list include our friends over at the Adventure Journal (#2), adventurer Alastair Humphreys (#4), and Section Hiker (#11). Others that are favorites of mine include The Gear Caster (#22), Explorer Eric Larsen's site (#25), and The Dirtbag Diaries (#28) and Best Hike (#44).

With 151 entires on the list, this is just scratching the surface however, and no matter where you live or how you hike, it is almost certain that you'll find a site or three that will draw your interest. In terms of lists of top outdoor websites, I'm not sure if I've seen one quite this comprehensive. Not only are there a lot of good sites, but they range widely in topics too.

I'd be remiss if I didn't send a thank you out to the Happy to Survive team for including The Adventure blog on the list. My humble little site manages to earn the 24th spot overall, which is pretty good considering this isn't strictly a hiking and backpacking site. I'm honored to be included amongst so many other great bloggers, adventurers, and explorers. It was also a lot of fun to discover some new sites that I hadn't seen before.

If you'd like to check out the entire list, click here.

The Pursuit Zone Adventure Podcast Reaches 100 Episodes

Looking for another source of adventure new and inspiration? Than checkout The Pursuit Zone  a podcast dedicated to all of the things we love to talk about here at The Adventure Blog as well. The show debuted back in 2013, and has been going strong ever since. In fact, it just reached a major milestone by releasing its 100th episode. 

Recent guests on The Pursuit Zone have included Dave and Amy Freeman, who just launched their year of living in the wilderness of the Boundary Waters, adventurer Angelo Wilkie-Page, who is circumnavigating the planet under his own power, and Sarah Outen who is nearing the end of her round the world adventure as well. 

Common topics on the show include mountaineering, hiking, paddling, trail running, and a lot more. Like I said, The Pursuit Zone covers a lot of the same territory that we love so much here at this blog, it just happens to present it an audio format. You can add it to your iTunes library by clicking here

Congratulations to host Paul Schmid for putting together such a well done podcast, and for reaching the 100-show milestone. Well done and keep up the great work. 

13 Travel and Language Blogs You Should Be Reading

A company called SC Travel Adventures has compiled a list of 13 travel and language blogs that they feel we should all be reading. The list contains a number of suggestions of websites that offer practical travel advice, insights into fantastic places, and ideas on how to travel smarter. For some reason, they've even deemed this little corner of the web as being worthy of inclusion on their list. Yep, that's right, The Adventure Blog has earned a mention alongside some other terrific sites that worth worth taking a look at. 

Amongst the websites that get a mention are personal blogs from travel writers such as Susan Shain and Ryan Barry, as well as sites dedicated to getting you Off Track. There are sites that will inspire you to travel the world, and others that will encourage you to see adventure in your own back yard. Others will help you get started on your travels, while others will invite you to explore the world with them. It is a very diverse offering, and I'm honored to be listed amongst them.

If you're looking for new websites to inspire your own travels, give the list a look. It has more than a few that will probably strike a chord with you thanks to their engaging content. Not all of them share the same sense of adventure that we do here, but they all have their own things to offer, which helps to set them apart from the crowd. 

Thanks to SC Travel for including me on the list. I'm glad I can provide a bit of inspiration for adventure from time to time. 

Dean Potter Remembered

The loss of climbing and BASE jumping legend Dean Potter has obviously hit the outdoor and adventure community very hard. His death in Yosemite over the weekend while BASE jumping with Graham Hunt has left many stunned and in mourning. As the news spread across the Internet there has been an impressive number of tributes, profiles, and articles written about Dean, who was at times a controversial figure both in life and death. Here is a round-up of some of the stories.

As you'll see as you read through these articles there are some very common threads. First, Dean was widely admired and respected for his climbing abilities and adventurous spirit. But beyond that, he was also much loved because he was a genuinely good human being. Yes, from time to time he did some things that caused a stir both in and out of the climbing community, but his good natured enthusiasm, and boyish love of life, made him a hard man not to like. That is why there has been such an amazing response online to his death, and why he will be missed greatly.

Once again, my condolences to Dean and Graham's friends and family on this loss.

Vibrant TV Delivers Compelling Content for Adventure Travelers

Good, quality travel content with a focus on adventure is not always easy to come by. Most broadcast networks and cable channels eschew the adventure scene in favor of programming that is more marketable to the mainstream audience. But Internet television start-up Vibrant TV offers some high quality shows from international markets, with some wonderful options for more adventurous travelers.

Vibrant TV launched late last year with the concept of collecting television programming from a variety of English-speaking countries from around the world The company has collected a numerous shows in the reality, lifestyle, travel and scripted drama categories from such places as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.K. The network then provides those shows to viewers through an online subscription service, as well as in partnership deals with the likes of Hulu and Roku. Vibrant’s catalog of shows is a genuine mix of eclectic and creative offerings with a decidedly international flair.

As someone who is always on the lookout for interesting travel programming, I found the show Intrepid Journeys to be especially entertaining and informative. Originally produced in New Zealand, the show sends local celebrities off on fascinating excursions to countries that are often completely off their radar and out of their comfort zone.

For instance, one episode sent footballer Jeff Wilson to Eastern Europe, where he spent time traveling through Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania, countries he had almost no prior knowledge about. Another episode follows news broadcaster Paul Holmes as he explore the fascinating culture and history of Yemen, a place that few westerners are bold enough to experience on their own.

One of the things I truly love about Intrepid Journeys is that the show follows a similar philosophy that I take in regards to getting readers excited about their own adventures. Often times I receive an email from someone asking advice on how they can get started with an adventure of their own. Usually that simply involves giving them a nudge out the door, and once they realize what is possible, they are soon on their way to exploring the world around us. This show holds that same sensibility, giving each of its celebrity hosts – and by proxy the viewers – the nudge they need to add more adventure into their lives too.

There is a host of other interesting programming on Vibrant TV that might catch your eye too, depending on your interests. For instance, I found Entrada to be another interesting travel program that takes viewers on a culturally focused, culinary journey around Latin America to such countries as Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Chile. The host visits some amazing destinations along the way, giving us intriguing looks at small villages, historic landmarks, and swanky hotels, and other points of interest. If you’re planning a trip to Central or South America, there are a lot of great tips to be found on the show.

Similarly, Avventura takes viewers on a journey with host David Rocco as he enjoys the food, wine, and other delicacies in a variety of beautiful locations across Italy. While not entirely adventure focused, the show has a knack for inspiring wanderlust none the less.

This is just a taste of what Vibrant TV has to offer. Other shows include numerous reality shows covering a number of genres, as well as, creative comedies and dramas too. Moving forward, the network promises to continue to add more content to meet viewers needs.

Currently Vibrant is offering some great deals for new subscribers. If you sign up now, you can get two weeks of service for free with any reoccurring monthly subscription. Viewers can also elect to purchase a 6-month subscription for $24.95, which provides them with one month for free. Find out more by clicking here.  

New Website Gives Travelers Ability to Make Travel Plans in Entirely New Way

If you're making travel plans for 2015, you owe it to yourself to drop by, a new website designed to give travelers all the tools they need to find flights, and more efficiently plan their escapes for the months ahead. The website not only locates the best airfare deals possible, it even indicates the optimal days to travel to your destination, allowing flexible travelers to save more money if their schedule permits.

The site uses a clever interface that allows visitors to use natural language to search for the destinations that they want to visit, as well as indicating their date of travel, how long they'll be gone, and which airline class they want to fly in. From there, Amadeus takes over, locating the best possible options for the time you want to fly, and suggesting alternate dates when pricing may be better.

But searching for the best flights is just the tip of the iceberg for what is capable of. After creating an account, you can plan out your itineraries, save them to your profile and share them publicly, or with friends and families. Built-in tags allow others to quickly and easily see what you have planned, and elect to add the same trip to their profiles as well. And if you're looking for a bit of inspiration, there are numerous trip plans created and shared by other Amadeus users as well.

The website is geographically aware, and upon visiting it immediately knew where I was at, and made all suggestions for flights based out of my home airport. Additionally, when I viewed the plans made by other users, it shifted the schedules accordingly for my location as well. When creating your profile, you can also designate your home location and preferred airport too.

The designers have also built a suite of very useful tools for travelers too. For instance, a world clock will tell you the time in any major city across the globe, while currency converters will give you an idea of exchange rates at your destination as well. You'll also find handy airport guides, subway maps, international dialing codes, and even weather forecasts.

The hope is that Amadeus can become your one-stop shop for planning all of your travel needs. The site is still in beta however, so a lot of data is still being filled in. There are also plans to eventually add hotels in the future as well, making it possible to book your flights and accommodations all in one place.

The video below will give you an idea of how it all works, and the benefits of using the site. Then head on over and start plotting your next adventure today.

Video: Alex Honnold Solos Heaven in Yosemite

Last month, Alex Honnold was back in his old stomping grounds in Yosemite, where he was soloing the 5.12d rated route called Heaven. The video below takes us up that climb, and as usual with Alex, it is pretty impressive. Once you've finished watching him do his thing on the rock, head over to slick his new website at

Get Ready for Fall with New Gear From The Clymb

For me, there is simply no better season for hiking than autumn. The cooler days bring welcome relief following a long hot summer, and the crisp air is invigorating while out on the trail. Nothing beats wandering beneath the trees, with the sun casting its light through leaves of orange, red, and gold.

If you’re like me, and enjoy a good fall hike, then now is the time to head out to your favorite trail. But before you go, you may want to drop by The Clymb to pick up some new gear first.  If you’re not already shopping for your equipment at The Clymb, but you’re an outdoor enthusiast of any kind, then you need to become familiar with the site. It uses a flash-sale approach, providing steep discounts on name brand products. The items are on sale while the stock lasts, and once it is gone, it is replaced with new items. That means there can be some incredibly good deals to be had, but you often have to act fast to grab the gear you want before it is gone. 

The Clymb’s Hiking Gear Sale has just about everything you could possible need, including hiking boots from Hi-Tec, Wolverine, and Merrell. There are also backpacks, hiking pants, jackets, knives, socks, and more. All of the gear is offered at substantial discounts, often at as much as 50-70% off retail. For example, you can currently purchase a new pair of Hi-Tech Men’s Altitude Sport I Waterproof boots for just $54.98. These excellent light hiking boots typically sells for $100, and are perfect for fall days on the trail.  And when temperatures drop a bit further, and a jacket is required, the Brooks-Range Isto Softshell will certainly come in handy. It retails for $130, but The Clymb is offering it for $74.98 while supplies last.

The site does require a membership to take advantage of the discounted prices, but the membership is free, and open to anyone who wants to sign up. You can even earn cash that you can apply towards your purchases by inviting friends to join too.  So, if you’re in need of some new gear for your autumn hikes, head over to The Clymb, and save yourself some money in the process.  

Adventure Travel Articles From

A few weeks back I mentioned that I'd just taken over the Adventure and Outdoor Travel page at, a gig that I'm very excited to be doing. Since then, I've been populating that page with quite a few stories and articles, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some links to those posts so you can can an idea of what I'm up to over there. So, here is a sample of what I've been writing.

Additionally, each Friday I post an article on Adventure Travel news with the latest updates and deals from around the industry. Those posts have links to great trips, interesting articles, and information that adventure travelers may want to know about. The latest adventure travel news article can be found here

I'm having a lot of fun contributing to, and it doesn't hurt that it is a topic that I'm passionate about. On top of that, I have a lot of freedom to write about a variety of topics, and I'm looking forward to continuing to expand the site and audience there over time. I hope you find some things of interest there as well, and drop by from time-to-time to see what I'm up to there. 

Adventure Travel at

One of my great passions in life is travel. I love to visit new places, meet new people, experience new cultures, and see things that few other people ever get the chance to see. I'm particularly passionate about adventure travel, and all the amazing possibilities that it affords those who are looking for unique and active experiences. That is why I am so excited to announce that I have taken over the Adventure and Outdoor Travel section at, where I will be covering this segment of the travel market in variety of ways, including tips for travelers, gear reviews, adventure travel news, and much more.

I only just took over this position, and I've written my first piece, which asks "Just What is Adventure Travel?" As the new editor of this site, I thought it was appropriate to launch my tenure there by sharing a bit of my philosophy about travel in general. If you read this blog regularly, that philosophy will probably not come as much of a surprise. In short, I encourage people to embrace life, chase their passions, and see the world around us, whether that is in your backyard, or on the far side of the planet. To me, all travel is adventure travel, some of it just happens to be a bit more active, and challenging than other forms.

As I add more content to the pages, I'll regularly share some of the postings here as well, as I'm sure that many of you will enjoy a lot of the topics I'll be covering there. is one of the top sites on the Internet for finding information on a lot of different topics, and I'm honored that they see me as an "expert" on adventure travel who can contribute something of value. The About pages will be undergoing a redesign soon too, which will bring a fresh, modern look to the site. I'm excited to be a part of this new push, and I can't wait to interact with the readers there.

Life is definitely an adventure, and I'm ready for this new opportunity to get underway.