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Video: Sliding Fire - Skiing and Snowboarding on an Active Volcano in the South Pacific

We've seen a lot of skiing and snowboarding films over the years, but none like this one. In this short documentary we travel to Vanuatu in the South Pacific where we join freeriders Xavier de le Rue, Victor De Le Rue, and Sam Smoothy as they test their skills on the side of an active volcano in a place where there is no snow. As you would expect, it turns out to be quite an adventure in a place that looks like paradise on Earth.

Video: Mountain Biker Sets New Downhill Speed Record

Mountain biker Max Stöckl has just set a new speed record for the fastest speed downhill, breaking his own mark set back in 2011. At that time, he managed to hit 164.95 km/h (102.4 mph), but with some new science and technology, he was able to eek out just a bit more, hitting 167.6 km/h (104.14 mph) this time out. To achieve these speeds, Max flies down the side of Cerro Negro, a volcano in Nicaragua on a specially designed bike and wearing some specially designed clothing. As you'll see in the clip below, it's all rather crazy. I can't imagine going that fast on a bike. What a ride!

Video: Mountain Biking a Volcano in Indonesia

One of the things I love about mountain biking is that it often allows you to explore on two-wheels places that you might not get a chance to see otherwise. Case in point, int his clip pro rider Kurt Sorge travels to Indonesia to ride an impressive looking trail down a volcano, while another one erupts on the background. It makes for a beautiful setting with a dramatic backdrop to say the least. Where did you ride today?

Video: Wingsuit Pilot Flies over Active Volcano

In this video we travel to Chile with stuntwoman Roberta Mancino where the wingsuit pilot makes a dramatic flight over Villarrica, an active stratovolcano in that country's Andean mountain chain. The results are some spectacular views and a close approach to one of nature's most awesome displays of power.

Video: Kelly (McGarry) vs. The Volcano

Recently, pro mountain biker Kelly McGarry died of a heart attack while riding in his home country of New Zealand. He passed away far too young at the age of 33. He was known for being not only a great rider, but also having a wonderful sense of humor. Both are on display in this great three-minute video that he unfortunately never lived to see finished. Watch as Kelly takes on a volcano with nothing but his bike. He will be missed.

Kelly vs The Volcano: A Memorial film from CoLab Creative on Vimeo.

Best Hike Takes Us to the Villarrica Traverse in Chile

While I was spending my time snowshoeing and dogsledding in Canada a few weeks back, my friend Rick McCharles, who runs, was returning home from a month of trekking in Chile. While there, he discovered what he calls the absolute best route in the country while hiking along the Villarrica Traverse, an 81 km (50 mile) walk that he deems as quite challenging.

The hike takes visitors through remote wilderness that is dominated by volcanic peaks throughout the region. Not the least of these volcanoes is the active Villarrica itself, which looms 2860 meters (9380 ft) overhead. The walk itself takes place mostly above treeline, which helps to provide beautiful views throughout the trek, which takes roughly 5-6 days to complete.

As usual, Rick does a great job of providing information to readers about the hike, giving us tips about where to start, when to go, and what to expect along the way. He even writes daily summaries of the traverse, each of which offers really great information for those who would like to make the trek themselves. Not only do these summaries give you insight from someone who is a very experienced backpacker, and has walked some of the most iconic routes in the world, but the photos that are included are wonderful and helpful too.

If you'd like to hike the Villarrica Traverse yourself, read Rick's summary of the hike here, and then read his daily dispatches, which begin with Day 0 where we learn how to get Pucón, the start of the hike itself.

Looks like a great trek. Would love to do this myself at some point.

Video: Mountain Biking Down an Active Volcano

Back in 2000, a volcano on Japan's Miyake Island erupted, prompting the entire population to be evacuated for nearly five years. Since then, the villagers that lived there have slowly returned, although the threat of the volcano still remains. Recently, pro mountain biker Stevie Smith traveled to the remote island to explore that volcano from the back of his bike. He took a small film crew with him to the summit, who captured his epic descent down the spine of the mountain. The results of that effort can be seen below, as he rides along a unique and technical trail through some surprisingly great landscapes.

Video: Mountain Biking Down a Volcano in Japan

This video takes us to Japan along with pro mountain biker Stevie Smith, where he sets off to ride down the slopes of a massive volcano. Stevie's ride beings right at the rim of the crater, and only gets more intense from there. It looks like quite a run, along a route that is both technical and fun. This makes me want to break out my bike today, even though there isn't a volcano anywhere close to where I am.

Video: Watch a Chilean Volcano Erupt in Timelapse

We've seen some impressive timelapse videos in recent months, but it is tough to compete with this one. It was shot back in April when the Chilean volcano Calbuco erupted dramatically. That event is caught beautifully in this short two-and-a-half minute clip which gives us a humbling display of the Earth's power. If you have a 4k monitor at your disposal, the video is also available at that resolution. I can only imagine how impressive that must look.

CALBUCO from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

Video: Descent into Marum Crater on Vanuatu

This short-film follows a team of adventure photographers/explorers as they descend into the Marum Crater, located on Ambrym Island in Vanuatu, to become the first men to stand at the edge of the lava lake that fills the bottom of that location. It is quite an adventure, which eventually puts them face to face with one of the most destructive forces on our planet. This is amazing footage, all captured on the new GoPro Hero4 Black, with some of it used in the promo video that launched that new camera.

Video: Up Close and Personal with an Active Volcano

Back in 2010, a team of researchers traveled to the remote island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific to study an active volcano there. They managed to capture some amazing photos and video footage from that place, and the clip below shows just a bit of what they experienced. It is amazing to see these forces at work on our planet, and just how amazingly small they can make us feel. A truly humbling experience I'm sure.

Diving into an Active Volcano from Sam Cossman on Vimeo.