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Video: Eastward Through Nepal, India, and Beyond

This beautiful video condenses a three month journey through Nepal, India, Thailand, and Vietnam down to a two-and-a-half-minute clip that provides some of the most stunning highlights from that journey. And what stunning highlights they are. From the Himalaya to the shores of the Indian Ocean, across jungles, hilltops, and rivers, we get an all-too brief glimpse of this part of the world. If you haven't visited this region yet, chances are you'll want to after watching this. Sit back and savor every moment of it.

Eastward from David Struik on Vimeo.

Nat Geo Tells Us Where to Backpack in 2016

2016 is just a month old, but if you haven't started planning your travel yet, you're probably missing out on precious time. Thankfully, National Geographic is here to lend us a helping hand with some great suggestions of where to go backpacking in 2016.

The complete list contains ten total designations, ranging from Argentina and Patagonia in South America, to Zimbabwe in Africa, to Vietnam in Asia, with plenty of other options inbetween. In fact, every continent is represented on the list with the exception of Antarctica, which means just about no matter where you go, there will be some exceptional hiking spots nearby.

Beyond just creating a list of excellent backpacking places, Nat Geo also offers some great travel advice for those visiting these places. For instance, they'll tell you how to get there, how to travel around once you arrive, and just where to stay too. The various write-ups for each destination also include tips on what to eat, when to go, and what activities you absolutely should not miss out on.

All in all, this is a fairly comprehensive travel piece with some good suggestions on where to go backpacking this year. While the individual articles do a good job of setting you on the path to going to that particular place, they also leave plenty of room for you to explore and plan your own excursions and activities too. Think of it as helpful advice from those who have been there before, with just enough information to get you intrigued and started with your planning.

Find out what other destinations made the list by reading the entire article here.

Video: A Journey Through Southeast Asia

This beautiful video is a fitting way to end the week. It was shot over four months on a motorcycle journey through Southeast Asia, with stops in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and China. The clip features beautiful images from all of those places, as the filmmaker takes us on a 6000 km journey through that colorful and alluring part of the world.

After watching this clip, you'll more than likely want to make plans to visit Asia yourself. When you're ready, check out all the opportunities that Mountain Travel Sobek offers to do just that.

The Emerald Triangle from Garret Suhrie on Vimeo.

Video: Scenes From Southeast Asia

Take a picturesque tour of Southeast Asia with the help of this video, which takes us to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam, giving us many beautiful images of the landscapes, cultures, and people that exist there. Be warned however, the clip has a way of inspiring a sense of wanderlust, providing a strong incentive to want to go see these places in person.

Want to go there yourself? Mountain Travel Sobek offers numerous trips to Southeast Asia, including this week-long excursion through Laos and Cambodia that includes visits to Luang Prabang and Siem Reap, as well as a journey up the Mekong River and a stop at the famous caves of Pak Ou.

Pictures of South East Asia from Janis Brod on Vimeo.

Vietnam : 3D2N cruise on Halong Bay

Halong Bay - Feb 2015

3D2N Phoenix Cruise. 

We waited at our hotel lobby for the complimentary pick up to Halong Bay~ Journey is around 3-4 hours so prepared to bring lots of snacks otherwise be ready to get chop from the one and only stop. 

It was still winter season during early Feb so it was already freaking freezing in Hanoi. I could not imagine how was the weather in the middle of the sea. Totally underestimated the weather~

Finally we reached the dock!

 We had to take a speedboat to our cruise.

 This was our Phoenix Cruise. This looks well maintained than we thought! 

 Our twin room! The two bad thing are that they do not have TV (ok maybe no reception) and no wardrobe. Other than that, we were very satisfied especially the cleanliness! 


Walkway just outside our rooms.

Rooftop. Nobody because it was freezing cold.. lol weather forecast said only 12 degree celsius but we felt it was lying. 

After settling down our luggage, our cruise brought us to our first stop - Sung Sot Cave. While we were on our way to Sung Sot Cave, our tour guide told us a little bit history of Halong Bay.

"Ha Long Bay" means "Bay of Descending Dragons" (in chinese: 下龍灣). Long long ago, the gods from heaven sent dragons to help defend from foreign invaders from the north. When the dragons were descending, they spit jewels and jades which immediately turned into limestones upon hitting the sea. These limestones formed a fortress against the invaders.

Stone steps towards the mouth of the cave.

This is the biggest cave I have been. Ok lah, I only been to the bat cave in Malaysia before this.


This is the deepest point where they called as“royal garden”. Similar to other palace, this appears to has a clear pond and a fascinating landscape of small mountains

This turtle lookalike has a saying : It gives good luck to those touches its head. 

Sung Sot cave is the most famous and the most spectacular cave in Halong Bay which is in the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage area. 

Our next destination: Ti Top island.

 What an amazing view at the beach! 
We could also climb the stairs up to the top of the mountain to see panoramic scenary. 

 Pretty cool, isn't it? Winter mist please go away. 

We proceeded back to our cruise after this for our dinner and night prawning later~

We had some time to spare before dinner so we went to the rooftop to chill and take pictures.


Fooled around on the rooftop where nobody was there. Apparently, balancing on the sea is very hard to maintain.

Our dinner! The dishes repeated themselves for the next two days too.

This is how it looks at night.

Second day~

Our breakfast! It did not has a wide variety but good enough already. #samebreakfasttomorrowtoo

We had to take another boat for about 2-3 hours away from the overcrowded water area to the Southern end of Halong bay where we can kayak around the limestones. Initially, I was a little afraid that the kayak would not be stable but I was totally relieved when I saw the sea was very calm.

We were initially a little worried that the weather would be too cold to kayak but it seemed quite ok after we started to move our oars.

Group pic before we start!

This is quite a #yolo for me who does not know how to swim to kayak in the middle of the sea. Bf gave me lots of security as he is so damn good on kayaking. I pretty much sitting in front lying back and enjoying the scenery lol!

The most hardworking person behind. I gave him my towel as his reward lol

Then our tour guide brought us through this narrow canal to the gorgeous shallow shore. 

It was really shallow that we had to push against the rocks to move forward.

Then we took a short break. That was our tour guide on the left helping the little girls to stop the kayak. He was a very humble person and we really liked him alot. 

Then we continued to kayak through caves. Every time we got past a cave, it is as if we have gone to another paradise. Definitely the best way to feel the beauty of the lime stones in Halong Bay that could not be seen from the cruises. The atmosphere was so serene and soothing as if the whole sea belongs to you.

Let's go explore together~ You and me~


Mobile convenience stall lol

Private beach in the middle of nowhere.

Our shag faces~

Back to the boat for lunch while heading back to the main cruise. We were very dumb enough not to bring extra clothing. Our clothes were already drenched when we kayaked and the freezing weather made it worse! We were practically shivering the whole journey back..... #smartass

Good night Halong Bay~

Third day!

Today's itinerary is to visit floating village to see how they live and work.

This village specialized in pearls whereby they plant the pearls into oyster to grow.

Tons of other seafood. Some looked very creepy.

After this, we went back to the cruise to pack our luggage.

My way to say goodbye lol

Winter is not the best season to go Halong Bay as it may get a little misty.