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Video: The Last Darkness - Running the Owyhee Canyonlands of Oregon

In this video we join endurance athletes Jeff Browning and Jessie Haynes as they set off to complete the 170 mile trail through the Owyhee Canyonlands of Oregon in just four days time. That's 42.5 miles per day through some very remote and rugged wilderness for those keeping track at home. The short documentary takes us into the canyons with the two men, as they push themselves to the limit in this stunning landscape that look like quite an outdoor playground. The video is fantastic end-to-end, but it is worth it just to listen to Jeff and Jessie try to figure out their current pace at the very beginning of the film. It turns out, math is very hard when you're exhausted.

Video: Pro Surfer Skis Giant Waves in Hawaii

Yes, you read that headline right. This video takes us out to Hawaii where we find pro surfer Chuck Patterson taking on the notoriously large waves at Pe'ahi aka "Jaws." Rather than riding his surfboard, he instead chooses to ski Jaws instead, complete with boots, poles, and the works. Surprisingly, this goes fairly well, although I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone. Wild stuff for sure.

Video: Outside Presents the Gear You Need for the Ultimate Car Camping Experience

We all like to go camping deep in the backcountry from time to time, but it is also nice to gather up some friends and head out somewhere more accessible too. A good car camping experience is always more comfortable and affords us some extra luxuries as well. To that end, Outside magazine has created this video that shares their picks for the best gear for the perfect car camping excursion. If you like to be out in nature, but don't always want to "rough it" completely, this is the equipment you need.

Video: Skier Falls into a Crevasse, Records it All on GoPro

Ever wonder what its like to fall into a crevasse? If so, this video will help quell that curiosity. It features skier Jamie Mullner, who fell into a big crevasse while skiing this past December. Fortunately for him he had his GoPro recording and everything turned out okay, but it is a bit of a scary situation, especially as his friends work to find him and get him out. Definitely a place that most of us want to avoid. Check it out below.

Video: From Base Camp to The Summit of Everest in 3D

In just a few days time, dozens of teams of climbers will launch their summit bids on Mt. Everest. If you've ever wondered what the path to the top looks like, this video will give you an idea of what they'll be climbing and hiking over in the days ahead. Made with Google Earth, it gives us a 3D view of the South Side of Everest in Nepal, taking us from Base Camp to the summit along the way.

Video: Mountain Bikers Have Close Encounter with a Bear

Mountain biking can be adrenaline inducing enough without adding wild animals to the mix. But that's exactly what these two riders got when they encountered a rather large bear along the route as they rode through the Malino Brdo bike park in Slovakia. The bear looks just as startled as they do, but it is definitely not the kind of encounter you want to have while out in the wild. Fortunately, no one was hurt and both riders and bear went along their way.

Video: Remembering Ueli Steck

We're likely to see quite a few videos paying tribute to Ueli Steck in the days and weeks to come. The Swiss alpinist was much loved and admired, even outside the mountaineering community. This short video was put together by the team at Climbing Daily over at GrindTV, and it gives us a sense of what drove Steck to push himself to the limit and do things in the mountains that had never been done before.

Video: Take a Tour of Tommy Caldwell's Gear Shed

If there is anyone who knows a thing or two about gear, it's probably climber Tommy Caldwell. In this video, we go inside his new gear shed to take a look at his collection of equipment and how he keeps everything organized. For those of us who value our own gear, this place looks like heaven.

Video: A Whirlwind Tour of Chile

If you're looking for an escape from normal life today, than check out this beautiful video. It takes us across the varied landscapes of Chile, from the Atacama Desert in the north, to Patagonia in the south, and beyond to remote Easter Island. In between, we're treated to spectacular shots of some of the most amazing landscapes found anywhere on the planet.

Chile from Guarida de Secretos on Vimeo.

Video: REI Explores the Place of Women in the Outdoors

Outdoor gear retailer REI has stepped up its game dramatically in terms of encouraging and assisting more women in getting outdoors and enjoying just as many adventures as us men. To that end, the company has recently launched its Forces of Nature campaign and continues to offer women-only adventure weekends through the Outessa program. In this video, we explore the challenges that women face in the outdoor environment, which is not always as welcoming as it should be. We also join a team of female climbers as the head out into the backcountry to show us that they are as tough and talented as any man.

REI Presents: Within Reach from REI on Vimeo.

Video: Climbing the Eiger with Ueli Steck

There has been a lot written about Swiss climber Ueli Steck this week, and one thing is certain, the mountaineering world will miss him. While we all mourn his loss in a variety of ways, I choose to honor his memory with this video that was shot while he climbed the Eiger in the Alps. It perfectly encapsulates what Ueli brought to mountaineering – going fast and light, with athleticism this was practically unmatched by anyone else in the mountains. He was certainly one of a kind, the likes of which we may not see again for awhile. RIP Swiss Machine.

Video: BASE Jumping From The Lost City of Petra in Jordan

The Lost City of Petra is truly one of the great marvels of the world. It is an amazing destination in Jordan that simply has to be seen to be believed. In this video, we get a completely new look at the place however, as BASE jumper Miles Daisher jumps from the top of "The Treasury," the most iconic building in the entire site. As you'll see, it is quite a drop zone.

Video: Life at Camp 2 on Everest

In my update on Everest from earlier in the day, I mentioned that a lot of teams were heading to and from Camp 2 as part of their acclimatization efforts. So what exactly is it like at C2 on the mountain? This video gives us a glimpse of what the place looks like and what staying there for a few days is actually like. While there, climbers tend to rest a lot, but also walk around, sometimes even going higher up the mountain, as their bodies adjust to the thin air. It is all part of the process that gets them ready for an eventual summit bid, which is still a couple of weeks off at this point.

Video: A FlightLapse Through the Night Skies

If you're looking for a relaxing video to give you a nice sense of calm, you've come to the right place. Shot by a pilot as he flew from the night sky, this "flightlapse" gives us a stunning view of the Milky Way overhead while some prominent cities are passed by underneath. The music give is a serene feeling and the visuals only add to that experience. This is a truly breathtaking 2+ minute clip that shouldn't be missed.

FlightLapse #01 - MilkyWay from SkyProduction on Vimeo.

Video: Rare Drone Footage of a Blue Whale

Blue whales are amongst the rarest and most elusive animals on the planet, and while they had been brought to the brink of extinction, they seem to slowly be making their way back from the edge. This video gives us an amazing look at one of these creatures from a drone's eye view. The clip shows us how the blue whale eats as it goes about its life in the ocean. As the largest creature ever known to inhabit the Earth, it is quite a sight, and one that I was fortunate enough to see on my recent visit to the Southern Ocean. Check it out for yourself below.

Video: The Colors of Africa

It's no secret that Africa is one of my favorite places to visit, and if you wonder why, you only need to  watch this video. It is a colorful, majestic place that is filled with life and energy. In this clip, you'll catch a glimpse of the people, landscapes, and wildlife that make Africa such a special place. Just watching it makes me long to go back. Enjoy.

Colors of AFRICA by Avichai Wechsler from אביחי וקסלר צילום on Vimeo.

Video: Traversing the High Sierra with Kalen Thorien

What do you do in the off season if you're a professional skier? In the case of Kalen Thorien, you set out on an 18-day, 270-mile solo traverse across the High Sierra Mountains. In this video, we join Kalen on this adventure as she goes in search of adventure and solitude. She finds all of that, and a lot more, as she makes the hike through some very remote and ruggedly beautiful landscapes.

Video: The Life and Legacy of John Muir

John Muir was a tireless advocate for protecting and preserving outdoor spaces for others to enjoy. In fact, without his efforts, we might not have places like Yosemite and Yellowstone designated at national parks. Muir was a forward thinking naturalist in a time when that wasn't a popular thing to be, and yet he wrote about the need to ensure that our wild spaces didn't vanish completely from the Earth. In this video, we learn more about the man and his work, and we see first hand the places that he worked to protect. It is a powerful and inspiring tribute to that legacy.

John Muir - The Last Oasis from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Video: Scary Footage From Everest Base Camp During 2015 Earthquake

Today marks the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal, killing nearly 9000 people and leaving countless others injured. The disaster leveled homes and building, leaving thousands without a place to live, with food, water, and other supplies difficult to find. Even now, we're still hearing new stories about what it was like on that day, and in this video we get some new footage, including shots from Everest Base Camp, where more than 20 people were killed in an avalanche. Nepal, and the mountaineering community in general, are still struggling to recover from this event, which has left an indelible mark on everyone connected with that place.

Video: A Relaxing Hour in Yellowstone

Have you had a rough start to your week? Did Monday come way too quickly? Perhaps this video can help. It comes our way courtesy of National Geographic and is just over an hour in length. I'm sure that sounds way too long, but it is an hour of life in Yellowstone National Park, which is always a place worth visiting, either virtually or in real life. So, if you're in need of a bit of relaxation, sit back and soak it all in. You won't be disappointed.