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Video: Ground Up: A Vermont Climbing Story

When we think of great climbing destinations, Vermont isn't a place that typically comes to mind. But, it turns out the state has some interesting things to offer climbers, if they are willing to look hard enough. This video takes us there to see first hand some of the routes that are available, many of which have been opened thanks to the tireless work of two men who decided to help develop Vermont's climbing scene over the past two decades. As you'll see, it is a story that reminds us that we can help pave the way for other outdoor adventurers to follow.

Ground Up: A Vermont Climbing Story from Outdoor Gear Exchange/ on Vimeo.

Video: Mountain Biking the Kingdom Trails in Vermont

Considering the amazing mountain biking trails that can be found in the western U.S. it is easy to think that that part of the country is the only place that has anything to offer riders. Turns out, there are some great tails to be found all over the place if you look hard enough. Case in point, the Kingdom Trails in Vermont, which you'll get a brief look at in the video below. With 35 miles of twisty, technical routes spread out under a canopy of emerald leaves, the Kingdom features not only adrenaline inducing downhill and challenging climbs, but routes made specifically for beginning riders too. In this clip, we join pro rider Alex McAndrew has he takes a spin on the beautiful singletrack that winds its way through the lush Vermont forests. Looks like fun!

Alex McAndrew - Patrolling The Kingdom from Skyline Studios // Henry Miles on Vimeo.

Video: Autumn in Vermont by Drone

Want to know why filmmakers love drones so much? Then take a look at this short video which captures the spectacular fall colors of Vermont in a wonderful fashion. The clip begins with a drone pilot launching his personal aircraft, sending it high into the sky. As he does so, the camera onboard gives us an amazing view of the surrounding landscape, which is painted in a spectrum of colors for the season. A few years ago, this video would have cost thousands of dollars to make, simply because an arial shot like this one would be so expensive. Now, a drone gives even amateur filmmakers the tools they need to shoot this type of footage.

This is Vermont Foliage // DJI Inspire 1 Dronie from Matt Benedetto on Vimeo.