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Video: Exploring Africa in a Kayak

This video is the first in a new series from the U.S. National Whitewater Center which will focus on the very human need to explore the world around us and uncover the unknown. In this first chapter professional paddlers Cooper Lambla and Tyler Allen travel to Africa to paddle some of the wild rivers there. There journey took them across Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, producing this wonderful six-minute clip of the adventure. It is a whitewater excursion like no other, in places where much of the landscape remains largely untamed and unexplored.  

EXPLORE. Chapter One from USNWC on Vimeo.

Video: The Snows of the Nile

This is a fantastic short film that introduces viewers to the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda, a series of 5000 meter peaks that rise up from the African plains. These peaks were once covered in some of the few equatorial glaciers that exist on the planet, but those glaciers are in rapid retreat as climate change and global warming impact the environment there. In the short documentary, two researchers travel to the "Mountains of the Moon" to investigate what is happening.

Thanks to the Adventure Journal for sharing.

Snows of the Nile from Connect4Climate on Vimeo.

Video: Paddling in Africa to Save the White Nile

The legendary White Nile River in Uganda is under threat by the construction of a new dam, which could alter the paddling scene, not to mention the environment, there dramatically in the years to come. In an effort to raise awareness of this situation, two adventurous young women – Mariann Sæther and Nouria Newman – have gone to Africa to run some of the iconic rapids, and to show support for the kayaking industry that has sprung up along the river. An industry that is being threatened as well. The video below shares their story and gives us a glimpse of what it is like paddle the dramatic whitewater of the White Nile.