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Video: Spring Cleaning with Pro Kayaker Dane Jackson

We all have our approach to spring cleaning around our homes, but pro kayaker Dane Jackson has taken it to another level. He recently traveled to my backyard in Tennessee to spend some time on a river there cleaning up trash and other debris to help make it a better environment for everyone. The early spring trip meant cool weather and fast water, but the results were pretty great. Jackson was able to help motivate a number of other paddlers to come out and join him and work to clean up the area. Check out their efforts in the video below.

Video: Meet the Man Behind the Most Grueling Footrace on Earth

The Barkley Marathons is considered one of the toughest races on the planet. How tough you ask? Consider this. Since the race's inception back in 1986 only 14 people have managed to actually finish it. This video introduces us to Gary "Laz" Cantrell, the man who created this grueling endurance challenge that sends runners out on an incredibly demanding course where they have to complete 5 laps of a 20-mile (32 km) route in under 60 hours. Find out more about the race and Laz himself in this video profile.

Video: The Barkely Marathons - The Toughest Race in the World?

I've written a bit about the Barkely Marathons before, but not nearly enough. It is an incredibly tough ultramarathon that takes place in my backyard here in Tennessee each year. At 100 miles (160 km) in length, it doesn't seem any more challenging than other races of this length, but the course is a difficult one. Racers are required to complete 5 laps around a 20 mile (32 km) course that is as rough and rugged as any. Over the entire length of the ultra runners face 60,000 feet (18,288 meters) of vertical gain, in a grueling test of endurance that has only seen 10 people ever finish.

The video below serves as a bit of an introduction to the race. It is a trailer for a film called The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Easts Its Young. The documentary made the rounds at last year's film festivals and received some acclaim for its depiction of this epic event.

By the way, the 2015 edition of the Barkley Marathons took place a few weeks back, and not a single entrant was able to finish. The tradition continues at what could be the hardest race on the planet.