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Everest Air Premieres Tonight and I've Seen the First Episode

The Travel Channel officially debuts its much anticipated new show Everest Air tonight, broadcasting the first episode of the six-part series starting at 10 PM Eastern/9 PM Central time. The show promises to take viewers to Nepal to give them a first-hand look at helicopter medical rescue operations in the Khumbu Valley near Mt. Everest. It was shot on location there this past spring.

Over the past several weeks you've read my post announcing the show as well as my interview with Jeff Evans, one of the key players on the program and an emergency first responder who helps provide medical aid to climbers, Sherpas, and a variety of other people living in the mountains of Nepal. Naturally, after speaking with Jeff and receiving a number of press releases from the Travel Channel regarding Everest Air, I've been anxious to see how the show turned out. Now, after getting the chance to watch the first episode, I can assure you that it lives up to its billing as a realistic depiction of life in the Khumbu, and what it is like to conduct a rescue above 20,000 feet (6096 meters)

One of my biggest concerns when ever there is a reality show based around Everest is that the climbing scene there will be exploited for ratings. We've seen it time and again on various networks, which only seem to focus on the relatively few deaths that occur on the mountain each year, rather than the hundreds of successful summits. There have even been reports of another network filming on the mountain this past spring that was taking a similar approach. I'm happy to say that Everest Air does not fall into this category and while watching the show I didn't feel like it felt exploitative at all. 

The first episode does a good job of introducing the viewer to the primary characters that we'll be following over the next six week, of which Jeff Evans is only one. We also meet other medics, communications coordinators, helicopter pilots, and support crew that all play a vital role in running the air rescue operations and saving lives on Everest and throughout the Khumbu Valley. The team isn't there just to rescue wealthy western climbers, but to lend a hand to the Nepali people too. In fact, some of the more interesting and dramatic medical emergencies revolve around the Sherpas who live and work in the shadow of the tallest mountain on Earth.

Having been to Everest Base Camp it was a lot of fun for me to see some of the more memorable landscapes throughout the region. The crew that filmed the show never appear on camera, but they are some of the unsung heroes of the show for sure. The Himalaya look impressive on screen and while the production team was there to film the med team in action, there is still plenty of eye-candy in the form of jaw-dropping scenery too.  

Everest Air gets off to a fast start, with some daring operations by the helicopter pilots and the rescue squad in the first episode. I don't want to spoil too many of the details, but I can tell you that each of the missions are a good indication of what the remaining episodes will be like. You'll get a first hand look at the effects of altitude sickness, as well as some of the other injuries and afflictions that anyone living in – or visiting – the Khumbu Valley face. Seeing some of the symptoms of pulmonary and cerebral edema manifest in patients is highly sobering, and will help you gain even more respect for the men and women who attempt to climb the big mountains. It'll also provide plenty of respect for Jeff and his team as they deal with the consequences too. 

Whether you're someone who follows the Everest climbing scene closely each year, or just have a passing interest in the Himalaya in general, you're likely to really enjoy Everest Air. But beyond that, if you want to see a real-life drama, played out on a massive and grand stage, this show will keep you riveted as well. This is true reality TV, where the decisions that are made are literally a matter of life and death. It is hard to top true human drama, and this show has that in spades. 

Check out the preview for Everest Air below, and catch the show starting tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern time. 

Casting Call: Adventure Capitalists is Looking For Outdoor Entrepreneurs

Do you have a great idea for a product or business that revolves around the outdoors or adventure travel? Are you looking for funding to get that idea off the ground? If so, the Adventure Capitalists want to hear from you. 

If you're not familiar with Adventure Capitalists, it is a television show on CNBC that features three hosts – Jeremy Bloom, Craig Cooper, and Dhani Jones – who also happen to be businessmen who are looking to invest in great ideas that revolve around the outdoors. They bring on potential partners to pitch them on their idea, and if they like what they hear they just might buy in and help get the project funded. The format is similar to ABC's Shark Tank, which has been a popular show for a number of years now. 

As Adventure Capitalists gears up for a new season, the producers have put out a casting call for new guests to have on the show. The team is looking for outdoor entrepreneurs who are looking for investors to help them take their products from a simple idea to reality. If that sounds like you, you can apply to be on the program by clicking here.  (Before applying, you may want to first check out the list of eligibility requirements as well. Those include being over 18 years of age, and a citizen of the U.S. or hold a visa to work within that country)

If you haven't seen the show before, it really is quite interesting. Some of the products that are pitched to the hosts are quite remarkable, while others are bit silly. It is fun to see what kind of ideas are floating around out there, and you might even recognize some of the people who are sharing their ideas. For instance, on one episode the founders of SlingFin tents appeared looking for funding on some new projects that they are working on. 

This is a legitimate opportunity to turn your great idea into a legitimate product. If you think you have what it takes, head on over to the Adventure Capitalists website now and apply for your chance to be on the show. Good luck! 

Video: The Official Trailer for Planet Earth II

Way back in 2006 – when this blog was still in its infancy – a groundbreaking television show called Planet Earth was released. Narrated by the incomparable David Attenborough, it went on to capture the imagination of millions of viewers, and set a high-water mark for nature documentaries that has yet to be surpassed in my opinion. Now, the BBC is back at it and will release Planet Earth II in November. We recently got a sneak peek at what we can expect in the form of a 2+ minute long trailer, which you'll find below. When it was released a decade ago, the original series was filmed in high definition, revealing to the public just how stunning that format could me. Now, the show has been filmed at 4K resolutions, which is just as dramatic of a leap forward as HD. As you'll see, the team behind this program looks like they delivered on the epic heritage of the original. I can't wait to see it.

Adventure Blog Interview: Jeff Evans of Travel Channel's Everest Air

 Jeff Evans inside a rescue helicopter at Everest Base Camp
On Wednesday, October 26, the Travel Channel will debut an all-new show entitled "Everest Air." The six-part series, which was shot in Nepal this past spring, follows a high-altitude rescue team that provided medical assistance, support, and evacuations of climbers on and around the world's highest peak.

For two months during the 2016 climbing season, a dedicated and experienced team of Sherpas and helicopter pilots, led by experienced mountaineer and medic Jeff Evans, went to great lengths to rescue climbers, guides, and local Nepalis living in the Khumbu Valley alike. "Everest Air" will give us a glimpse of what those operations were like, and how Jeff and his squad impacted the lives of those they helped.

Recently, I had a chance to chat with Jeff to get his thoughts on the show, the Everest climbing seven, what it was like conducting high altitude medical operations, and a lot more. It was clear from our conversation that this wasn't just a television gig for him, but a chance to give back to both the mountaineering community and the Nepali people.

An adventurer and outdoor athlete, Jeff grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where a love of the outdoors was instilled at a very young age. As he grew older, he immigrated west to Colorado where he attended college at UC Boulder where he studied medicine as he worked towards becoming a physician's assistant. While there he also continued to hone his climbing skills, which would later take him up some of the more famous routes in Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, and Joshua Tree National Parks. Later, he would branch into mountaineering as well, and eventually become a guide – and conducted search and rescue operations – on Denali in Alaska. In 2001, he even summited Everest along with blind climber Erik Weihenmayer, a long time friend that he would share many adventures with.

Last year, following the tragic earthquake that hit Nepal, Jeff returned to that country to help lend a hand. His experience as a search and rescue operator, along with his training as a medic, allowed him to play a vital role in the difficult days that came after that natural disaster. His deep love for the Nepali people, and a place that has given him so much throughout his climbing career, spurred him into action then, and was a major reason why he wanted to return once again this year to be a part of "Everest Air."

Working on a patient at EBC
"Initially, I was contacted to be a consultant for the show," he tells me when we spoke over the phone.  But after he inquired as to whether or not the production team had a medic on staff his role as part of the series evolved quickly. "They called me back the next day and asked if I could be on a plane to Los Angles. The rest is pretty much history," he says.

But before he officially took the gig, Jeff says he told the producers that if he was going to be a part of the team, they had to truly be of service on the mountain. He didn't want the show to revolve around rescuing rich, inexperienced mountaineers who found themselves out of their element on Everest. He wanted to have a meaningful impact beyond the privileged foreign climbers that showed up in large numbers in the Himalaya. He said that the show's creators agreed with his vision, and promised that they weren't going to Nepal to exploit Everest for ratings – it was a promise they stuck to throughout filming.

Jeff and the members of his team gathered in Kathmandu on April 1, and stayed in the country until June 1. During that time, they made 89 total flights and conducted 38 rescues, of which 24 of those operations were in support of locals, including assisting a Nepali woman who had suffered a miscarriage. For Jeff, this was exactly what he had hoped for – assisting mountaineers in need, but more importantly lending a hand to locals who were in dire need of medical attention.

Most of the ailments that the foreign climbers suffered typically revolved around altitude sickness, with both pulmonary and cerebral edema being very common. But, over the course of two months they also helped individuals who suffered other injuries as well, including a broken back, a bowel obstruction, and one person that had taken a 30-foot fall. "Had we not been there," Jeff says, "more people would have died on Everest this season."

Despite his experience as a medic and a climber, adjusting to flying through the Himalaya in a helicopter took some time. "At first I wasn't comfortable in the back of the helicopter," Jeff tells me. "They're just not meant to be flown at those altitudes," he adds. But over time, and as he got to know the talented pilots, he learned to trust them more. "By the end of production, I was getting along just fine."

Jeff with Bhaila Sherpa of Alpine Rescue Services
When I asked if Jeff had seen any of the completed episodes for "Everest Air" just yet, he tells me that he hasn't. But, when he was asked to do some post-production voice over work, he did get a look at the footage we'll all see on our television screens in a few weeks time. "It looks intense," he says, which should tell viewers something considering he was actually there when the events took place.

Jeff tells me that he is proud of how production went in Nepal, as he and his team stuck to the values they had hoped to adhere. Mainly, help those in need and make a difference in the local communities, something that will be evident when the show debuts. He also says that the entire production crew showed a great deal of respect for the individuals the medical team were assisting, something that runs counter to the reports we've heard from another television network crew that was operating on Everest at the same time.

With just six episodes to show us the entire spring climbing season, "Everest Air" is likely to be quite the action packed show. Obviously they won't be able to show us all of the rescues they conducted, but you can count on plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments for sure. When I asked Jeff if there were any particular rescues that stood out the most, he quickly rattled off a string of different situations that came to mind. In the end, he settled on the operations they conducted that helped the local Nepalis the most as the ones that he'll always cherish.

As viewers, we'll get to decide which of the team's adventures are the most entertaining and dramatic.  "Everest Air" will debut in three weeks time on the Travel Channel starting at 10 PM Eastern Time. Be sure to tune in or set your DVR's accordingly.

(All photos courtesy of Jeff Evans)

Travel Channel Announces Six-Part Mini-Series Focused on Everest Rescue Operations (Updated!)

Everest will once again be the center of attention for an upcoming documentary television series set to air this fall. Yesterday, the Travel Channel announced that it will begin airing Everest Air on Wednesday, October 26 at 10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CST. The show will be an hour in length and run for six weeks.

Everest Air will reportedly take a look at what it takes to climb the highest mountain on the planet, as viewers meet the men and women who traveled to Nepal this past spring to make an attempt on the summit. But beyond that, the show will focus on a high altitude emergency response team called Alpine Rescue Service that led by Jeff Evans, who is described as "an Everest expert mountaineer, adventurer and medic." Evans and his team conducted a number of rescues on the mountain this past spring, some on foot, but most through the use of a helicopter.

The show promises to provide viewers with awesome views of the Himalaya and Everest in particular, while giving them an inside look at expedition climbing in Nepal. But the main focus will be on Evans and his team of helicopter pilots and rescue Sherpas who work on the mountain. Over the course of the six episodes, I'm sure there will be no shortage of drama as the crew goes about rescuing stranded, sick, and injured climbers.

I've spoken to several people personally who were on Everest this past spring, and two who had to be helicoptered off the mountain from Camp 1. Both indicated that when they were loaded onto a helicopter to be brought down to lower altitude they had cameras shoved in their face with someone asking if it was okay to interview them. Neither was in a really good mood to be interviewed at that point, and indicated as much to the television crew. Obviously others were more than willing to share their stories however, as the show has enough footage and content for its six-episode run.

We're still about two months from the show hitting the air, so I'm sure we'll learn a lot more about it the closer we get to its debut. On the one hand, I'm curious as to how the producers of Everest Air handle the mountaineer aspects of the program, while on the other I'm a bit dismayed that the focus is on rescuing those who were unable to complete the climb. All too often the mainstream media takes an alarmist/extremist view of Everest, playing up the danger their for ratings. In reality, the mountain is indeed a dangerous and difficult climb, but it is one that hundreds of people do successfully in any given year. Usually, the general public only hears about the climbers who die during that attempt. Will this show alter that approach in any way? We'll have to wait to see, but at the moment I remain dubious.

Update: I've heard from several people that wanted to clarify that the camera crew that was so invasive on Everest this past spring was actually from the Discovery Channel and not the Travel Channel. I'm told that Everest Air will indeed be a legitimate, and well made, show that isn't as sensationalistic as I have feared. Hopefully that will be the case. We'll find out in October.

Casting Call: New Television Show Looking for "Extreme Survivalists"

A new television show is currently looking to cast fresh faces for what sounds like a reality competition of some sort. I've had this rattling around in my email inbox for awhile, and thought I'd share it just in case someone was interested in giving it a go. Here's the casting call in full:



Are you one of the elite that protect small expeditions, that forge into the darkest and most dangerous parts of the planet? Can you survive in the remotest jungles and toughest mountain ranges, fending off predators and all of nature’s dangers in harsh, unforgiving terrains with a single mission – to stay alive?

Then October Films want to talk to you!

Email: [email protected]


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All I'll say is, that is a lot of hashtags. And good luck to anyone who applies. It certainly could be a good opportunity for the right person, and there seems to be a growing demand for reality television that takes place in remote areas of the world. Perhaps this will be another hit in that genre.

Video: NBC News Discovers Wingsuit Flying

It is always interesting when the mainstream media discovers an outdoor or extreme sport, and gives it some exposure. Last night, NBC News did just that with its brief exposé on wingsuit flying, which you'll find below. While this video, which features the GoPro Bomb Squad, was part of the nightly news, it was also part of a documentary that aired on CNBC last night entitled "The New High: Extreme Sport," which took a look at a number of the activities that many of us follow or participate in. The one-hour special not only examined wingsuit flying and BASE jumping, but also obstacle course racing, kiteboarding, and other "extreme" activities. The show is likely to air again over the weekend, so if you get a chance, give it a look. I haven't seen it myself, and I'm curious as to how it came out. In the meantime, you can get some solid ariel footage from the clip below.

Casting Call: Want to Be on a New Adventure Television Show?

A "major cable network" has put out a casting call for a new television show that is going into production soon, and it is looking for adventurous people to take part in a competitive event that would give them the opportunity to win as much as $50,000.

Not much is known about the show just yet, although we do know that it comes from the producers of such shows as The Biggest Loser, Beauty and the Geek, and Bar Rescue. We also know that it will involve an "extreme obstacle course" that must be navigated using one tool – cold hard cash. Contestants will be asked to complete the competition using a set amount of money that is given to them ahead of time. They'll have to choose wisely in how they spend that money, potentially using it buy assistance in completing tasks, traveling to new locations, or overcoming obstacles. On the other hand, more resourceful individuals may find ways of advancing within the competition without spending their money, allowing them to keep more for themselves down the line.

While that may sound like a bit of a strange concept, I'm assured that this is an "adventure competition show" which will pit teams of two against one another on great challenge. That means that if you want to sign up, you'll need an enthusiastic partner to join you. All applicants must also be over 21 years of age and reside in the U.S. as well.

While I don't know a lot more than that about the show, it does sound like it could be a bit like The Amazing Race, with teams of two racing against others to complete challenges. That is pure speculation on my part however, as it could be something completely different.

To apply for consideration go to this website and fill out the online form. I've been asked to inform anyone who does apply to indicate that you read about the show on The Adventure Blog, as that could afford you priority consideration. The details of the casting process also say that a short 1-2 minute video of you and your teammate would give potential contestants a higher priority as well.

Good luck!

Adventure Television Casting News - Animal Planet and Survivorman

Have you always wanted to be a reality television star? If so, than I have a couple of casting opportunities for you that just might be your big break.

First, Animal Planet is looking for expedition leaders to travel Greenland to be a part of their show Ice Cold Gold. The program follows a mining company as it travels to remote areas of globe in search of valuable metals and minerals. This year, that quest is taking them to parts of Greenland that have seldom been visited by outsiders before, where they'll race to complete their job before the harsh Arctic winter sets in, covering the landscape in snow and ice once again.

If you think you might be qualified, send an email that includes a photo and a brief description of yourself, as well as some info on your expedition experience,  to [email protected]. You can also find a bit more of a description in this posting at ExWeb.

The second opportunity is one that I'm sure will appeal to a number of readers will be interested in. Reality television legend Les Stroud is preparing to film new episodes of his show Survivorman and he's looking to take one lucky viewer with him out into the field. For those who haven't seen this show (have you been living under a rock?), Les is dropped off in a remote region of the world – usually completely alone – and he must survive in that environment while making his way to safety.

But for an upcoming special episode Les wants to take someone along with him on his adventure, and he is accepting applications to do just that here. Applicants will need to fill out the online form and submit a 5-10 minute long video explaining why they are the right person to accompany him out into the wild. The submission deadline is April 1, which is a week from today, so you better get going. Les explains more in the video below.

Good luck to anyone who applies for either of these opportunities. They could certainly lead to some interesting adventures.

Vibrant TV Delivers Compelling Content for Adventure Travelers

Good, quality travel content with a focus on adventure is not always easy to come by. Most broadcast networks and cable channels eschew the adventure scene in favor of programming that is more marketable to the mainstream audience. But Internet television start-up Vibrant TV offers some high quality shows from international markets, with some wonderful options for more adventurous travelers.

Vibrant TV launched late last year with the concept of collecting television programming from a variety of English-speaking countries from around the world The company has collected a numerous shows in the reality, lifestyle, travel and scripted drama categories from such places as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.K. The network then provides those shows to viewers through an online subscription service, as well as in partnership deals with the likes of Hulu and Roku. Vibrant’s catalog of shows is a genuine mix of eclectic and creative offerings with a decidedly international flair.

As someone who is always on the lookout for interesting travel programming, I found the show Intrepid Journeys to be especially entertaining and informative. Originally produced in New Zealand, the show sends local celebrities off on fascinating excursions to countries that are often completely off their radar and out of their comfort zone.

For instance, one episode sent footballer Jeff Wilson to Eastern Europe, where he spent time traveling through Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania, countries he had almost no prior knowledge about. Another episode follows news broadcaster Paul Holmes as he explore the fascinating culture and history of Yemen, a place that few westerners are bold enough to experience on their own.

One of the things I truly love about Intrepid Journeys is that the show follows a similar philosophy that I take in regards to getting readers excited about their own adventures. Often times I receive an email from someone asking advice on how they can get started with an adventure of their own. Usually that simply involves giving them a nudge out the door, and once they realize what is possible, they are soon on their way to exploring the world around us. This show holds that same sensibility, giving each of its celebrity hosts – and by proxy the viewers – the nudge they need to add more adventure into their lives too.

There is a host of other interesting programming on Vibrant TV that might catch your eye too, depending on your interests. For instance, I found Entrada to be another interesting travel program that takes viewers on a culturally focused, culinary journey around Latin America to such countries as Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Chile. The host visits some amazing destinations along the way, giving us intriguing looks at small villages, historic landmarks, and swanky hotels, and other points of interest. If you’re planning a trip to Central or South America, there are a lot of great tips to be found on the show.

Similarly, Avventura takes viewers on a journey with host David Rocco as he enjoys the food, wine, and other delicacies in a variety of beautiful locations across Italy. While not entirely adventure focused, the show has a knack for inspiring wanderlust none the less.

This is just a taste of what Vibrant TV has to offer. Other shows include numerous reality shows covering a number of genres, as well as, creative comedies and dramas too. Moving forward, the network promises to continue to add more content to meet viewers needs.

Currently Vibrant is offering some great deals for new subscribers. If you sign up now, you can get two weeks of service for free with any reoccurring monthly subscription. Viewers can also elect to purchase a 6-month subscription for $24.95, which provides them with one month for free. Find out more by clicking here.  

Casting Call: Want to Join the Cast of a New Survival Reality TV Show?

Are you a survival expert? Want to prove it on a reality television show? Than you'll definitely want to read on. Swiss production company Media Fisch is casting for a new show, and they're looking for tough, outdoor adventurers to join them on an as-yet unnamed expedition. I was sent the casting call over the weekend, and here are the details.

Do you think you have all the skills to survive in unforgiving, unpredictable
parts of nature and compete against other survival experts on the toughest
expedition that has ever been on TV? Are you a born leader with no or little
fears that can handle every survival scenario? Then this might bei it!!
Because we are looking for the toughest of the toughest! 
An established international television production company seeks new
talents for a survival show aired on a big global TV channel/plattform!
We are seeking adventurous individuals with varied backgrounds and
experience in the following: 
• Survival skill techniques and strategies
• Extreme outdoor pursuits and primitive living
• You must be strong in character, highly competitive and quick thinking. 
Is this your Call? Then apply now, and we might see you on TV soon! 
Submissions: [email protected] 
Submissions need to include the following: 
• Your updated resume
• A current photo
• Any video, YouTube links, websites, or blogs that highlight your work
• A brief description of your background and why you think you`d be the perfect cast.

There you have it. If you think you might fit the description, and you'd like to throw your  hat in the ring for consideration, than contact Theresa Strack at the email address provided above. With any luck, you could be the next reality TV star.

While I'm not in the running for a show like this, I am curious however to see what it is all about. I wonder what kind of expedition they'll send participants on. It should be interesting.

Casting Call: BBC and Discovery Channel Seeking Participants For New Survival Show

BBC Worldwide Productions and the Discovery Channel have put out a casting call for a new survival series, and they've asked me to share it with readers at The Adventure Blog. According to the email I received from Safford Productions,  the show, which remains untitled at this time, will be a true test of survival, and not for the faint of hear. Here is the notice that was sent my way in its entirety.


BBC Worldwide Productions and the network that brought you ‘Naked and Afraid’, ‘Dual Survival’, and ‘Deadliest Catch’ are casting a unique, exciting, never before imagined survivalist series.

We are going big and looking for the best of the best — we are interested only in those who have the proven skills to last hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and week-to-week in an unforgiving, unpredictable, and untamed environment in one of the most remote parts of the world.

We are looking for a cast of individuals with varied backgrounds, from Boy Scouts to preppers, botanists to ex-military, medics, scientists, engineers, hunters and gatherers, and everything in between. You must be strong in character, quick thinking, highly competitive, methodical, resourceful and strategic.

This is not survival light! The mental strength and physical ability to persevere in the remote wilds of an unfamiliar territory WILL BE REQUIRED. You will be tested in a 24/7 live and interactive TV format, where viewers will be able to track your progress—and your failures. We are only interested in the real deal—casual weekend campers and reality show wannabes need not apply.

We challenge you to survive 42 days in the wild, relying on nothing but your skills, your smarts, and your will to survive.


For more information, call

There you have it folks. If you think you fit the bill, then contact the production company at the email or telephone number above. Good luck! Perhaps we'll all be watching you on TV soon.