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Video: Free Soloing Table Mountain in South Africa with Matt Bush

This video takes us to South Africa to follow free soloist Matt Bush as he climbs some of the iconic rock faces of Table Mountain in Cape Town. EpicTV calls Matt the "Alex Honnold of South Africa," and it's hard to argue with that moniker. Over the past few years, Matt has been free-soloing some of the toughest routes in his home country, and he is now working on a film project to document the amazing climbing opportunities that exist there.

This video will on reaffirm South Africa's reputation for being one of the best destinations for adventure on the entire planet.

Video: Drones Over Cape Town

This video is another example of the amazing things that can be done with a GoPro camera and a DJI Phantom drone. Shot in and around Cape Town, South Africa, it features some amazing images of the city, as well as monuments like Table Mountain, Lion's Head, and Cape Point, amongst others.

Aerial Cape Town, South Africa, by Phantom 2 from Eric Cheng on Vimeo.

Video: Table Mountain Timelapse

South Africa's Table Mountain, located in Cape Town, is one of the most iconic places on the entire continent. Each year, thousands of people hike, or take the tram, to the summit, for spectacular views of the surrounding area. The timelapse video below captures scenes from Table Mountain, demonstrating to us all why it is such a fantastic place.

on Top - Cape Town, SA from Bassem Hamadeh on Vimeo.