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Swiss Climber Sets New Slackline Record on Kilimanjaro

This past weekend, Swiss alpinist Stephan Siegrist set a new record for the world's highest slackline by walking across a highline that had been set up at 5700 meters (18,700 ft) on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. His efforts weren't without their challenges however, as gusting winds, low oxygen levels, and even snow conspired to make his walk a difficult one.

The 43-year old Siegrist set up a 21-meter length of line between two rock towers located at the Arrow Glacier Camp on Kili. The rope was set at a height of about 150 meters (492 feet), which left it exposed to the elements, which included a rise in gusting winds as the day went along. The weather forecast even included snow, which doesn't happen often on Kilimanjaro, but is possible when conditions are right just about any time of the year.

While slacklining balance is always a key, but at such high altitudes the body reacts slower to just about any physical challenge. That was the case here as well, as Siegrist found it difficult to make progress, even though he is very experienced at the sport. Eventually he did manage to cross the line successfully however, officially establishing the new record.

Slacklining has continued to grow in popularity in recent years, particularly as more people like Stephen put up impressive results in remote places. The previous record had been set last year in the Ladakh region of India. That mark was established by Hungarian climber Bence Kerekes who walked a line at about 5300 meters (17,388 ft). These records are most unofficial of course, as there is no real governing body to that oversees the claims.

While I'm not much of a slackliner myself, I can't help but be impressed by these attempts. One only needs to look at the image above to get a sense of great the view was where Siegrist was walking. I suspect we'll only continue to see these daredevils push the sport to new heights, both literally and figuratively. I'm sure someone is already planning such an attempt in the Himalaya.

Congrats to Stephen on his new record.

Video: A World Record for the Longest Slackline Ever!

Last month, slackliners Nathan Paulin and Danny Menšík traveled to Aiglun, France to attempt a new world record for the longest slackline ever. In this case, that means walking more than 1 km (.6 miles) over a massive canyon below. You can check out their attempt in the video below, which gives us a great look at this impressive feat.

Video: Slacklining Over Kanangra Falls in Australia

Slacklining a few feet above the ground seems challenging enough, but what about 100 meters up, and over a massive waterfall no less? That's exactly what the team of adventurers in this video did when they made the first slackline crossing over Kanangra Falls in Australia's Blue Mountains. Along the way, they also made a beautiful video that captures not only the landscapes around them exceptionally well, but spirit of their challenge too. Attempting something like this is a bit too far out of my comfort zone, but watching them do it is an amazing sight to behold.

SLACK from The Runaways Production House on Vimeo.

Video: New Highline World Record

This past weekend, Frenchman Théo Sanson set a new world record for the longest highline walk when he completed a 550 meter (1600 ft) traverse between Castletown and the Rectory in Castle Valley, UT. This video was shot on Friday, November 13 as he was training for the attempt, and as you'll see, it gives you a good look at the scale of what he was trying to achieve. During the practice round he slipped a few times, but on Sunday he managed to walk the entire line cleanly, setting the new distance mark in the process.

Highline from David E. Anderson on Vimeo.

Video: Slacklining on a Mountain Bike

Here's a good way to jump start your week. This video features mountain bike rider Kenny Belaey as he rides a bike 112 meters (367 ft) over a slackline suspended 2700 meters (8858 ft) above the ground in the French Alps. It is a white knuckle ride to say the least, and is almost guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Video: Slackliner Sets New Free-Solo Record

I don't cover a lot of slacklining news here at The Adventure Blog, but this video simply had to be shared. Shot on August 2 of this year, it features Spencer Seabrooke as he sets a new free solo slacklining distance record, which means he walked this rope without using any safety ropes. The record was set while Spencer was suspended 290 meters (951 ft) and crossed a chasm that is 64 meters (209 ft) wide. It is an incredible display of nerves and balance, and as you watch this clip, don't forget to remind yourself to breathe. It gets a little intense at times.

Video: Highlining the Vajolet Towers in Italy

This video comes our way courtesy of EpicTV and features mountain athlete Hayley Ashburn as she travels to the Vajolet Towers in Italy to make one of the craziest highline attempts that you've ever seen. Hayley tries to walk a 50-meter rope suspended high above the ground, with some incredible scenery from the Dolomites providing the background. This clip will provide a bit of adrenaline, along with great looking mountains.