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On the Road in Oregon

I've been home just three days, but its already time for me to hit the road again. This time, I'm off to Oregon to spend a few days paddling with some fellow journalists on a sponsored trip from Oru Kayaks. This time, I'll only be gone until the weekend, and should resume regular updates next Monday.

I first wrote about Oru Kayaks back in 2012, when the company launched its first foldable boat. Since that time, I've always been intrigued with how their kayaks performed out on the water, since they promise to give paddlers the speed and agility of a hardshell with the convenience of an inflatable. In a few days, I'll get a chance to find out for myself, as we'll be paddling a 47 mile (75 km) stretch of river in one. That means I should have some good stories to share when I get back next week.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great end of the week and has some good adventures of their own planned. Spring is here in the northern hemisphere, and its time to be outside and enjoying it. If you haven't taken advantage of the shift in seasons just yet, now is the time for sure.

When I get back, we'll get caught up on everything happening in the Himalaya. Considering how the season has gone so far, there should be plenty of interesting things to talk about.

Off to Denver!

Another quick note to let regular readers know that I'm off to Denver for a couple of days on assignment once again. That means either no updates or limited posts for the next few days, although once again I'll be keeping an eye on a couple of stories to see how they develop and will post news if it is warranted.

Most notably, I'll be continuing to watch the progress of Alex Txikon on Everest as he prepares to return to Base Camp and continue his attempt at a winter ascent of the mountain. The Spanish mountaineer is currently in Kathmandu, but should be headed back to BC any day now. He and his team are rested, acclimatized, and ready to make a final summit push. Right now, all they need is some good weather, which may still be a few days off. Still, we'll keep an eye on things and update his progress if anything changes.

In the meantime, I'll be back soon with more adventure and travel news.

Off to Austin, Texas!

Just a quick note to regular readers to let them know that I'll be on the road the next couple of days, so updates may be a bit sparse. I'm on assignment in Austin, Texas where Yeti Coolers is opening its first retail store, which I'll be covering for a couple of different outlets. This is a bit of a homecoming for me, as I lived in Austin for nine years, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the city has changed since I moved away a few years ago.

That said, I should I have some free time to post a few stories while I'm away, although they may not be as numerous as usual. This is a short trip though. Just two days, so I'll be back on schedule again early next week, before heading out to Denver on another short trip.

We're in a bit of a calm period right now, with the spring climbing season in the Himalaya still more than a month away, and a couple of weeks until the start of the North Pole season as well. But, there are still some stories to keep an eye on, so if anything develops I'll be sure to post the news.

And to my friends back in Austin, I'll see you soon!

Heading to Outdoor Retailer!

I know we've only just returned from the holiday break, and just started getting back to normal around here, but it is already time for me to head off once again. I'll be spending most of next week in Salt Lake City attending Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, where I'll spend several days getting a sneak peek at the latest outdoor gear and apparel. When I return, I'll write a couple of post sharing my thoughts on the show, and the best new items that I saw there. But, if you'd like to get a sense of what's happening while the show is going on, follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page. I'll be posting updates throughout the event with thoughts on the things that catch my eye. 

Today and tomorrow I'll also be spending my time relocating The Adventure Blog world headquarters to its new, permanent location. While I'm getting my office set up and running once again, there may be some temporary disruptions in posting. But, I hope to be ready to get back on a regular schedule after I get back from OR at the end of next week. 

Thanks for being patient while we work through these busy couple of weeks. With the holidays now behind us, and Outdoor Retailer just about to start, 2017 is about to get rolling. Stay tuned for lots of great adventures and inspiring stories to come. It should be a great year.

Happy Holidays From The Adventure Blog

It is that time of year again! I want to take this opportunity to with each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays in general. I'm not really sure where 2016 went, but it has come and gone in a blink of an eye, with so many amazing and fantastic experiences along the way. Hopefully it was a year filled with adventure for you, with plenty of inspirations for 2017 as well. 

Now that we're heading into the holiday weekend, I wanted to share a bit about the schedule for The Adventure Blog moving forward. Next week we'll enjoy a bit of downtime to celebrate with friends and family, so expect very few updates between Christmas and New Year. I'll share any major stories that might arise, but for the most part daily updates will be at a minimum. 

I'll return in the first week of January to get things going once again, but even then there may be a limited posting schedule. During that week, Adventure Blog World Headquarters will be relocating to a more permanent location, so there could be a bit of transition to undergo while that happens. Immediately after that, I'll be flying off to Salt Lake City for the Winter Outdoor Retailer Convention, where a host of new gear will be on display. I'll have more about that as we get closer to the day however, but expect the usual reports on what I see and learn about on social media and here on this blog. 

For now, just go and enjoy the holiday season. And get ready for an exciting year to come.

On the Road Again - Heading to Majorca, Spain

After being home for nearly two weeks, it is once agin time for me to hit the road. This time, I'm off with my wife and some friends to Majorca, Spain for a week of relaxation and some lower-key adventures. We're going to spend some time hiking and exploring the island, but also taking the local wineries, beaches, and enjoying a fantastic villa provided to us by Travelopo, an online booking company that handles some outstanding properties across Europe.

I will have Internet while there, and I will be monitoring some stories, so it is likely that there will be a few updates while I'm gone, just don't expect the usual level of output. If a major story breaks while I'm away, I will have time to post, and I'll probably be sharing photos and updates on my regular social media outlets.

In the meantime, sit tight. I'll be back home on Sunday, October 16 and will resume updating the blog on the following day. As always, thanks for reading and for your patience with this semi-frequent interruptions. I'm sure I'll have some good stories to share when I get back.

On the Road Again: Headed to Crested Butte, Colorado

It has been a busy summer at The Adventure Blog headquarters. Since May, I've been on the road every week or two, visiting some truly spectacular destinations along the way. Since I was in Quebec a few weeks back, I've been fortunate enough to actually be home for a little more than two weeks. The longest stretch I've had in quite some time. That ends tomorrow, as I'll be heading out to Crested Butte, Colorado for a few days of fly fishing, mountain biking, and exploring this intriguing adventure destination in the Rocky Mountains.

As usual, that probably means no updates for the rest of the week. I will be back home late Sunday, and will resume posting updates again next Monday, so just a short break this time out. The following week I'll be off to Bryce Canyon for a short backpacking trip however, so my time at home will once again be brief. After that, there is just one more international escape on the agenda at the moment, followed hopefully by some pleasant time at home heading into the fall.

I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to share when I return from CB. I'm told the mountain biking is epic and I'm looking forward to seeing the place for myself. Until then, take advantage of the changing seasons and get outside and enjoy some adventures of your own. Now is a great time for camping, hiking, cycling, or whatever outdoor activity you enjoy doing. I'll be back before you know it.

On the Road Again: Heading Back to Quebec!

Just another quick note to let regular readers know that there will once again be no updates next week. My time back home was brief, and now I'm headed back to Quebec, Canada for another adventure. Some of you may recall that I was in Quebec this past winter where I had the opportunity to do some snowshoeing and dogsledding in some of the most beautiful (and cold!) conditions ever. Now, I'll return once again to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region where I'll be whitewater rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, sea kayaking and hiking. It should be a wonderful time and a nice way to contrast the region between the two seasons.

While I'm away, the Karakoram climbing season should finally come to an end, and I'm sure there will be other interesting adventure news taking place. I'll try to post updates upon my return of anything important that may have taken place. Regular updates will resume on August 22, at which time I'll actually be home for several weeks in a row. That will be the first time that that has happened in several months.

Until then, enjoy the last few weeks of summer, get outside and have some adventures of your own, and explore this great big planet of ours. I'll be back before you know it!

Off to Outdoor Retailer

As many of you probably already know, tomorrow marks the start of the 2016 Summer Outdoor Retailer gear convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. As usual, I'll be attending the show to check out the latest and greatest gear coming from our favorite outdoor brands. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. 

Because I'll be at the convention all week, there will be no further updates on The Adventure Blog until next Monday, August 8. In the meantime, if you'd like to get an idea of some of the new gear that is heading our way, be sure to drop by Gear Institute to read the three show previews that I've written to cover the event. The first was published yesterday, while part two went live today, and a third is coming tomorrow. On Wednesday, just as the show is opening, we'll also post our selections for the Best New Gear Awards as well. 

Of course, I'll also be sharing my thoughts directly from the show floor on Twitter and Facebook. Follow me at @kungfujedi or join my Facebook page to get those updates over the next few days. I usually post photos and thoughts on some of the most interesting gear that I come across while there. 

I'll be back soon with more adventure news.

On the Road Again - Mongolia Bound

My time at home is about to come to an end again as my busy travel schedule continues. This time, I'm heading out to Mongolia with my friends from Tusker Trail. I'll actually be leaving on July 5, but with the long holiday weekend starting, I won't actually be updating the blog again until after I return to the U.S. on July 22.

This time out I'll be trekking and horseback riding across the Mongolian Steppe, which should be a lot of fun. I'll obviously have a lot of stories to share upon my return, so stay tuned for blog updates and photos from the trip. I've never been to Mongolia before, but it has long been on my list of places to visit, so I'm sure it'll be quite the rewarding experience.

As always, while I'm away enjoying my adventure, I hope you have a few of your own. The opportunities to get outside and pursue your passions have never been better, so don't let those opportunities pass you by. Grab your dram by the tail and run with it. You won't regret it.

Back soon!

Off to the Adirondacks!

A few weeks back when I traveled to Alaska for a week I mentioned that it was the start of a string of travel for me that would extend through the summer and beyond. This week's destination is upstate New York, where I'll be heading to the Adirondacks for a couple of days. I fly out tomorrow and will be back home on Friday, so not a long getaway, just long enough to disrupt the rest of the week.

I can't say a lot about what I'm doing over the next couple of days, other than that I'm working on a new project with the folks from PrimaLoft. If all goes well, I'll be able to share the results of this project down the line, but for now I have to keep it under my hat. Stay tuned though, as I'll share more when I can.

Next week, The Adventure Blog returns to a normal schedule, at least for a little while. I should have five full days of updates, news, and videos to share before heading to Utah the week of June 20. Thanks for your patience and for reading. I hope to have some good stories to share again soon. 

On the Road Again!

Just another quick note to regular readers today to let everyone know that The Adventure Blog won't be updated for the rest of the week. I'm headed home to Iowa to visit friend and family and celebrate a milestone for one my family members. I may have time to post a few updates while away, but most likely we'll return to the usual posting schedule next Monday. In the meantime, have a great rest of the week and weekend.

I Am Alaska Bound!

Just a quick note to regular readers to wrap up the day today. Tomorrow I am heading out to Juneau, Alaska for a little adventure. Over the next week or so, I'll be taking part in an Un-Cruise on the famed Inside Passage. While there, I'll be sea kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, and whale watching, amongst other activities. Internet access will be limited over that time period, so there won't be any updates to The Adventure Blog until Monday, May 30. Hopefully I'll have some great stories and photos to share upon my return.

This trip kicks off what will be a busy few months for me in terms of travel. I will be updating the site as often as I can in the weeks ahead, but there will be some extended periods from time to time when I'll be off the grid and unable to post. But stay patient and I'll share all the new from the world of outdoor adventure and exploration as much as I can.

While I'm away, I hope you get outside and enjoy some adventures of your own. Now is a great time to be riding, running, hiking, camping, and exploring. Have a great time, and I'll be back before you know it.

California Dreamin' - Headed to Santa Rosa for the Week

Just a quick note to regular readers to let them know that I'm off to Santa Rosa, California for the week. Over the next few days, I'm going to get an introduction to everything that this enticing city – located north of San Francisco – has to offer outdoor adventurers and active travelers. 

My schedule will include such fun activities as kayaking, mountain biking, and zip lining, so of course I'm looking forward to my little escape. It should be fun, and I'm looking forward to learning about this part of California that I haven't been too before. I also hope to share daily updates of my experiences as well, provided I have the time and Internet access to do so. Otherwise, expect some good reports on my time out there starting next week. 

While I'm off having some fun adventures, I hope you'll be doing the same. Spring is definitely in the air here in North America, and it is time to start taking advantage of the shift in seasons. I'll be back before you know it, with lots of exciting stuff on the horizon to talk about. 

10,000th Post!

The Adventure Blog has reached a major milestone today. This is the 10,000th post I've made on this blog, which I started more than 10 years ago now. When I launched this site all those years back, I had no idea how far it would come, and how it would impact my life. It has allowed me to meet some fantastic people, visit some amazing places, and witness some dramatic things. It has been a real honor and a pleasure to share all of these stories with my regular readers, who I want to thank for showing me so much support and loyalty. The Adventure Blog wouldn't exist without you, and I appreciate you dropping by from time to time. Here's to another 10 years and 10,000 posts! Thank you all.

Off to Utah, No Updates on Monday!

Just a quick update to let readers know there will be no updates on Monday. I'll be heading out to Utah on assignment for a very quick trip, and won't be posting any adventure news while I'm there. I'll be back quickly however, and regular updates should resume on Tuesday.

In the meantime, have a great weekend. Be sure to head outside and enjoy a few adventures of your own.

Off on a Brief Canadian Adventure

I wanted to share a quick updated with Adventure Blog readers for what is to come this week. Tomorrow I leave for Quebec, Canada for a few days of winter fun. My adventure up north will include some dogsledding and snowshoeing, while exploring some of the great outdoor environments that Quebec has to offer. To say I am excited about the trip would be an understatement. 

I'm told that we'll have Internet access at various times while traveling, so if possible I will share some of my experiences as they are happening. It should be an incredibly fun excursion filled with lots of interesting activities and destinations, and I hope to provide some insights into what it is like there during the winter. 

As for the weather, the forecast says it is going to be cold. Like -15ºF/-26ºC cold. The region has also had in excess of 5 meters (16 feet) of snowfall so far this winter. That means it should be well suited for the activities that we have planned. It also means that I should get plenty of chances to test some gear while I'm there, so look for a slew of reviews to follow my return. 

I hope everyone has a great week filled with some adventures of their own. I'll be back before you know it, and sharing stories, news, and info. 

Reminder: Last Chance to Win a Copy of Everest

Just a quick reminder as we start the new week. Today is the last day to enter to win a copy of the Hollywood blockbuster Everest. Universal Home Entertainment has generously allowed me to give away a copy of the film, which releases tomorrow on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Later today I'll be randomly picking a winner, and passing along that name to Universal, who will ship out a copy to the lucky Adventure Blog reader. But before I do that, you still have time to enter the contest. To do so, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] with a subject line that reads "Everest." If you win, I'll contact you to get a shipping address, which will be passed along to Universal for sending out the prize.

If you didn't get a chance to see Everest in the theater this past fall, you can read my review of it here. The film tells the story of the infamous 1996 climbing season on the tallest mountain on the planet, during which 8 people lost their lives. Even though this is a dramatization of this events, it does a great job of explaining what its like to climb Everest in an era where it had to be commercialized to the extent that we see today. The actors playing the principle roles are all excellent, and there is a real dramatic punch to the story, even for those of us who know what is coming. All in all, it is a well crafted movie, and one that everyone who reads this blog with regularity should see.

I'll be selecting the winner of the giveaway later in the day, but you still have time to enter. Good luck!

Off to Outdoor Retailer

We've only just returned from a bit of a holiday break, and its time to hit the road once again. Tomorrow, I'll be headed off to Salt Lake City to attend the 2016 Winter Outdoor Retailer show where I'll get a chance to take a look at the newest outdoor gear scheduled for release later this year.

The show itself doesn't actually begin until Thursday, but I'll be joining a few other media folks on an overnight camping excursion tomorrow before some of the official festivities begin on Wednesday. This means that once again, updates are likely to be sparse for the week ahead, at least here on the blog itself. I will be sharing thoughts and images from the OR show floor on my Twitter feed, as well as on The Adventure Blog Facebook page. Follow either of those to catch a glimpse of some of the best new gear that I come across along the way.

If you'd like to read a preview of what to expect from the show, I've written three of them that will be going up at Gear Institute over the next few days. The first one is live now, and the others will follow on Tuesday and Wednesday. Each takes a look at ten interesting items that will be revealed at the event.

Hopefully things will get back to a normal pace around here next week. It's time to get focused on 2016, and some of the fun adventures ahead. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Happy Holidays From The Adventure Blog

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of the readers of The Adventure Blog a Happy Holiday Season! It has been another great year, and I couldn't continue to write this humble little blog without you dropping by on a regular basis. I appreciate everyone who spends some time keeping up with all of the things I write about. I hope 2015 was great for all of you, and 2016 is even more adventurous.

With Christmas now upon us, and the end of the year in sight, the posting schedule will probably be a bit erratic over the next week or so. I'm sure there will be a few updates during that time period, but just like the rest of you, I'll be enjoying some time with friends and family. Things will get back to normal early in 2016, as we resume our coverage of the world of exploration and outdoor adventure. Until then, have a safe holiday season, and I'll be back soon.