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Video: From Bangkok to Paris in a Tuk-Tuk

We'll end the week on this amazing travel adventure. In this short film we go on a six month long journey from Bangkok to Paris in a tuk-tuk. That's a small, three wheeled vehicle that is common in parts of Asia, and is typically not used on a long distance journey. But in this case, the makers of this video drove theirs over the Himalaya, across the Gobi, along the Silk Road, and through Europe just to make it back to Paris. Quite a road trip indeed!

De Bangkok à Paris en tuk-tuk! from Facteurs du Mékong 2 on Vimeo.

Video: Exploring the Ancient Silk Road

There is no better way to explore a region of the world than by traveling overland. In this video, we join just such a journey following the historic Silk Road, which once opened trade routes between Asia and Europe. In this case, filmmaker Nicolas Bori spent 120 days traveling 18,000 km (11,185 miles) through China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, the Caspian sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. What he found along the way was stunning landscapes, interesting people, and endless adventure. Check it out in his beautiful video below.

Overlanding the Silk Road from Nicolas Bori on Vimeo.