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Video: First Person Ride From the Red Bull Rampage

The 2016 edition of the Red Bull Rampage was held last week in Virgin, Utah,  and as always it provided a host of spectacular video clips from this crazy downhill mountain bike event. To get a sense of what the riders face as the take on his crazy trail, take a look at the video below. It was captured by the helmet cam of pro rider Darren Berrecloth, who made a memorable ride along a route that I'd be reluctant to walk, let alone take my mountain bike on. This is two minutes of sheer terror for those of us who don't ride downhill on a trail that is anywhere close to this.

Video: Nicholi Rogatkin's Wicked Crash at Red Bull Rampage

The 2015 Red Bull Rampage took place last weekend out in Utah, with some of the best mountain bikers in the world taking on one of the toughest and craziest courses around. Amongst them was Nicholi Rogatkin, who had a nasty crash on one of the qualifying rounds. As you'll see in this video, it was not an easy thing to watch. Fortunately, Nicholi wasn't seriously hurt, and even got back on his bike to complete the run. But it was certainly one of the scariest moments in the history of this wild event.

Video: The Winning Run From 2015 Red Bull Rampage

The 2015 Red Bull Rampage was held this past weekend in Utah, with pro rider Kurt Sorge taking first place overall. This video was shut by Kurt's GoPro camera on his winning ride and gives you a good idea of what these competitors face in this unique, and crazy race.

Video: Hilarious Preview of 2015 Red Bull Rampage

If you've ever seen any video footage from the Red Bull Rampage, you know that it is a mountain biking course that is incredibly scary to ride. The 2015 edition of the race is set to take place this weekend in Utah, and in preparation for the event, we get this video from rider Claudio Caluori that gives us a preview of what the competitors will be facing. As usual, it is insane. But Caludio takes one for the team and rides the route with a camera mounted on his head. His reaction to the ride is hilarious at times, as he gets very excited – and scared – of the narrow single track, tall drops, and wicked jumps he must navigate to the end. I'm pretty sure if I tried to ride this course, I'd have much the same reaction.

Video: The History of the Red Bull Rampage

In October, the 10th edition of the Red Bull Rampage will take place in Virgin, Utah. Over the past decade, the Rampage has become one of the top mountain biking events in the entire world, offering up spectacular footage of top downhill riders taking on a course that simply has to be seen to be believed. I'm sure we'll soon get some great clips from this year's edition of the race, but this video takes us into the history of the event, showing us how it got started, and how it has evolved over the years. Rider Kyle Strait – the only man to compete in all nine previous versions of the Rampage – shares his perspective on this crazy ride.

Video: The Biggest Attempted Front Flip in Mountain Bike History

We have yet another clip today from the 2014 Red Bull Rampage that took place last weekend. This time out, we get dramatic footage (both first and third person) of rider Tom Van Steenbergen as he attempts the largest front flip in mountain bike history over a 72-foot canyon. As I've said before in reference to these videos from the Rampage, don't try this stuff at home kids. Crazy!

Video: The Red Bull Rampage Finals in 65 Seconds

shared some video from the 2014 Red Bull Rampage last week, but that was shot from a first-person perspective on an action cam. This video captures some of that action from the finals of the event from an angle that makes it easier for us to understand what these riders are up to, and it might just be even more scary from this perspective. This is a 65-second shot of adrenaline to help get you through your day. Definitely do not try these stunts at home kids.

Video: Riding the Red Bull Rampage

Last week I shared a video of some of the nasty crashes from the Red Bull Rampage downhill mountain biking event. Today I have a video from the race, which was held this past weekend in Virgin, Utah. The clip captures a run by Kelly McGarry on a GoPro camera, giving you a first person perspective of what it is actually like to ride this course. I'm not sure about you, but I'm glad I'm watching it on video, and not having to ride it myself.

Video: Worst Mountain Bike Crashes At Red Bull Rampage

Speaking of Red Bull, the company is gearing up for its iconic Rampage downhill mountain bike race, which will take place this weekend in Virgin, Utah. The event always features some amazing highlights that are a good reminder to leave this sport to the professionals. The video below was released ahead of the start of the Rampage, and features some of the worst crashes in the history of the event. Thankfully, these riders wear plenty of armor and padding, and generally walk away without any real damage. That doesn't make it any easier to watch when they go down though. Ouch!