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Ripcord Travel Protection Supporst Anti-Poaching Efforts Namibia by Running an Ultramarathon

My friends over at Ripcord Travel Protection have been very busy lately. In addition to lending a hand to travelers all over the world, they've also gearing up for one of the most demanding ultramarathons in the world – the 250 km (155 mile) Sahara Race held in Namibia. But they won't be undertaking this tremendous effort solely for the challenge, as they're also using it as an effort to raise funds to combat illegal poaching in that country too.

The Redpoint team will consist of the company's Vice President, Tom Bochnowski and Operations paramedic Andrea Waters. They'll travel to Namibia at the end of April so they can be at the start of the race on May 1. In the week that follows, they'll travel self-supported through the desert as they push themselves to complete each stage of the race under grueling conditions.

Tom and Andrea's efforts will also serve as an opportunity for Redptoin to help raise funds for the Next Generation Conservation Trust Namibia, an organization dedicated to stomping out the poaching of rhinos and elephants there. The nonprofit has pioneered the use of unmanned drones to combat poachers, but those UAV's are expensive and more are needed to combat the problem. To support this good cause, Ripcord has set up a donation page for those who want to contribute.

Last year while climbing Kilimanjaro, my travel insurance was covered by Ripcord and I had the chance to see them in action. Two members of our team had to be evacuated from the mountain and the professionals at Ripcord took care of the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. I was so impressed that I can't help but recommend them to any adventure traveler looking for the best coverage possible when traveling in remote places. In fact, I'll be using them again when I travel to Mongolia later this year. If you're planning an adventure of your own, visit the Ripcord website for more info.

Video: Exploring Undisturbed Places

There are still remote corners of our planet where few people live and the trappings of modern life have yet to extend. It is in these places where we find some of the most spectacular night skies, as light pollution is nonexistent, giving us unfettered views of the heavens. This video takes us to such places in Namibia and Botswana, where the settings are captured in amazing fashion using timelapse photography. Sit back and enjoy four minutes of beautiful images that will inspire you to go to these places yourself.

Undisturbed Places - A Timelapse Film from Maciej Tomków on Vimeo.

Video: Mountain Biking the Spitzkoppe in Namibia

The Spitzkoppe is a group of rocky mountain peaks located in the African country of Namibia. The name actually means "pointed dome" in German, and the location is sometimes referred to as the "Matterhorn of Namibia" as well. In this video, a group of mountain bikers travel to the Spitzkoppe where they are faced with some challenging rock climbing up its granite face, as well as some incredibly daring riding back down the mountain. It all makes for a fantastic short film that is fascinating to watch as they tackle some unbelievable lines that seem unrideable. That is, until they actually do ride them.

Video: African Desert in Timelapse Courtesy of Nat Geo

I share timelapse videos with regularity here on The Adventure Blog, but it isn't very often that we get one from National Geographic. In this case, our friends over at Nat Geo take us into the heart of Namibia, where we get an incredible look of the beautiful desert there. The short clip was created by filmmaker Matthew Hood, who seamlessly blends daytime shots into the night with stunning starscapes rising behind untouched wilderness.

Video: Rock Climbing South Africa with Alex Honnold and Hazel Findley

Recently, rock climbers Alex Honnold and Hazel Findely joined forces to take on some of the toughest climbing in southern Africa. The duo visited Namibia and South Africa in search of problems to solve. The video below is a trailer for an upcoming film entitled Africa Fusion that chronicles their adventures. At just over two minutes in length, it is barely a tease of what is to come, but it looks like it'll be worth the wait for the full film.

Africa Fusion Official Trailer from Fresh Rock Films on Vimeo.