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Video: Riding the King Kong Mountain Bike Trail in Utah

Don't have time or the weather isn't right for a mountain bike ride today? Than why not join pro rider Andreu Lacondeguy as he takes on the King Kong trail in Utah, courtesy of GoPro. Andreu recently took on this amazing trail while wearing a Hero action camera on his chest. The result is a first person view of his ride that is amazing to watch. Check it out below.

Nat Geo Gives Us the Best Outdoor Towns in the World

Looking for a great town to serve as base camp for your next outdoor adventure? Thinking about relocating to a place that offers more opportunities to pursue the things you love? Why not let National Geographic help with their picks for the world's best towns for outdoor thrills.
Some of the places earning a nod include towns that you would expect. Places like Moab, Utah and El Chaltén, Argentina. Others are a bit more unexpected, such as Niseko, Japan or Ely, Minnesota. It isn't as if those places weren't known for being great outdoor destinations, but to see them ranked amongst the very best (Nat Geo names nine places in total), is refreshing to say the least.

Each place is also accompanied by a nice description of why it deserves a spot on this very distinguished list with details on what it has to offer for visitors. Nat Geo even provided information on when it is the best time of the year to visit to take advantage of the opportunities that each place has to offer. For instance, summer can be hot in Moab, so September is a good time to go, although the author says not to overlook winter as well. Meanwhile, if you're planning on going to Niseko it is probably for the skiing, which is best between December and February.

Of course, with such a short list some places had to be left off, but there were a few surprises for towns that do not appear here. For instance, Chamonix, France is considered one of the great outdoor meccas of the world and yet it doesn't appear on Nat Geo's radar. Similarly, you could just as easily have substituted places like Boulder, Colorado or Jackson Hole, Wyoming, amongst other great mountain towns in the U.S. Still, the places that were selected are very deserving, and bring a nice exotic flair to the list with places like Australia, South Africa, India, and Peru enticing travelers.

To find out which places made the cut, read the entire list here. Then come back and leave a comment with the places that you think should have made the cut. After all, some of your favorite places probably didn't make it.

Video: Mountain Biking the American Southwest with Yeti Cycles

It's no secret that the American Southwest offer some of the best mountain biking found anywhere on the planet. That doesn't make this video any less impressive however. It is a spectacularly shout short film that takes us to some of the most amazing landscapes you'll ever see. This video was shot by Yeti Cycles, who were also kind enough to share the secrets of that ride with us here. It'll probably come as now surprise that parts of the video were shot near Moab, with Canyonlands and Sedona also making an appearance. If you're a mountain biking fan, don't pass on this clip.

SOUTHWEST. PROVEN HERE. from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.

Video: Taking Flight Over Moab

This beautiful video takes us high above the rocky landscapes of Moab, Utah where eight different disciplines of flight (proximity flying, wingsuits, skydiving, etc.) all converge to show us what is possible when humans take to the air. The landscapes around Moab make a great backdrop for these scenes, which look incredible from every angle. After watching this, you'll believe that a man can fly.

Video: 142 Miles From Monday - Mountain Biking the Kokopelli Trail

The Kokopelli Trail runs for 142 miles between Loma, Colorado and Moab, Utah. It is an epic route the draws mountain bikers on a regular basis, and in this video we join three friends who set out to ride its entire length. Along the way, we get plenty of great scenery and an amazing look at the route, but we also get a healthy dose of inspiration as well. There is a great message here about pursuing the things that you are passionate about in life, and breaking away from the routine to seek your own path. It is a good message, and one that we should hear more often. Either way, this is a great short film about three friends on an amazing ride that can be completely enjoyed on that level too.

142 Miles From Monday from Alex Witkowicz on Vimeo.

Video: Climbing Brutal Routes in Moab

This beautiful video comes our way courtesy of my friends over at EpicTV. It follows rock climber Pat Kingsbury as he travels to Moab, Utah to take on some incredibly tough big wide crack routes in January. The climbing is difficult, the landscapes are beautiful, and the entire short film is great to look at. It also gives us a great sense of why Moab is such a popular place for climbers. There are just so many challenges there, with some of the most spectacular scenery in the entire American West.

Video: BASE Jumping From the Space Net in Moab

You have to hand it to the BASE jumpers, they'll go to elaborate lengths to pursue their sport. In this video, BASE-er Matt Blank builds a giant "space net" to extend over a canyon near Moab, Utah. In some ways it looks like a massive spiderweb suspended over the landscape. He then proceeds out to the net, and jumps through a hole in the center. It is a long way down to the rocky floor below, but he pulls his trusty chute in time to enjoy the ride and the view.

Video: North America's Fifty Classic Climbs Episode 2 - Ancient Art

The second episode of the new climbing series from EpicTV entitled North America's Fifty Classic Climbs is now available, and this time we're following Mark and Janelle Smiley as they go up Ancient Art, 4-pitch climb that is rated a 5.1 difficulty. Located near Moab, Utah, this climb has an amazing finish, which you'll see in the video. The view from the top looks amazing, and the path to get there is not for the faint of heart.

Video: BASE Jumping Fisher Towers in Moab

Just in case you're in need of another healthy dose of adrenaline today, this video will certainly provide it. It features Miles Dasher, JT Holmes, and Andy Lewis who traveled to Moab, Utah where they BASE jumped from the iconic Fisher Towers. The stunning and dramatic landscapes that Moab is so well know for are on display here, as we follow the boys up, and then off, of the Towers. Enjoy!

Video: Unicycling Moab

We all know that Moab is one of the best mountain biking destinations in the world, but when we say that, we're usually referring to the two-wheeled kind. In this video, we get to see some daring unicyclists take to the famous Moab trails to give it a go. The results are about as exciting as you would imagine. I think I'd have enough problems with two tires. Just one seems crazy. Enjoy!