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Video: More Than Just Parks - Voyageurs in 8K

The More Than Just Parks project is an attempt by brothers Will and Jim Pattiz to shoot a spectacular video in each of America's National Parks. So far, they've visited places like Joshua Tree, Zion, and the Great Smoky Mountains, and each of their short films has been breathtaking. Now, they've traveled to the lesser known Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota to shoot this stunning video, which captures the beauty and essence of that place so well. This is a park that most people have never heard of, and yet it is one of the great wilderness regions of the country. If you're not aware of what Voyageurs is truly like, let the Pattiz brothers introduce you. You won't regret it.

VOYAGEURS 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.

Video: Into the Northland

This video takes us into the dense forest and remote wilderness of northern Minnesota, a place that for my money is an often overlooked outdoor playground. The footage shown here was captured by drone along the shore with Lake Superior, and as you'll see this is a stunningly beautiful place that remains remote and wild. If you haven't visited this spectacular place yet, you'll certainly want to add it to your list once you've watched this short clip.

Northland from Jake Strassman on Vimeo.