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Video: The Colors of Africa

It's no secret that Africa is one of my favorite places to visit, and if you wonder why, you only need to  watch this video. It is a colorful, majestic place that is filled with life and energy. In this clip, you'll catch a glimpse of the people, landscapes, and wildlife that make Africa such a special place. Just watching it makes me long to go back. Enjoy.

Colors of AFRICA by Avichai Wechsler from אביחי וקסלר צילום on Vimeo.

Video: The Atacama Night Sky in Timelapse

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the driest place on Earth. It also happens to be one of my favorite places on Earth. It is an amazing destination filled with stunning landscapes and fantastic opportunities for adventure. The Atacama is also home to the most breathtaking night skies I have ever seen in all my travels. This video gives us a glimpse of this special place and what it is like there at night. Nothing can truly prepare you for the sights that you'll discover in the desert, but this clip comes about as close to anything else that I've found, save going there yourself.

ATACAMA from Adhemar Duro on Vimeo.

Video: Beautiful South Africa by Drone

If you want to know why I love Africa so much for a travel destination, all you have to do is take one look at this video. Shot using a DJI Mavic Pro, this short but sweet clip provides an amazing look at an amazing country. From landscapes to wildlife to breathtaking sunsets, this has it all.

SOUTH AFRICA - A Mavic Tale from Rind-Raja Picture Company on Vimeo.

Video: Wonderland - Great Adventures in the Wilderness

Remember that sense of wonder you would often have when you first set out into the wilderness? That feeling that you were exploring a place that no one else had ever seen, and the potential for discoveries were unlimited. That is the same sense you'll get from this video from Salomon TV, which reminds us that great adventures await us outside in nature. All we have to do is go find them.

Video: A Visit to Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is an amazing place. Despite its name, life actually abounds there if you know where to look. In this full-length documentary video, we travel to this spectacular destination and get a fist hand look of the landscapes that are found there. Best of all, if you're lucky enough to have a 4k monitor, you can see it in stunning ultra-HD resolutions. This is the next best thing to actually being there yourself. Of course, nothing actually tops going there, and after watching this, you'll know why. Grab a snack, pour yourself a drink, and get comfortable. You'll want to watch this from beginning to end.

Video: Welcome to New Zealand - Home of Middle Earth

Shot by filmmaker Awhile Suhas as he traveled 15,000 km (9320 miles) throughout New Zealand, this short video takes us on a stunning road trip to see some of that country's most spectacular landscapes. You'll see everything from snowcapped mountains to windswept beaches, with pretty much every other type of terrain imaginable in between. If you didn't want to visit this amazing place before, you're likely to want to book a trip now.

New Zealand, the home of Middle Earth from Akhil Suhas on Vimeo.

Video: Cape Town by Drone

Cape Town, and the surrounding area, is an incredibly beautiful place, and what better way to explore those landscapes than with a drone? This short clip takes to the skies to give us a bird's eye view of this spectacular section of South Africa. If you've never been there, it needs to be on your list and this will help you to understand why.

Video: Iceland Under a Full Moon

Just when you thought Iceland couldn't get any more beautiful, we catch a glimpse of it illuminated by a big, bright, full moon. Join a group of friends as they go surfing and kayaking in an environment that has to be seen to be believed. Along the way, you'll also get a sense of everything that Iceland has to offer. And chances are, you're going to want to go there yourself.

Iceland under Full Moon from O Z Z O Photography on Vimeo.

Video: Mountain Hardwear - Limits Unknown

This short clip is a teaser for a new ad campaign coming our way from Mountain Hardwear this spring. It features some wonderful shots of MH athletes doing their thing in remote areas of the world, with some motivational narration that will get you ready to head out and explore not just our planet, but your own personal limits too. Over the past few years, Mountain Hardwear has strayed a bit from its mission, but the team that is currently there is working hard to get things back on track. I'm a big fan of the company's gear, and I really like what they have in store for us. They are currently cranking out some of the best, most innovative products in the industry, and I think you're going to be appreciate what they will deliver to stores starting early in 2017. For now, enjoy this clip.

Mountain Hardwear - Limits Unknown from Tobin Sanson on Vimeo.

Video: Ottsjö, Sweden by Air and in Timelapse

We'll round out a busy week here at The Adventure Blog with a beautiful and tranquil video that was shot by drone over the Ottsjö region in Sweden. The landscapes captured there are nothing short of spectacular, and of course the Northern Lights are on full display at this time of year. This is three minutes of pure bliss, with some amazing footage of a stunning place. Sit back and enjoy as you head into the weekend.

OTTSJÖ - BY AIR AND TIMELAPSE (4K) from Marcus Möller on Vimeo.

Video: The Problem of the Wilderness in Alaska

Take a scenic journey through Alaska with this video, which is set to a famous quote from Bob Marshall called The Problem of the Wilderness. His words are extremely fitting as we wander through some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. Alaska is an amazing place, with a wilderness like no other. It is a place that anyone who values truly wild places should see but for today, we'll just have to settle for this video. Enjoy.

The Problem of the Wilderness from Tom Welsh on Vimeo.

Video: The Seasons of Norway in Timelapse

We all know that Norway is home to some incredibly beautiful landscapes, but in this amazing timelapse video we get to see some of those places as they are transformed by the passing of the seasons. The timelapse images are incredible to behold, as spring turns to summer, which passes into fall, heralding the arrival of winter not long after. This is one captivating clip to watch unfold, and well worth a few minutes of your day.

SEASONS of NORWAY - A Time-Lapse Adventure from Morten Rustad on Vimeo.

Video: Drones Over Peru

The stunning and diverse landscapes of Peru are on display in this video, which was shot using a drone to get some of the best vantage points possible. In the short clip you'll see mountain, canyons, deserts, and other spectacular vistas. If you're needing an escape from the daily grind today, sit back and enjoy this clip. It is four minutes of bliss.

High Above Peru from Andreas Giesen on Vimeo.

Video: A Beautiful Journey to Everest

In need of an escape to the mountains today? If so, have a look at this amazing video, which takes viewers on a beautiful journey through the Himalaya in Nepal to Everest. That journey begins in Kathmandu, continues out to the Khumbu Valley, and passes into the shadow of the tallest mountain on the planet. The entire thing was shot in 4K resolutions, and looks simply stunning. At nearly a half-hour in length, you'll want to get comfortable before you embark, but it is worth the ride.

Video: Above Bellingham - Drone Footage From an Adventure City

Bellingham, Washington is a city that has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor adventure, much of which you'll see in this video, which was captured using a drone to stunning effect. The clip starts a bit slow, and you'll probably wonder why it is worth sharing, but as it goes along the landscapes and opportunities for adventure reveal themselves. By the end, you'll be wanting to visit Bellingham yourself.

ABOVE BELLINGHAM - 4K Drone Film from Kjell Redal on Vimeo.

Video: Where Have All the Stars Gone? - How Light Pollution Affects the Night Sky

One of the great joys of travel for me is visiting places where it is so dark that you can see the night's sky completely unobstructed. Watching the billions of stars overhead is an incredibly humbling experience. But, not everyone gets to feel that thanks to light pollution, which can block the heavens, even on the darkest of nights. In this video, we see just how much of an impact the urban lights can have as we walk through the various levels of light pollution and how they affect our enjoyment of the stars overhead. These timelapse images will put everything into perspective and help you appreciate our dark zones even more.

Video: A Stunning Journey Through Two Central Asia's 'Stans'

Ready for an amazing video adventure to get your week started? Then check out this clip, that takes us deep into the heart of Central Asia to visit two of the "Stans." In this case, that is Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, two remote, seldom visited, and utterly gorgeous destinations. Filmmaker Jorgo Kokkinidis spent last summer traveling their and capturing amazing footage of this exceptional place, and the results are this 5+ minute video that is simply stunning. Sit down, watch it, and start planning your own visit soon.

Video: Paddling and Kiteboarding Iceland

We've seen some impressive videos from Iceland over the years, but this one still manages to deliver something new. It follows outdoor athlete Nuria Goma as she visits that beautiful destination, exploring its landscape not just in the traditional way, but also by kiteboarding and stand-up paddleboarding along the spectacular Icelandic coasts. As you can imagine, th country makes a stunning backdrop to her adventures.

This is what I am made of: ICELAND from Nuria Goma on Vimeo.

Video: Rise - Exploring Oregon by Drone

The state of Oregon is an incredibly beautiful place, but it never seems to get its proper due, in part because it is competing for attention with other western states like Colorado, Montana, and Utah. But in this video, Oregon gets the attention it deserves, as it is four minutes of spectacular footage captured by drone. The results are some impressive landscapes that reveal some of the best hidden gems in the American West.

RISE - Oregon Aerial 4K from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

Video: Iceland - Here's to the Travelers

Need another amazing look at the country of Iceland? This video provides that, and much more. It is a tribute to the wanderlust that mean of us feel. That inexplicable need to explore the world that only seems to grow in intensity the more you see. If you understand what I'm talking about, this video is definitely for you. Here's to the travelers who boldly venture out to see this big, beautiful world around us.

ICELAND // Here's to the Travelers from Tobi Schnorpfeil on Vimeo.