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Explorers Club to Honor Julian Monroe Fisher at Presidential Dinner

Going to be in New York City on June 2? Want to attend what is sure to be a fantastic event at the Explorers Club headquarters? Than you're in luck, because that evening they'll be honoring my friend Julian Monroe Fisher at the organization's Presidential Dinner, and best of all you don't have to be a member to attend.

Julian's list of accomplishments is long and impressive. He is not only a Fellow with the Explorers Club, but the Royal Geographical Society as well. He has spent more than 30 years spanning the globe, exploring the seldom visited corners of the planet. As a trained anthropologists, his recent wanderings have taken him across Africa as he continues his Great African Expedition. He has also been instrumental in opening the Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail, a long-distance hiking route that stretches for 500 miles (804 km) through South Sudan and Uganda, and is currently working on a project to that is charting and preserving the Carolina Rivers. Both of those last two endeavors are sponsored by Costa Del Mar.

If you would like to join the Explorers Club in honoring Julian here is all of the important information:

Date: June 2nd, 2016
Time: 6:00 pm Reception, 7:00 pm Dinner, 8:00 pm Presentation
Location: Club Headquarters, 46 East 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021
Member Ticket price: $70
Guest Ticket Price: $80
Reservation Notes:
Reservations must be procured in advance for a catered dinner, and payment must accompany reservation. There will be no cancellations allowed after Friday, May 27th, 2016. Non-members are welcome to reserve a seat as the nominal guest of Daryl Hawk MR ’98, organizer of the Presidential Dinner.

To secure a reservation, you may also call us at 212.628.8383, or email us at [email protected].

Congratulations to Julian on this much deserved honor. 

Major Carolina Rivers Expedition Set to Begin April 29

Explorer Julian Monroe Fisher's many travels have taken him to some of the most remote places on the planet where he has had the opportunity to observe indigenous cultures and map little-known landscapes. But with his next project he wants to show that you don't have to go to the ends of the Earth to be an explorer. In fact, you can find plenty of adventure and exploration right in your own backyard.

The Costa Presents Carolinas River - Education and Preservation Through Exploration project is scheduled to get underway later this month. It will consist of a series of ambitious expeditions that are meant to explore the waterways of the Carolinas while documenting the history and cultural heritage of the region. Over the next two years, Julian plans to explore 32 individual rivers in North and South Carolina, both overland and on the water. Through his travels, he hopes to also hopes to bring attention to the environmental threats that these rivers now face.

Over the course of his journey's, Julian will travel by kayak, canoe, and stand-up paddleboard, as well as on foot. When he isn't paddling one of the 32 rivers, he'll be hiking along North Carolina's Mountain to Sea Trail or South Carolina's Palmetto Trail. He'll be joined on these excursions by a documentary film crew from Blue Car Productions that will capture the settings, communities, and ecosystems that he encounters along the way.

One of the more crucial aspects of the project is the role education will play. Julian believes that through education, these threatened Carolina rivers can be saved. To that end, he is establishing ties with a number of schools to create a learning tool that can be used in classrooms. By engaging students in the Carolinas River project he hopes to get the next generation invested more fully in the environment, which in turn will help spread the word about the importance of protecting these waterways. Updates of the journey will be shared via social media as well, giving students an even deeper connection to what is happening.

The first stage of the Carolina Rivers project will launch on April 29 with a special media event at the Highland Brewing Company in Asheville, NC. By that point, Julian will have already started to paddle the French Broad River, considered the third oldest in the world, and will make a stopover to meet with press and the public.

This will be a major project to watch unfold over the next couple of years. Paddling 32 rivers over that period, while also hiking through the Carolinas backcountry, should be extremely interesting to follow.

You can learn much more at

Julian Monroe Fisher Prepares for Fourth Leg of Great African Expedition

Next week, explorer and anthropologist Julian Monroe Fisher will return to Africa to launch the next leg of his Railriders Great African Expedition. As with previous phases of the project, Julian will be traveling in the footsteps of another great explorer, while researching ethnographical diversity on the African continent in the 21st century.

The Great Africa Expedition first began back in 2012, and for each of the past three years Julian has gone back to the continent to explore the changing ethnography of the indigenous people that live in a variety of regions. This year he'll be trekking through the Karamoja region, an area that crosses through Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan. That part of Africa is home to the Karamajong people, who migrated there from what is now Ethiopia around 500 years ago.

In the fourth phase of the expedition, Fisher will follow in the footsteps of Major Percy Horace Gordon Powell-Cotton (yes, that is all one name!) and Scottish hunter-explorer W.D.M. Bell, both of whom traveled through this part of Africa in the early 20th century. The Karamoja region remains mostly unchanged since that time, with very little development and few humans occupying the area.

Julian will once again be carrying a flag from the Explorer's Club for this expedition as he continues his research into the lives of native groups who have developed from hunting with bows and spears to AK-47s. He will examine how these pastoral herdsman have adapted to the modern era, and which of their unique traditions have managed to survive in the 21st century.

Fisher's route will also take him to Mount Elgon, Mount Kadam, the Kidepo Valley, and Mount Morungole, where anthropologist Colin Turnbull studied the Ik tribe of Uganda back in the 1960's. Turnbull wrote a book about the Ik entitled The Mountain People, and his graphic depiction of their lifestyle, and the hardships they endured as the result of their displacement from their ancestral lands,  caused quite a stir at the time. The Ik were forced into a major famine due to their migration, which caused major problems for the tribe.

You can learn more about Julian's plans by visiting the official website of the Great African Expedition. He'll depart next week for the journey, and will spend about a month in the field. While he is there, he'll be posting regular updates to his website as well, keeping us apprised of his adventure along the way.

Explorer Julian Monroe Fisher Announces Ambitious Schedule for 2015

In addition to hosting a new adventure-centric radio show, explorer Julian Monroe Fisher has also announced an ambitious schedule for 2015 that will see him return to Africa once again, and launch a completely new expedition back home in the U.S.

In January/February of next year, Julian will travel to Uganda and South Sudan carrying Explorers Club Flag #89 on a research expedition to explore cattle rustling amongst the pastoral herdsmen that still subsist in those countries. He hopes to explore the evolution of these tribesman, who went from using bows and arrows, and spears, to AK47 automatic rifles.

Once that project is complete, Julian will then launch Phase 4 of his RailRiders 2012-16 Great African Expedition. Scheduled to take place from June to August of 2015, Fisher will be traveling overland, starting from the coast of the Indian Ocean in Mozambique. He'll set out from the grave site of Captain William Grant Stairs, a Canadian-British explorer who played a pivotal role in the exploration, and eventual colonization, of Africa. From there, Fisher will travel up the Zambezi River, through Zimbabwe and Zambia, to the Kingdom of Katanga. His journey will then take him from the source of the Congo River to Kinshasa, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

After he has returned from Africa, Julian will also launch a new expedition to explore the Carolina River system back home in the U.S. Over the course of two years (2015-2016), he hopes to paddle 32 individual rivers throughout the Carolinas, with those journeys being filmed for a television program. This project is entitled "Carolina Rivers -Education, Preservation through Exploration." Throughout the journey, Julian will work closely with schools to develop a curriculum tools that will instill in students a better understanding of the environment that surrounds the Carolina rivers, and the importance of preserving them for future generations.

As if all of that wasn't enough, sometime in 2015, OutWildTV will also begin airing a documentary film and television series from two phases of Julian's Great African Expedition. Those programs will cover his journey through South Sudan and Uganda. You can find out more about those expeditions by clicking here.

While I can tell you for a fact that Julian is enjoying his new gig as a radio host, I know he is also looking forward to getting back to his "day job" as an explorer as well. It seems he will have some great opportunities to do just that next year.

Reminder: The Adventure Magazine Radio Show Begins Tonight

Last week I posted a story announcing the launch of a new radio program called The Adventure Magazine with Monroe and Gigi, which will be hosted by my friend Julian Monroe Fisher and his wife Gigi. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the program begins airing tonight on Port City Radio 103.7 WBNE in Wilmington, NC at 6 PM Eastern Time. You will be able to listen to it live over the Internet, and the entire program will be available to stream from the website after it has aired live as well.

Tonight's first guest will be Alan Arnette, who will share stories from his mountaineering expeditions to the Himalaya and elsewhere. Alan is fresh off a successful summit of K2 this summer, and I'm sure he'll have lots to say about that expedition. Future episodes of the show will include other great guests, including Levison Wood, who recently finished walking the length of the Nile River, and polar explorer Felicity Aston.

The Adventure Magazine is sponsored by Great Outdoor Provision Company, and will be a one-hour program that airs each week. Topics will include exploration, gear, travel destinations, and much more. As it debuts, the show is running on just one radio station, but plans are in place to expand further. By the end of 2015, they hope to have it airing on as many as 25 other stations.

If you get the chance, tune in tonight and listen to the first show. If you miss it, be sure to listen to the archived version on the Adventure Magazine website. I'm sure it'll be an interesting hour for Adventure Blog readers.

Good luck to Julian and Gigi on their first show.