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Video: Joshua Tree - More Than Just A Park

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most spectacular landscapes that I've ever had the honor of witnessing. It is a wild place filled with rolling desert, immense rocks, and a surprising amount of wildlife. The essence of Joshua Tree is captured oh-so well in this video, which was shot as part of the More Than Just Parks Project, in which filmmakers Will and Jim Pattiz have embarked on a journey to create a short film documenting every national park in the U.S. Beautiful and haunting, this clip will definitely put Joshua Tree on your list of must visit places.

MTJP | Joshua Tree from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.

Video: Ingress - Transitions in Joshua Tree

This short, but very beautiful, video was shot in Joshua Tree National Park and features some stunning transitions from various time periods throughout the day. The movement of shadows and light across the landscapes are wonderfully displayed in timelapse, giving viewers a nice sense of the place. If you have never been to Joshua Tree, it should be on your list of National Parks to get to at some point. It is a lovely place filled with opportunities for adventure.

Ingress – Beginning of a Transit from [email protected] on Vimeo.