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Video: Don't Go to Iran (But Really, You Should!)

This video is here to smash stereotypes. The title tells us not to go to Iran, but the words don't match the visuals you'll see on screen. The 3.5 minute clip shows us all of the great things there are to see and do there, and gives us a glimpse at the people that live in this historically and culturally rich nation. Don't believe everything you hear about Iran. Go and see it for yourself.

Don't go to Iran from Tolt on Vimeo.

New Film Takes Us on an Iranian River Adventure

Way back in March of this year I told you about a new documentary that was in the works. The film followed the travels of U.K. adventurers Tom Allen and Leon McCarron as they traveled through Iran, following the Karun River from source to sea. The duo traced the origins of the river to the Zard Khu mountains, and then followed its entire length to the Persian Gulf, covering some 720 km (450 miles) on foot, packraft, and bike.

Along the way, they discovered a country that was not at all what they expected. The Iranian people were warm and inviting, greeting Tom and Leon with respect and friendship. This runs counter to the way the country is often portrayed in the media, particularly as Iranian leaders clash with the West on some fundamental political issues. But the Iranian people didn't let those geopolitical conflicts influence how they felt about their visitors from he U.K., and as a result they came to call the country the "friendliest place on Earth."

That film is now complete, and it was just released earlier this week through digital distribution on the Internet. You'll find more about it on the official website at You'll also find a list of screenings for the doc, as well as instructions on how you can host a screening of your own. Tom and Leon are hoping to show the film to as many people as possible, as they would like to use it as a vehicle to inform others about just how welcoming the Iranian people truly are. While they set out on a grand adventure, they discovered that their film was as much about the people of Iran as it was their own expedition.

Below is the trailer for the documentary. If you'd like to watch the entire video, visit the film's official website.

Karun: Misadventures On Iran's Longest River (Official HD Trailer) from Tom Allen on Vimeo.

Video: Karun - Following Iran's Longest River Source to Sea

In the spring of 2014 adventurers Tom Allen and Leon McCarron traveled to Iran where they hoped to travel the length of the Karun – that country's longest river – source to sea. The 500-mile (800 km) journey proved to be more than they had expected, offering both insights into the rich history and culture of Iran, as well as the warm and friendly people that live there. But there were also plenty of challenges along the way, including brushes with disaster along that could have spelled the end of the entire expedition.

The video below is a short teaser trailer that gives you a brief taste of what their Iranian adventure was all about. If you find the clip intriguing, you can jump over to where you can watch the entire 15-minute documentary for free. I think you'll find it is more than worth your time to catch the entire thing.

And if you like what Tom and Leon have done with this project, they are also trying to get their next one off the ground at Kickstarter. The duo is not only hoping to wrap up production on their film about Iran, but produce another one about a journey they made through Patagonia as well. Find out more by clicking here.

Karun: Official Trailer from Tom Allen on Vimeo.