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Everybody Need An Insurance Protection

Not only the employees alone, everybody need at Protection, along with the increasing competitiveness in the diverse range of businesses and professions, everyone involved needs to have its own skills to be successful.

The demands of work with maximum effort as efficiently as possible to be ideal in every field of business actors.

On the other hand, the more competitive services or products sold, the greater the chances of getting a wider market niche.

Success penetration services or products on the market by qualified professionals, always contains the risk of the unexpected.

We contemplate for a moment, the success of professionals in supporting the success of the sale of services or products on the market is always risky.

That is, there are many unexpected events and it can be bad behind the interrelated processes between products, production processes, and people involved in it.

Reflections it boils down to a protection mechanism that can protect anyone in any activity in which full of unexpected risks.

As a company, of course, preventive measures to ensure the safety of employees becomes very important for the future if things happen that are not desired, life insurance or health coverage as an umbrella to protect. And this is very much needed by all workers in the company.

Individually, anyone who buys a life insurance product will get protection from future events.
Not only the employees of one company, a merchant, for example, what would happen if in the midst of a sudden its stores on fire, and the incident casualties?

Or, what would happen if occur aircraft accident and the passengers are not protected by life insurance products?
How did the journey of family life following the tragic victims of the plane, if they do not get the protection of life insurance?

In corporative, the company has good management, it is definitely going to protect their employees, this is to protect the company from the emergence of the huge cost incurred when things happen unexpectedly, such as the case of an accident or death of an employee of the company.

Even for individuals who have their own businesses also still need a protection for themselves and for their businesses.
The diversity of the profession with the support of a variety of life insurance products will create a sense of comfort for the insured, while that which can be obtained as follows:

*First, the insured can work to its full potential without worrying about the risks that may arise as a result
of   the routine and the complexity of the profession that they do.
*Second, the families also can think calmly as he continued to hope that the insured can perform optimally and achieve a better career path from time to time.
*Third, if the insured is an employee of a company, which benefited the company where he works.

The corporative protection can reduce costs significantly when the company in question had unforeseen events during the running of the company's duties.
Or, if the insured is an entrepreneur or entertainer, he can get the maximum protection of unexpected events in the middle of the profession that they do.

For instance if an insured is committed to allocate some money to pay the premiums on a regular basis, it was moment also got the long-term benefit.

Life insurance and protection in it, should be part of the existence of a variety of professions, so they are protected financially from the unexpected.

Description above proves that diverse professions require any protection.
As a note, as a professional, whether employees, employers, or the entertainer take out life insurance products, there are actually people nearby who also enjoy the effects of such protection, the husband, wife, or children in question is called the insured or expert inheritance, which will be beneficial for the survival of the family.
Thereby, despite the loss of a beloved family, but the benefits of life insurance is still obtained.

The Most Expensive Insurance Fraud Cases You Need To Know

There are 2 varieties of insurance fraud: soft and onerous. Soft insurance fraud is once the common person tries to pad their claim to get a little bit of additional payment money.

This often goes unnoticed by an insurance company so it’s hard to tell just what quantity harm it really causes. However, one issues that's measurable is hard insurance fraud. Whether committed by an private or an organized crime group, it takes its toll on consumers and insurance companies. several of those criminals are caught as a result of such large sums of cash are involved and a lot of money.

The following 11 insurance fraud scams aren’t your typical insurance fraud scams along they have enough money to take care of several small countries. Forget faux whiplash claims — these cases of insurance fraud make those apear as if kid play. Here are just some of the worst insurance fraud cases of all time and the pricetag of each, most involving the exact people you wouldn’t expect it from, like doctors, lawyers, and even insurance professionals themselves.

11 Insurance Fraud Cases

1.Hospital Corporation of America Healthcare Fraud: $631 million
   In many of these cases, it’s the insurance company being defrauded, but in the case of the Hospital Corporation of America, it was you and me. This was a network of hospitals that handled a large number of Medicare cases in the 1990s. Just like the average Joe who needs an extra $200 from his claim, HCA lied a little here, a little there, and what a tangled web they weaved. Before anyone noticed, they’d racked up more than $600 million from fraudulent claims, paid by taxpayers. HCA paid $2 billion in civil lawsuits. Insurance fraud affects everyone that isn’t involved. The actions of just a few can have a far-reaching effect. As a prosecutor so appropriately said at one point in the Unity Outpatient Surgery case, the severity of insurance fraud is comparable to stealing $50 from everyone in Orange County, Calif. — which also happens to be the amount all of the Real Housewives of Orange County have spent on ways allowing them to be “fraudulent” in their own way. Compared to these cases though, there’s not much there’s not one thing fraudulent about them.

2.Rabbi Sholam & National Heritage Insurance Company: $450 million
   Big city. Big lights. Big crime. New Yorker Rabbi Sholam Weiss of Brooklyn was responsible for the biggest insurance company collapse due to fraud ever. Weiss sharpened his skills as a con man with his own personal business, but when opportunity knocked, Weiss answered. With several other business owners and lawyers, a team of con artists bought National Heritage and took it for all it was worth. After authorities became suspicious, an investigation was launched, but Weiss fled the country. Fortunately, he was found and is now serving 845 years in prison — the longest sentence ever given for a white-collar crime. Big sentence in the Big Apple.

3.‘Russian Mike’ the Poker-Playing Auto Insurance Fraudster: $275 million
   “Russian Mike,” or Mikhail Zemlyansky, was a great poker player, but apparently had a horrible poker face. It certainly wasn’t his game either, and when he decided to try his hand at insurance fraud, the odds were stacked against him. Taking advantage of the no-fault automobile law and employing doctors and lawyers, multiple claims were submitted for unneeded tests and procedures. Personal injury lawsuits also helped the team gain money but NYPD undercover officers were the beginning of the end, with Zemlyansky folding.

4.National Medicare Scam with Fake HIV Clinics: $250 million
Another Medicare scam that swept the country cost millions of dollars and involved doctors, nurses, and medical professionals — you know, those people who take a Hippocratic Oath? A national scam, it affected most major cities, and in Detroit, scammers even developed fake HIV clinics. People came in and paid for care that couldn’t even help them, continuing for months. The scam was eventually shut down and numerous individual cities prosecuted the criminals.

5.Martin Frankel & Liberty National Insurance: $200 million
   Martin Frankel was determined to do things a little differently and wanted to be a trendsetter. Instead of committing insurance fraud the old-fashioned way, he thought he’d found a foolproof way to commit fraud — he just outright bought the insurance companies he used to scam policyholders with. He promised policyholders he’d turn their portfolios around to give them better returns, but instead, he just took their money and turned it into money in his own pockets. He placated the others with false reports until state regulators became suspicious. Frankel had been using Liberty National as a front for his cash holdings and was eventually put in prison where he now only sees the lock on his jail cell turned.

6.Unity Outpatient Surgery Center Health Insurance Scam: $154 million
   Talk about unity. In the Unity Outpatient Surgery Center scam, a group of people worked together to bill medical insurance companies for $154 million. The participants recruited more than 2,500 healthy people and convinced them to have surgeries they didn’t need, and afterwards the patients would receive cash payments. The thread began to unravel as several surgery centers were charged with fraud, and once investigations started, charges were filed.

7.Health Care One, United Benefits, & Consumer Health Benefits: $100 million
   Health insurance is a huge target for insurance scammers as it offers high limits and a multitude of various claims that can be filed. They may say three’s a crowd, but the three companies that took advantage of many families apparently had no problem working together. This trio ended up earning more than $100 million. The three companies, Health Care One, United Benefits, and Consumer Health Benefits, told their customers they were buying major medical insurance when in fact, they only gave them medical discount cards, similar to those you can pick up at the corner of Happy and Healthy (aka Walgreens). When customers finally received medical bills that hadn’t been paid for at all, the scam was revealed, but to this day, nobody has been arrested and although the victims still have to pay, they haven’t started to yet.

8.Houston Mortgage Insurance Fraud Ring: $40 million
   In 2007 in Houston, Texas, eight people thought it would be a good idea to commit mortgage insurance fraud. It took a team of real estate agents, loan officers, homeowners, and 300 homes to do so, but the super-sized crime ring managed to pull it off — for a while. The Houston-based FBI mortgage fraud unit finally caught on to their schemes, and they were subsequently charged and put behind bars, where they no longer have to worry about mortgages.

9.Michael Petronella & Devon Kile in Workers Comp Fraud: $38+ million
   It’s pretty expensive to live anywhere in California — you pay big time for that sunshine and nice weather. It must have been too expensive though for two men responsible for the biggest workman’s comp insurance fraud case in California. Michael Petronella and Devon Kile were able to enjoy the money for a little while, running three companies which allowed them to file multiple bogus claims. Additionally, they didn’t report an accurate number of employees, and underreported their income for several years. Because of that, they enjoyed quite a few homes and expensive cars, and it also paid for the ultimate getaway — prison.

10.Dr. Jorge Martinez & Health Insurance Fraud: $12 million
    Dr. Jorge Martinez was a dirty physician, plain and simple. By submitting false claims for prescription drugs and expensive tests that he never prescribed or performed, Martinez attempted to collect $60 million from insurance companies. Poor Dr. Martinez only managed to get $12 million, but it was still insurance fraud and still significant at that. According to his claims, he was seeing 100 patients per day. Now he’s only seeing bars and cellmates.

11.Tamiami Medical Supply Inc. & Medicare Fraud: $7.4 Million
    Federal programs are often taken advantage of by those looking to skim a few dollars off the top and Justo Padron was doing just that. His medical supply business, Tamiami Medical Supply Inc. was abusing the system and once authorities caught on, he had scammed Medicare out of $7.4 million. He was caught by police while burglarizing a vehicle and they chased him into an alligator-filled lake. His body was found the next day. He must have known crocodile tears wouldn’t get him out of that one.