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You have to buy insurance for his adolescence?

Your steps out in the world, stepped into the brilliant of his youth? Is the dream? Let's live. Let's go a lot. Please arrive a lot of strange lands. But let's do our best and try to learn. If not, you will long regret. Youth at the very short, if any rong play without your "reserved"-the knowledge, capital, career life. I would just like a boat sailing on the sea, without a clear direction, and don't know when I will run out of fuel, would have to stop, would have worried and helpless look attractive life passed out there.

Still the stain in the life insurance sector

The life insurance contract is the contract type is the State governing body most closely controls, create the trust for customers. Life insurance are fast growth and increasingly portrayed the role in the lives of every family and the whole economy. However, the fact remains there is the "stain" in the operation of this special field. Special san panoramic insurance market has had meetings with Mr. Phung Dac Loc, General Secretary of the Vietnam Insurance Association, Director of the Foundation "for a better life," Dai-ichi Life Vietnam.

Still the stain in the life insurance sector

Life insurance don't miss time from Facebook

In the context of the movement using the social networking site, Facebook is blooming, the insurance company has to make the most of this channel to interact with customers, business service products, insurance services. At the forefront of the trend to use social networking to moving closer to the customer is as insurance companies Generali Vietnam, Chubb Life or Manulife Vietnam ... "Using social networking sites such as Facebook to interact with customers is hard sexual trend of enterprises in General and life insurance companies is no exception. In addition to sharing information in order to help customers better understand the product, it is also a channel bring more potential customers for the insurer, "one industry expert said.

Life insurance don't miss time from Facebook

The insurance industry witnessed the storm new service models

InsurTech wave more likely will change the way the traditional activities of the insurance industry. Vietnam insurance industry will soon receive the "Storm" starting a business in providing the services, distribution channels and the new value chain to connect the industry with clients. The continuous growth of the insurance industry in the market of Vietnam in the past have created conditions for the many related service model development. For example, after the Labo, the company provides financial services, or may be viewed as the company's first life insurance in Vietnam officially launched, markets prepare to add a professional brokerage firm Secondly, ability will have many more different faces.

The insurance industry witnessed the storm new service models

Reason Prudential led the top 10 life insurance companies in credibility?

Prudential life insurance company of Vietnam (Prudential) honored with the award of Top 10 life insurance companies the prestige in 2017. Where is the reason to this insurance company continues the second on this list and leads the list this year? Prudential Insurance Agent to pay insurance benefits customers in Hung yen. With this award, Prudential Insurance continue to affirm front-runner in the field of life insurance, through the specific criteria such as: strong financial capacity; Media credibility on the mainstream media channels; Customer satisfaction with products and services of the company, and reviews of the experts of the company's position in the industry. The award also noted the positive contribution of Prudential for the growth of the insurance industry in particular, create a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Vietnam's financial market in General.

Reason Prudential led the top 10 life insurance companies in credibility?

10 silly errors that driver's insurance does not indemnify

According to the latest research by uSwitch, the British Insurance Association 2/3 of the driver in you have to give up her purse to pay some "silly", not in terms of the insurance contract table. uSwitch said, an insurance company can refuse to pay the cost of the crash, when they discovered the error immensely "absurd" and not in the rules insurance contracts. In every country, every insurance company, service packs have different rules. So, when taking any insurance package, drivers need to be cautious to read clearly the content, should ask the staff to answer your questions right the time decided to purchase it. Bring sandals, high heels are the common errors are not insurance when the incident occurred. Here are 10 common errors, silly that most motorists in the UK in particular and some drivers in other countries generally:

10 silly errors that driver's insurance does not indemnify

The benefits of taking out medical insurance for people with HIV/AIDS

Question who hiv aids in the district have access to clinical services through the fund for health insurance health insurance answer according to mr le quang son director of the center for hiv aids of vinh phuc province there are many reasons why people hiv aids do not have access to health insurance card such as hiv aids people yet understand the benefits of health insurance card practices many people infected with hiv aids live no household no stable residence should not be entitled to the support of health insurance policies especially with the psychological fear of being stigmatized so many hiv aids not part of health insurance.

The benefits of taking out medical insurance for people with HIV/AIDS

Combined insurance investment, why not?

The desire to accumulate from the present life to all happily in the future is always the practical needs of so many families. To comprehend that, Nam A Bank has partnered with FWD aims to offer the comprehensive insurance solution for families. These products have been studied and carefully selected to maximize benefits, helping you and your family peace of mind enjoy life right from today. Investing in education for children from small. Understand the importance of investing in education for the child from the baby, A Bank has partnered with FWD gives customers a new educational products reaching as far as The FWD a practical gift for your child, help your baby always firmly in the future.

Social insurance, pensions high low close

The policy adjustment is according to the needs, the interests of workers to fund safer BHXH, asymptotic to the world. It is the reflection of the representative enterprises foreign investment at the Conference dialogue on policy of social insurance (BHXH), medical insurance, unemployment insurance business with foreign investment in Vietnam in 2017, in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, on 16-6.

Social insurance, pensions high low close

From the year 2018, the salary is defined as a base of social insurance premiums?

You read the question: From the year 2018, how to determine salary based on 1/1/2018 from complying with labour in the business will be like? The allowances would be calculated in the total cost of social insurance premiums? Social insurance district leverages the solution to reform administrative procedures. Photo: Duong Ngoc/VNA. In this regard, the social insurance of Vietnam said:

Status control wasteful medical insurance fund

Social insurance (BHXH) Vietnam has just warned the increase in extraordinary cases lasted on the examination, treatment, cure, causing waste to fund health insurance (HEALTH INSURANCE). A number of solutions to control this condition was given but the deployment still difficult if not already have standard examination and treatment procedures as well as unified regulating average number of days a treat. Dialysis for kidney disease people cycle the side at Vietsovpetro Medical Center.

Status control wasteful medical insurance fund

Slow fish vessel insurance element of the population pay compensation

Fishing vessel steel shell of he Wu Le Sang (h. Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh) damaged the're waiting Pjico consider compensation. 12.8 days, Department of agriculture and rural development of Binh Dinh said to 7.2017 last month, the province has 9 cases of ship owners to purchase insurance at insurance company Petrolimex (Pjico) but when the accident then slow compensation company. Fisherman claims to court. The couple he and Ms. Nguyen Thi Phi (in Primary 1, Friendly country Tan Quan, Hoai Nhon, Binh Dinh q.) has submitted the petition Pjico 1.5 billion claim for PTT fishing vessel sank TS 96763. Does the Court have the notice and will open the trial in September.

Slow fish vessel insurance element of the population pay compensation

Why Customer Service is Important

There is very little talk about why you should consider customer service when looking for a car insurance company.  If you sign up for a new policy on the internet you may go several months without thinking about the type of company you signed up with.  Eventually this will change quickly the day you run into problems on the road.  This could be from someone hitting you on the road or even an accident when your parked car is hit.  At this point it will be more evident as to why customer is important with your car insurance.

Not All Companies are the same

There are many variables as to why you will see differences when comparing customer service.  One of the primary factors relates to the resources that are dedicated in serving customers.  This can translate to how many trained; experienced customer service representatives are available to answer phone calls.  If a company is experiencing a high level of turnover you may be stuck with someone who can’t effectively help you with your problem.  A good starting point to evaluate customer service is how many resources is an insurance company dedicated to servicing questions and claims.  What other areas can be looked at?

How your State Insurance Office can help

With car insurance being regulated by state insurance offices, there frequently is valuable information your state insurance web site will provide on insurance companies registered to do business where you drive.  Whenever a car owner files a complaint against an insurer it will typically end up at the state insurance office.  In addition, the state will monitor how each company is following the regulations for fair practices.  If an insurer is not compliant the insurance office will keep track of these violations and frequently will post a summary of the total violations of each company on their web site.  By spending a few minutes on your state insurance web site, you can get an idea of who customers are complaining about and which insurers are not following the rules of the state.

Look at the Business Model

Another good way to see which company will provide solid customer service is to look at the type of business model they are operating under.  Generally you will see 2 forms of an operating model.  The first is a direct sales model where the insurance company will sell insurance directly to the customer.  A good example of a direct business model can be seen with Geico.  Geico operates with a small amount of local business offices and is able to keep their overhead down because of this.  Most of their support will come over the phone and you will not deal with a direct sales agent for your account.  The second type of business model is where you deal with an agent directly.  This is typically the person who signed you up for your policy and is the person you can speak with if there any questions.  Examples of these companies are Allstate and State Farm.  These companies will typically have a local dedicated agent assigned to support you.  If you have an effective agent this is an excellent way to make sure you are being served effectively.  Make sure you understand how your insurer is setup to help understand how you will be supported.

In Summary

In summary, it will help to spend extra time looking at the insurance company you plan to go with.  A company like State Farm and Allstate may be a good choice if you want an established agent that is familiar with your policy.  If want to save money on your premiums and take a chance on customer service it may make sense to go with a company operating under a direct sales model.

Employment Insurance Benefit - to get a Better Culture

Employment insurance - Employment Insurance Benefit is really a program, giving income help for a certain time period. It really is given to those who are employed, however has an extended gap involving unemployment thanks to health problem as well as pregnancy or perhaps guardianship, or to someone that is taking proper care of an immediate member of the family on the verge of demise. The benefit involves regular salary, which can match the basic requirements of life. It is also for anyone, who are work hunting and they are unable to get a job for a specific period of time. The program usually occurs under interpersonal security plan, which is type of social insurance for your needy folks order to stop hunger as well as poverty. This kind of ultimately can be useful for creating a much better society if they won't have any benefit and then there are more likelihood of them turning out to be a risk to the community in order to accomplish their simple needs.

Employment insurance

Membership for Employment Insurance Profit

  • There are certain standards to be eligible for Employment Insurance advantage, which includes: One particular shouldn't have forfeited their employment as a result of his/her misconduct however due to depression or the bankruptcy proceeding of the corporation. 
  • One should have the particular evidences that she / he have been trying to find work strenuously. They will need to have to show papers to prove that will. 
  • One must have paid out the payments in their Employment Insurance consideration, while they have been working. 
  • One provides to meet the requirements established by diverse states with regards to their pay and dealing hours.

The aforementioned reasons make person entitled to the benefit, that's 36% of their regular weekly shell out. The insurance pays weekly which is withdrawn just after one month anybody gets a new career or is from the financial as well as personal situation. You need to ensure that you submit a suitable application to your current state's joblessness agency and yes it usually takes a fortnight to get your every week payments.

Read Also: Auto Insurance Quotes

Every single good thing is sold with some negatives too along with Employment Insurance benefits have experienced this situation at the same time. A lot of scams or misuse has also been current since the kick off of this system. Many people present fake files and never try to find work, which can be considered to the most important abuse on this benefit. As a result, agencies watch these people along with continuously inquire to find a job or even sometimes also aid them through arranging interview for them. That’s all about Employment insurance.

Safe Your Family with CAR Insurance

This insurance for your life. This is Central Asia Raya (CAR) is one of the leading life insurance company in Indonesia and provide high service. In 2013 the Company had a net worth of more than USD 4.71 triyun with risk-based capital (RBC) of more than 120%, as well as the only life insurance company and the first won a Platinum Award from Infobank magazine on the predicate "very good" for 10 (ten) years in a row (1999 s / d 2008).

CAR Insurance

Global business competition is a challenge for the Company to become a leading life insurance company in Indonesia is not easy. The government is getting serious fix the financial institutions that collect public funds banking, securities, and insurance (life and general). The insurance market increasingly open, while the public is increasingly critical and understand the importance of the insurance world. The 2012 Law on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has been approved, the authority or regulator of financial services, especially insurance and non bank financial institutions other, on January 1, 2013 has been shifted from the Ministry of Finance to the FSA, and followed by the banking industry on January 1, 2014.

Central Asia Raya provides a variety of products tailored to customer need, Including is:
  • Individu: Insurance Products to Protect Personal and Family
  • Group: Insurance Products to Provide Comfort to Employees and Members Enterprises / Society In addition to Individual Insurance Products, Central Asia Raya Insurance also provide Life Insurance Products and Medicare set. With the aim to provide protection to the company from the financial risk associated with treatment / compensation for employees, or protection against creditors if there are debtors who died.
  • Bancassurance: Providing Certainty Credit Refund and Value Added Products Banking - Financial Services. Central Asia Raya Insurance has Bancassurance products, which in our sales activities to establish cooperation with the national banking or credit card issuing institution
  • Micro Insurance: Microinsurance product is an insurance product that is intended to allow all levels of society can have insurance at an affordable price. This product discount simple administration, can be obtained by any customer, economically and procedures of claims quickly and easily. CAR 2 types of micro-insurance market, namely as distributor microinsurance microinsurance SiPeci and dengue fever. SiPeci is a product of the mandate of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) through AAJI (Life Insurance Association of Indonesia) to create products to low-income people can have insurance as a mechanism of protection against financial risks faced. SiPeci motto smash the administration Simple, easy to get, Economical price, and immediately claim payment process.
  • Pension Fund: In an effort to maintain the continuity of income in old age requires a planning and effective and efficient handling in the form of Pension and Severance Program which is a program of new long-term savings and enjoy the results after participants or employees reaching retirement age. DPLK-CAR helps participants and the Company (employees) in the planning and implementation of programs Retirement and Severance Program thus ensuring the wellbeing of pensioners in old age.
  • Sharia: One base in CAR Insurance is Sharia, as a universal concept by promoting fairness based Syar'i.

Shareholder support is very important, especially in terms of capital, and this proved that the shareholders agreed to increase its paid-up capital of Rp 100 billion in 2008. Total paid up capital is in compliance with the provisions of the Government in the area of ​​insurance before the regulation was published. It is very important that the company has been anticipating changes in the regulation of the insurance industry.

Keep safe your life. For join with Car Asia Raya Insurance visit official website at here

Free Car Payment Insurance: What's The Catch?

If you are not sure about buying a new car because the job market looks shaky and your current job does not feel stable, is there any reason why you should take the risk of new-car-payment? One reason may be a car payment protection plan that is offered free of charge by the car makers such as GM (NYSE: GM), Hyundai (OTC: HYMLF) and Ford (NYSE: F).

How does it work?
When you lose your job in a way in which you will qualify for your state unemployment compensation program, your payment will be made for you up to a set amount and for a set number of months. However, if your salary is reduced and you can not afford the payment anymore, you're in luck with this program.

Just like warranty, payment protection must occur within a certain time period. For example, dealers can make the payments for six months or more if you lose your job within a year or two. The proper term is very varied and you'll want a copy of the terms in writing before you buy your new vehicle.

When Is It There?
Date of payment plans vary, but the protection plans are gaining popularity in the spring of 2009. However, as an incentive to buy a car, it can disappear and reappear at any time. Thus, you should always ask the car dealer if the feature is currently being offered.

How much does it cost?
These free incentives in addition to rebates and other incentives. You will not have to pay more for your car to get these services.

Is Payment Protection Plan Enough Reasons to Buy a New Car?
The plan may be reason enough to buy a new car with the following assumptions:

You are going to buy one anyway
You do not lose your job already
You feel comfortable that if you lose your job, you can find a new job within a set amount of months that was given to you before your payment should continue.
Caps on the amount of payments

Every car company that offers this deal may offer different payment cap. Something beyond the amount that you still have to pay while the insurance covers your payment. For example, say you buy a $ 30,000 car that you would pay in five years with interest of 6.5%: Your monthly payment will be $ 587. If the insurance payments covered up to $ 500 for each payment, you still have to pay the remaining $ 87 per the month when you are unemployed.

Alternative and Additional Commitments
Car insurance payments - if available - is a nice safety net, but that's no reason to get a car that almost did not in your budget right now. Not getting the highest price of the car you can afford. Getting a car that you can still afford even if other situations are not insured that occurred, such as payroll deductions or medical expenses that are not planned. There is also a lower cost alternative to buying a new vehicle.

Here are some alternatives to buying a new car for you to consider:
Low mileage used cars. If you can, consider saving money by buying a used car with less than 10,000 miles. Make sure you compare this cost with the final selling price after rebates and other incentives offered on new cars.

Keeping the car you have. If the car you have is a few years old and in good shape, figure out how much your car will cost you in repairs over several years by asking your mechanic.
Create your own payment protection plan. Even if your shiny new car is equipped with payment protection, it's a good idea to have a few months payment in case of saving your finances get tighter for any reason. Even if you decide to get a new car for a payment protection plan or other incentives, start putting extra money in your savings if you are having trouble making your car payment at a later date. If you are unable to do so because the new car payment will leave you short of money, ask about less expensive models.

Concentrating on Best Deal
You will have these vehicles far beyond the period of layoffs, so the interest rate and the minimum sale price is just as important as a payment protection plan. Shop around for the best deal but the best insurance plan payments. After all, would you really care if your payments are protected if you buy an expensive car and had a payment you can not afford right now?
Different names for the same thing

Each car makers that offer these programs will call it something different. Therefore, if you really want to know if a particular dealer to have the program explained to them that you are looking for help with a payment plan if you lose your job.

car payment protection plan can feel like a drug to stabilize woes buy your car. But it is never a good idea to buy a car you can not afford now and in the future. If you do not find a stable job and you want or need a new car, buy cars that cost less than the maximum you can afford. The worst and the best that can happen is that when your revenues start to rise again, you can trade your car purchase for you ever dreamed about.

When Should I Review My Life Insurance Policy?

Insurance policy may seem like a relatively easy decision one. In exchange for regular payments, the policyholder has the right to a lump sum when they died. These funds can be used to help cover the cost of the end and make sure any dependents are taken care of financially. Of course, the basic idea is made more complicated by the different types of policies available and different coverage options they include.

When to Review
life insurance needs often fluctuate from time to time as changes in individual situations. For example, young single adults may not need life insurance at all, while the married father of four may require a large life insurance policy to provide for his family when he suddenly died. There are many important life events which may be a need to explore buying life insurance or life insurance has the potential to change the existing requirements. (For more, see: Should You Buy Variable Universal Life Insurance?)

What is Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance also called Car Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Motor Insurance, or GAP insurance.
Auto Insurance is insurance purchased for road vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other. The function of this insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise therefrom.

Car Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Motor Insurance, or GAP insurance

The specific terms of auto insurance vary with legal regulations in each region. To a lesser degree auto insurance may additionally offer financial protection against theft of the vehicle and possibly damage to the vehicle, sustained from things other than traffic collisions.

If your vehicle struck down by a falling tree, stolen by a crook or totaled by a distracted driver, Do you have enough savings to repair or replace it?

Fortune, having car insurance means you don’t need a massive savings account to repair or get new car. auto insurance gives you protection against six types of risk and potential financial losses:
  • Bodily injury: Pays when you hurt someone in an accident or get sued for the victim’s injuries.
  • Collision: Will pays for damage to your car (minus your deductible) when you get into an accident, even if it’s your fault.
  • Comprehensive: Pays for damage to your car (less your deductible) caused by something other than a collision, such as fire, vandalism or a falling tree.
  • Property damage: Will pays for damage you do to someone else’s property, like damaging that person’s car or destroying that person’s fence or landscaping.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Pays when you or your passengers are hurt in an auto accident and may cover lost wages, medical bills and funeral expenses.
States and lenders have different requirements for the types of auto coverage and minimum amounts you have to buy. For instance, Texas requires drivers to carry insurance that pays at least $60,000 for injuries and $25,000 for property damage per accident.

However, if your financial damages exceed your car insurance coverage, you could be sued for the difference. So always make sure you have enough auto insurance coverage to protect your assets.

How much will car insurance cost?

When you purchase car insurance, the amount you’re charged (the premium) varies reckoning on factors such as your age, vehicle make and model, driving record and credit score.

Yes, that means if you’re young, have been in a few fender-benders or have poor credit, insurers may consider you more risky and charge you more than average drivers in your area.

The vehicle you choose to drive also determines the cost of your auto insurance. It probably won’t surprise you that family mini-vans cause fewer losses for insurers than fast, sporty cars. (Read “The 15 cheapest vehicles to insure” to learn more about cars and trucks with low insurance costs.)

Another important factor that insurers consider is where you live. For 2010, the average auto insurance premium in Washington, D.C., was $1,134. But in North Dakota it was only $529, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

The good news is that many insurers offer discounts.

This is difference Savings in Insurance with Bank Savings

This is difference Savings in Insurance with Bank Savings
When I was prospecting someone to offer insurance programs, there are some opinions and feedback from the prospect.

One is: What is the difference in saving in bank with savings in insurance?

Much difference if we save money in the bank on insurance, among others:
  • Banks do not provide protection for the life of the owner or customer accounts.
That is, with a customer in a bank, if one day the customer dies, the beneficiary or his family will only get a refund of the balance amount in the bank.

It's different if the client has opened an account at the insurance, if the customer dies, the heirs or family to get a sum assured plus the return on savings balances available.

  • If customers want to save money in the bank and want to hospital facility, the facility should normally be bought from an insurance company (bancassurance), so the cost to be incurred for the benefit of there being become larger.
How come? Yes, because the administration fee in addition to the customer in the bank, there are administrative costs in the insurance and the cost of hospital facilities.
If saving money on insurance, the benefits of the existing hospital be in addition to the monthly administration fee charged insurance companies, so customers just pay two times only

These costs should still be charged to the customer, which will be used for the company's operating costs, salaries, cost of electricity, cost of transportation, etc. ..... So do not expect anyone free of charge.
  • level of interest rates that given.

Introduction About What is Insurance

This is the first article in, before we discuss around insurance, of course, we should know what is the meaning of insurance.

In terms of definition, Insurance is coverage. Here there is an agreement made ? between the two parties, the insurer and the insured in a bond. Bond here is for the insured to pay the premium. The premium here is to pay money damages when the insured suffered a loss in one day, whether the loss is certain or uncertain

For the insurer it must provide a payment of money taken by insurance, such as life insurance (health or death) or insurance (fire, cars, homes, valuables, etc.).

While the definition of insurance in the broadest sense is an agreement between the insured and the insurer, to receive a premium to provide reimbursement to the insured for any loss, damage, or loss of expected profit or loss may be due to a certain event.

Thus, it can be concluded that the insurer is:
1. a treaty
2. There is a requirement in an agreement, which pays a premium
3. Reimbursement will be given to the insured by the insurer
4. It is possible that the events are not sure or do not necessarily happen

While the cost of insurance premiums is the prerequisite in the insurance agreement. Because without the premium will be no insurance.

Insurance permits people (individually), businesses and alternative entities to safeguard themselves against vital potential losses and money hardship at a fairly reasonable rate. we are saying "significant" as a result of if the potential loss is little, then it does not be to pay a premium to safeguard against the loss. After all, you'd not pay a monthly premium to safeguard against a $50 loss as a result of this might not be thought of a money hardship for many.

Insurance is suitable after you wish to safeguard against a major financial loss. Take life assurance as Associate in Nursing example. If you're the first wage earner in your home, the loss of financial gain that you justr family would expertise as a results of our premature death is taken into account a major loss and hardship that you ought to shield them against. it'd be terribly tough for your family to interchange your financial gain, therefore the monthly premiums make sure that if you die, your financial gain are replaced by the insured quantity. a similar principle applies to several alternative varieties of insurance. If the potential loss can have a prejudicial result on the person or entity, insurance is sensible.

Everyone that wishes to safeguard themselves or somebody else against money hardship ought to take into  insurance account. this might include:
  • Protective family when one's death from loss of financial gain
  • Covering contingent liabilities
  • Protective against the death of a key worker or person in your business
  • Shopping for out a partner or co-shareholder when his or her death
  • Protective your business from business interruption and loss of financial gain
  • Protective yourself against unpredictable health expenses
  • Protective your home against thievery, fire, flood and alternative hazards
  • Protective yourself against lawsuits
  • Protective yourself within the event of incapacity
  • Protective your automobile against thievery or losses incurred thanks to accidents
  • Etc.
OK. We think introduction about insurance was enough. Thanks for read this article