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Men's Journal Names the 25 Most Adventurous Women of the Past 25 Years

Here's another list for those of you who enjoy these articles. This time, it comes our way from the good folks over at Men's Journal, and it names the 25 most adventurous women of the past 25 years, giving us a look at a group of ladies who are tough, determined, and downright inspiring too.

Each profile of the ladies includes a few paragraphs about why they are deserving of a spot on the list, as well as a brief rundown of their noteworthy accomplishments. These women are explorers, pioneers, athletes, and activist, and in most cases they are all of those at once. I have written about the exploits of many of them right here on this very blog, with more than a few pulling off some of the most daring and impressive accomplishments we've seen in the outdoor world.

So who made the cut? As usual, I won't spoil the list too much, but I will reveal a couple of the women who earned a place on MJ's honor roll. That list includes the likes of polar explorer Sarah McNair-Landry, Nepali climber Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, and Appalachian Trail hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis. They're joined on the round-up by filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow and mountaineer Melissa Arnot Reid, just to hame a few.

To find out who else is part of this hall of fame, and to learn more about the ladies mentioned above, check out the full article by clicking here. Chances are, you'll come away with a few new heroes to follow and a lot of respect for some of the most impressive women who are out their pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Video: Mountain Hardwear - Limits Unknown

This short clip is a teaser for a new ad campaign coming our way from Mountain Hardwear this spring. It features some wonderful shots of MH athletes doing their thing in remote areas of the world, with some motivational narration that will get you ready to head out and explore not just our planet, but your own personal limits too. Over the past few years, Mountain Hardwear has strayed a bit from its mission, but the team that is currently there is working hard to get things back on track. I'm a big fan of the company's gear, and I really like what they have in store for us. They are currently cranking out some of the best, most innovative products in the industry, and I think you're going to be appreciate what they will deliver to stores starting early in 2017. For now, enjoy this clip.

Mountain Hardwear - Limits Unknown from Tobin Sanson on Vimeo.

Share Your Inspiring Outdoor Story with Outside TV, Win Big Prizes!

Do you have an inspiring story to share? Looking for a good outlet to do just that? The Climb to the Summit contest from Outside TV just might be what you're looking for. Not only does it give you a platform to tell your tale, you'll also get a chance to appear on the television network, not to mention some great prizes that include a trip to Whistler and a $5000 gear shopping spree.

Entry into the contest is easy and straight forward. Simply visit the Climb to the Summit website, fill out the entry form, and upload a video that is 30 seconds to two minutes in length, that tells your personal story. Then, share your entry on social media, getting your friends and family to vote for your short film. Those votes will count towards the final tally, which will also include a panel of judges who will score the entries based on creativity and storytelling.

The contest runs from June 22 to August 16, after which the winners will be chosen. The grand prize for the contest includes a 4 day/3 night VIP skiing experience in Whistler, British Columbia, as well as a $5000 shopping spree courtesy of Mountain Hardwear. That seems like something worth going for.

Find out more, and enter the contest, by clicking here. And checkout the video below for some insights. Good luck!

Video: Vote for the 2016 Nat Geo Adventurers of the Year

Even though the official slate of National Geographic's 2016 Adventurers of the Year were announced back in November, there is still one prize left up for grabs. The coveted People's Choice Award is given out based on a fan vote that is conducted online, and with less than a week to go before the polls closed, you still have a chance to help decide who will go home with this honor.

This video serves as an introduction to these amazing men and women, and it is filled with Nat Geo's customers great imagery too. Take a peek at this year's class of adventurers, then head over to the NG website to cast your vote for who you feel is most deserving. Voting runs through January 31st, and the ultimate winner will be announced in early February.

Video: A Kayaking Expedition to Chile

This short film takes us deep into the Chilean wilderness on a kayaking adventure along a remote river. It begins by first taking a look at everything the paddlers must first go through before they ever reach the water, traveling great distances and working very hard before they ever even see their objective. But once they river is in sight, they understand why they have put such an effort into reaching that place, and the payoff comes with a sense of joy and accomplishment. Beautifully shot, and narrated, this is a video that isn't just about going on an adventure, but "why" we are driven to do so. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Kayak film 'Why?' from Leeway Collective on Vimeo.

Video: Earth is Our Home

We'll end this week with this wonderful video which remind us that the Earth is our home, and we need to take care of it. This short clip comes just as the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris starts to wrap up, with many participatory nations pledging to address global warming at long last. There is a lot of work to be done in this area, but if we're going save our home, we need to get started now. Take a look at this video, and realize what we have at stake.

Video: Go Anywhere!

This video strings together some amazing clips of nature, landscapes, and scenes from the world around us to convey the simple message that we should get out there, live our lives, and pursue our passions. It is a stunning visual source of inspiration that will leave you wanting to get up off your chair, get outside, and go visit that place you've always wanted to see or do that thing that you've always wanted to do. Life is short, take advantage of it while you can, and don't let any opportunities for adventure pass you by.

Go Anywhere from Story & Heart (Licensing) on Vimeo.

Video: Go Seek - An Ode to Exploration and Adventure

When I first started The Adventure Blog oh-so many years ago, one of my goals was to hopefully inspire others to get outside and seek adventures of their own. That seems to be the case with this video as well, as it encourages us to  not let the opportunity for exploration pass us by. But instead, we need to look for those opportunities and seize them when they come our way. That message is hammered home in beautiful fashion with some fantastic landscapes that simply beg to be explored. Go seek your adventure, and the rewards will be more than you could ever imagine.

Go Seek // By Live Unbound from LiveUnbound on Vimeo.

Video: Climbing Kilimanjaro with 12-Year Old Lilliana Libecki

Today's dose of inspiration comes our way courtesy of Goal Zero and 12-year old Lilliana Libecki, daughter of professional climber Mike Libecki. In this video, the father-daughter team travels to Africa – Lilli's seventh continent – to climb Kilimanjaro together. Afterwards, they also lend a hand to a local orphanage, helping to install solar panels and lights to improve the conditions there. The entire project was Lilli's idea, from climbing the mountain to assisting at the orphanage, proving once again what we can accomplish when we set out minds to something. The 6+ minute video also provides some excellent shots of Kili itself, and shows prospective climbers what it is like to go up that iconic peak.

The International Space Station Celebrates 15 Years of Exploration

Earlier this week the International Space Station (ISS), celebrated an important milestone. It was 15 years ago to the day that the orbiting science lab first went into operation, launching a new era of exploration and cooperation in space. Up until the ISS, space was just another place for the Cold War to continue, and the U.S. and Russia to square off against one another. But the space station was a place that was built to welcome everyone, and as a result five different space agencies have contributed to its construction and maintenance, and astronauts from 17 different nations have spent time aboard the station.

Construction of the ISS began back in 1998, with various stages being launched into orbit, or delivered there directly by the NASA's Space Shuttle. When it was completed, it became the largest man-made object in orbit, and it can often be spotted with the naked eye from the ground.

The ISS officially opened for business on November 2, 2000. That was when it was manned for the first time. Since than, it has been continuously occupied by scientists, researchers, and explorers, with a wide array of experiments taking place within its confines.

In an age when many people wonder why we spend any money on space exploration at all, the ISS has been a resounding success, not only for its scientific breakthroughs, but its demonstration of international cooperation as well. I am one of those people who supports NASA and future ventures into space whole heartedly, and see the space station as a launching pad of things to come. Hopefully that means an eventual return to the moon, and than on to Mars as well.

Human beings are natural explorers at heart, and while there are still plenty of things to discover right here on our home planet, the stars beckon as well. One day we'll go there, and we'll look back on these first 15 years of the ISS as a small – but important – stepping stone towards leaving Earth behind and setting out to explore new worlds. That might not happen in my lifetime, but it is comforting to know that future explorers will continue the legacy that we've set down for them.

So, with 15 years of service already complete, I salute the ISS and the men and women who have made it possible Here's to many more years of scientific advances and exploration.

Across Yellowstone on Horseback to Heal Deep Wounds

We all know that escaping into the wilderness can be an incredibly therapeutic thing. There is something about nature that not only calms us, but helps us to heal as well. That is the basis of a five-part series of stores that are currently being revealed on the National Geographic Adventure website, where a powerful tale is unfolding about how an adventure in the backcountry can heal deep wounds.

The story begins with Ray Knell, a former Green Beret who suffers with PTSD. Seeking peace and solitude, Ray decided he wanted to undertake a 1000 mile (1609 km) journey on horseback across Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana along the Continental Divide Trail. Before setting off, he consulted with horseman Ben Masters, who made a 3000 mile (4828 km) ride of his own to support wild mustangs. That effort was chronicled in the new documentary Unbranded.

Ray set out on his journey earlier in the year, but part way through the expedition his horse and pack mules ate poisonous plants that put their health in serious jeopardy. Fearing for their safety, the U.S. Army vet immediately had the animals pulled off the trail so they could recover. He then called Ben and asked for advice, with Masters saying he would lend him some horses to continue the trip, provided he could join Ray on a ride across Yellowstone.

Just as they were preparing to start that epic journey, one of Ben's friends took his own life, leaving the rancher heartbroken, bewildered, and with a lot of questions. It seemed that both men would have a lot of healing to do on the trail, and lots of time to think about the challenges that life can throw our way.

Thus starts the five-part series from Nat Geo, where two of the articles have already been published. The first part, which you can read here, sets up the story, going into further detail on the outline I provided above. The second part of the tale, which you'll find here, starts the wild backcountry adventure as Ray and Ben meet at last, and start their shared journey that will not only take them through the vast Yellowstone wilderness, but on the road to recovery as well.

The remaining three parts of the story have yet to be published, so bookmark the Nat Geo Adventure page and watch for more to come. This promises to be a great read, and one that will probably leave a deep impression.

Video: America's National Parks - Yeah, We're Beautiful

Yesterday the U.S. National Park Service released this fantastic video. It not only shares beautiful imagery from some of the amazing landscapes that make up America's national parks, it also tells a tale of why those places are so important, and how they are part of fabric of this country. The video also emphasizes and celebrates diversity, and tells us exactly how important that is to the national parks as well. As the Park Service prepares to celebrate its 100th year, this is a good reminder of what that organization stands for, and how it benefits us all.

Video: Lose Yourself in Nature and Adventure

This video is a reminder to all of us of the importance of getting outside, communing with nature, and finding our own adventures, wherever they might take us. It is filled with amazing images from the world around us, including mountains, hills, and streams. But it is the words of the narration that will hopefully stick with you long after you've watched the three-and-a-half minute clip. Those words urge us to explore our planet, and they are wise words indeed.

Lose Yourself from The Monday Mountaineers on Vimeo.

Video: Trailer for An American Ascent

In June of 2013, a team of of all African-American climbers traveled to Alaska to climb the highest peak on the continent – Denali. That team would be the first of its kind on the mountain, and hoped to inspire others to follow in their footsteps in seeking outdoor adventure. A documentary film was made about that expedition called An American Ascent, and it is currently screening across the country. The video below is the trailer for that film, and will certainly give you the gist of what it is about. It will also compel you to seek out the film for yourself. Hopefully this comes to Netflix, as I'd very much like to see the whole thing.

An American Ascent - Film Trailer from Distill Productions on Vimeo.

Video: In Current - Rowing the Grand Canyon

This video isn't just about rowing a boat down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. It is also about pursuing a dream. In order to earn a spot on the crew of a dory boat in the Canyon one must first pay their dues. That can take years to accomplish, and requires a great deal of experience. For Amber Shannon, the subject of this short film, it has been a nine year struggle toward achieving her goal of joining the team on the dory. This documentary shares that experience, along with what it is like to explore the Grand Canyon in a small wooden boat. Amazing stuff.

In Current from YETI Coolers on Vimeo.

92-Year Old Woman Becomes Oldest to Complete Marathon

Looking for a dose of inspiration before your run today? Then check out Harriet Thompson of Charlotte, NC. This past weekend, 92-year old Harriet became the oldest woman to complete a marathon when she crossed the finish line at the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Harriet completed the event with a time of 7:24:36, which was more than two hours faster than the next oldest woman to finish a marathon. According to Runner's World, back in 2010, Gladys Burrell ran the Honolulu Marathon in a time of 9:53:16. At the time, she was 19 days past her 92nd birthday, which is 74 days younger than Harriet. 

The grandmother of 10 isn't new to running. This is actually the 16th time she has completed a marathon, running each of the Rock 'n" Roll races in San Diego over the years, save the 2013 even when she was battling cancer. She even olds the marathon record for 90-94 age group, which she set last year with a time of 7:07:42. That's pretty impressive all things considered. 

Harriet says that she has no intentions of slowing down either. She says she'll be back for future races as long as she can continue to run. Hopefully that will be for many more years to come, as I'm sure she serves as a great inspiration to many people who are much younger than her. 

Think about Harriet the next time you're considering skipping a training run. If she's out there on the road putting in her miles, we can be too. 

Video: Get Out and Live Your Life!

This video begins like many of our daily lives begin. The main character drags himself out of bed to head into work, even though he is clearly reluctant to go – something we are all probably familiar with at times. But just as it looks like his day is about to be ruined, he is transported to the Italian Dolomites to go mountain biking instead. The clip features some great shots of the mountains, while our intrepid hero rides impressive trails that look like they would be a lot of fun. The message here is to get out and live your life. Find some adventure wherever you can, and don't always get caught up in the drudgery. You'll find it is more fulfilling that way.

Video: The Pale Blue Dot

Want to take a humbling look at our place in the Universe? Than watch this 4 minute animated clip which features Carl Sagan's famous "Pale Blue Dot" speech set to a series of images that help put his words into stirring context. Our planet is a small one, and really just a very insignificant place in the wide Universe. And yet, we still continue to have a hard time rising above our petty differences and just finding a way to get along. Sagan's words echo that sentiment so eloquently, and they hold as much meaning now as they did when he first wrote them more than 20 years ago. This Pale Blue Dot is our home, perhaps someday we'll all find a way to share it.

Pale Blue Dot from Chin Li Zhi on Vimeo.

Video: The North Face - Your Land

This video is a promo clip from The North Face, with a number of scenes of outdoor athletes doing their favorite activities, while strains of the song This Land is Your Land plays in the background. While that song has a decidedly American slant to it, the theme of the video is universal, as are the images that it evokes with outdoor lovers. This land belongs to you and me.

Video: Our Conquest - Inspiration for Exploration

Here's an inspiring short video that uses clips from a variety of sources, overlaid with John F. Kennedy's famous speech on why we must go into space, to inspire exploration. Many of the clips are from the early days of the space program itself, but some even include images of George Mallory on Everest as well. It is a good reminder of the importance of exploration, even in this day and age.

Our Conquest from we are gods on Vimeo.