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How to Reduce Swelling Acne Fast

How to Reduce Swelling Acne Fast

Acne, if left untreated for too long already, has some risks that can be generated. In addition to the risks that cause acne pus, other risks may arise yagn is the swelling of the acne. Swelling of acne is often the case because of the condition of acne may be less noticeable. Though germs and bacteria can easily develop in parts of the skin, so it will trigger the appearance of swelling in your acne.

Acne danger Swelling

How to Reduce Swelling Acne Fast
How to Reduce Swelling Acne Fast
Swelling of acne is of course will be adversely impacted. Here are some of the adverse effects likely to arise and also arise due to the swelling of acne:

Acne be broken and then remove the pus
Acne spread to other parts of the skin
Appears the pain and also pain
Severe acne that became larger and spread
If you do not want to experience things above, it is a good idea to perform a method that can reduce the swelling in your acne. Method to be used is of course a natural method that you can do by using ingredients in your own home. Here is how to reduce the swelling of acne:

1. Using Ice cubes

How to reduce the swelling of acne The first is to use ice cubes. Ice cubes will give a cooling effect that helps reduce swelling of pimples. This ice cube function equally well when used to compress the wound swelling. The trick is very easy, you just have to compress your acne by using ice cubes, so the swelling can diminamilisir.

Ice cubes can also be combined with other materials to:

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2. Using Salt Water

In addition to using ice cubes, the next way is to use salt water. Salt water can trigger killing of bacteria and germs that can cause swelling of your acne. The use of salt water can be accompanied by using lemon juice or lemon to make it more effective. All you have to do is simply wash and also wash your face with acne using salt water regularly.

The brine is also effectively used for:

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3. Using a special soap Acne

For those of you who do not want to bother looking for natural ingredients in your home, then you can also make use soap that contains anti-acne anti acne alias. Facial soap for facial acne treatment will help heal and cleanse your face of acne. Including will reduce the swelling in your acne.

4. Using garlic

How to reduce the swelling of the next acne is by using garlic. Yes, the benefits of garlic for acne have excellent properties to help kill germs and bacteria, and can help clean up the area around the face of acne. With the benefits then you can avoid acne swelling condition that can be dangerous.

How to remove acne with garlic is also very easy, simply by attaching a piece of garlic on your acne, then this will help reduce the swelling in your acne.

5. Applying olive oil

Other ways to prevent the swelling of acne is by using olive oil. How to remove acne with enough olive oil to rub it on your acne, while lightly massaging your acne. Remember, only a mild massage and not push up broke. This will help reduce the swelling in your acne if done regularly and well organized.

6. Using the egg white mask

Egg white is also one way of reducing the swelling of acne. How to remove acne with egg white mask stay applying only the egg white in the face with acne. Wait until a few moments, and then rinse with cold water or using salt water. Use egg whites on a regular basis and also regularly will help reduce the swelling on the acne. (See also: how to make an egg white mask)

Causes of Acne Much Happens

Acne is one of the most frequently feared and avoided by everyone, young people in particular. Acne itself is basically it comes naturally, especially when one is already a teenager, because it is the body's response to growth hormone growing in adolescence. However, it was the appearance of acne on each person is different, depending on skin type, the levels of hormones in the body and facial skin care and lifestyle of a person. Here are a few things can be the cause of acne:

Genetic factors and hormones
Irritation of pollutants and dust causes acne
Sensitive skin
Oily skin
Unbalanced nutrition
Conditions face dirty and not clean
Stress and depression
The effects of a particular treatment
Those are some things that can affect the appearance of the causes of acne on our face. Acne itself is basically will heal by itself. However, the length of the healing of acne itself is different in each person. In people who have the appearance of acne due to stress or depression, then the acne will be cured and is also lost along with the reduced stress experienced. For those who have a genetic disorder emmang about acne problem, it must require a very long time to recover from acne itself.

Therefore, comes a variety of ways and is also a natural method that can be done to help prevent acne. How to remove acne that even today are very diverse, ranging from the use of certain drugs, to the use of natural materials, such as masks. Diverse this method was not necessarily successful and have the same effect on each person, because a person's skin condition also different.

One way to reduce the swelling of acne like the above you can apply easily. Hopefully this article on how to reduce the swelling of acne can be useful as well as useful for you all ..