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Video: A Highliner Talks About Fear While Suspended 2800 Meters Up

This short, but beautiful video, takes us up to 2800 meters (9186 ft) as we join highliner Hayley Ashbury as she walks a thin rope across two spires on Torri del Vajolet, a peak located in the Italian Dolomites. While doing so, Hayley shares a quote from the book Dune by Frank Herbert about controlling her fear, something that seems very fitting considering where she is at in the clip. This is 90 seconds of pure terror wrapped up in an incredibly well shot video.

Highlining 2800m in winter.'Hayley'- 90 seconds about fear. (Dir. Stian Smestad Music by Nils Frahm) from Stian Smestad on Vimeo.

Video: New Highline World Record

This past weekend, Frenchman Théo Sanson set a new world record for the longest highline walk when he completed a 550 meter (1600 ft) traverse between Castletown and the Rectory in Castle Valley, UT. This video was shot on Friday, November 13 as he was training for the attempt, and as you'll see, it gives you a good look at the scale of what he was trying to achieve. During the practice round he slipped a few times, but on Sunday he managed to walk the entire line cleanly, setting the new distance mark in the process.

Highline from David E. Anderson on Vimeo.

Video: Highlining the Vajolet Towers in Italy

This video comes our way courtesy of EpicTV and features mountain athlete Hayley Ashburn as she travels to the Vajolet Towers in Italy to make one of the craziest highline attempts that you've ever seen. Hayley tries to walk a 50-meter rope suspended high above the ground, with some incredible scenery from the Dolomites providing the background. This clip will provide a bit of adrenaline, along with great looking mountains.

Video: Beautiful Highlining Short Film

Highlining is another one of those activities that I enjoy watching, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to try. Still, you have to admire the balance and control – not to mention nerves of steel – that these people exhibit while out on the rope. The video below captures some great shots of highliners doing their thing. It is brought to us by the talented team from The Bivy, a new group of adventure filmmakers who are just starting to share their work. It looks like we'll have another source for great adventure films in the future.