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Yogaslackers Win Expedition Idaho Adventure Race

Just a quick update this morning on the Expedition Idaho adventure race that wrapped up yesterday on Silver Mountain. After covering nearly 500 miles of rough terrain on foot, mountain bike, and kayak, Team Yogaslackers managed to hold off Team Peaked Sports for the win. It was a battle that came down to the wire, but the more experienced team edged out the locals, reaching the finish line with hundreds of fans cheering them on at the local Blues and Brews fest yesterday.

Heading into the race, the Yogaslackers were the prohibitive favorites, in part because of their years of adventure racing experience in big events. But the team had a difficult time shaking the local Idaho team, which raced efficiently throughout the week of the race. All of the other teams ended up having to be converted over to the "sport" course as they gave up time, and it became clear that they wouldn't be able to finish the full race. This left just the Yogaslackers and Peaked Sports to battle it out for the top spots on the podium.

With the race now wrapped up, event organizers will look ahead to next summer, when they'll launch the first ever Expedition Alaska adventure race. More details in that event will be forthcoming, but we do know that the field will be limited to just 20 team, who will be racing for seven days on what promises to be one of the most stunning courses in adventure racing history. Stay tuned for more info on that race as it develops.

Congrats to the 'Slackers on another great race. It was well deserved win.

Expedition Idaho Update: Two Teams Battle for the Win

This week, the Expedition Idaho adventure race has been taking place in the Coeur d'Alene region of that state, with coed teams of four going head-to-head over a course that is more than 450 miles (724 km) in length. The race, which got underway on Sunday, has featured some dramatic moments, but after five days of racing, it has come down to two teams battling it out for the win, with the pre-race favorites battling it out with a local team that is nipping at their heals.

According to a press release sent out yesterday by race management, Team Yogaslackers and Team Peaked Performance have been pushing each other to the limits almost since the race got underway. The Yogaslackers were the prohibitive favorites at the start of the race, but a sick teammate and several navigation errors have kept them from running away with the event. Meanwhile, Peaked Performance has put in a consistent performance, with few errors, to keep them close to their more experienced rivals. The two teams are expected to continue run neck-and-neck until the finish line on Sunday.

Most of the rest of the teams have been transitioned to the shorter "Sport" course, but continue to race in the event as well. The grueling route, which combines trekking, mountain biking, paddling, climbing, and a number of other disciplines, has taken its toll on the competitors, but they are pushing ahead towards the finish line none the less.

There are still two more days of racing ahead of the teams, and a lot can happen in that time. Considering that most of the racers have been running almost non-stop since the beginning, they are no doubt exhausted both physically and mentally. But, Expedition Idaho is known for its great finish, which sends teams across the finish line at the Blues and Brews Festival, where they will be greeted by 1800 fans cheering their arrival. It is a great way to wrap up the event, and adds some excitement and electricity in the final day.

Good luck to all the teams still racing. Hopefully they'll reach the finish safely. Enjoy the last few days of the race.

Expedition Idaho Adventure Race Underway!

After a three year hiatus, the Expedition Idaho adventure race has returned, and is now underway in the spectacular, and wild, landscapes of northern Idaho. The 7-day event features a course of nearly 500 miles in length that will challenge racers to trek, climb, mountain bike, and paddle, through some of the most rugged terrain in the American West, just so they can make their way to the most unique finish line in all of adventure racing.

The coed teams of four first took part in a prologue yesterday that would determine their starting positions. They began by first having to climb a water slide, while the water poured down upon them. If any member of the team slipped, and slid back to the bottom, the entire squad had to start over. Once they did reach the top, they then had to complete a lap on the "lazy river," running upstream against the current. This unusual start to the race was both fun, and challenging, for competitors.

The prologue helped to determined the starting order of the race, with the teams setting off from the Silver Springs Resort on the first trek yesterday afternoon. The race has now moved into its second day, and the contenders are starting to emerge from the pack. With six more days of racing to go, it is impossible to predict who will win at this point, but the race is shaping up to be a good one. While there aren't a lot of teams in the race, the field still contains some great athletes, who will be pushing themselves to the limit throughout the week ahead.

You can follow all of the action from the race on the Expedition Idaho Facebook page. You'll also be able to get live tracking updates on the team's position by clicking here. It should be a great week to race in Idaho, where the summer season has been a warm one. I'll post updates from the event throughout the week.

Gold Rush Adventure Race Postponed Until 2015 Due To Extreme Draught Conditions

Organizers for the Gold Rush Mother Lode adventure race, one of the premiere AR events held in the U.S. each year, has announced that it is postponing the 2014 race due to the extreme draught conditions in California. The event was scheduled to take place between September 10-14 in the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, but will not be rescheduled for next year.

As many of you probably already know, California is in the midst of one of the worse draughts in recent memory, and the danger for wildfires is at an all time high. In their announcement regarding the postponement, Gold Rush organizers point out, their last two races have been impacted by wildfires, and the possibility of that happening again is simply to high. Rather than risk endangering competitors, or having to reroute the course through areas they don't have permits for, the team behind the Mother Lode has elected to cancel this year's event, and refund all entry fees.

All is not lost however, as race organizers have announced that they are planning a 24-30 hour adventure race to be held on the weekend of September 13-14 instead. While it won't be as long, or tough, as the Mother Lode, it will give AR teams an event to compete in. Details are still forthcoming, so watch the Gold Rush website for an announcement.

Alternatively, my friends at the Expedition Idaho adventure race, which is scheduled to get underway in just ten days time, are offering Gold Rush teams a discounted entry if they can change their plans, and get to Coeur d'Alene in time for the event. Expedition Idaho returns for the first time since 2011, and it promises to be an excellent race for all involved. Admittedly, this is short notice, but the opportunity to run an expedition length race is there if your team can be flexible. Contact the ExpID team for details.

It's a shame that the Gold Rush Mother Lode won't be taking part this year, and hopefully conditions improve for its return next year. California is in a true state of emergency right now, and the danger for wildfires is incredibly high. August is likely to be a hot, dry month as well, which will probably only make things worse. Kudos to the experienced team behind Gold Rush for making the tough decision to postpone the race. That couldn't have been an easy choice to make, but it is definitely the right one.