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Lonely Planet Announces Best in Travel for 2016

The calendar may say there are still two months to go before the start of a new year, but it is never too early to start making travel plans for the year ahead. To that end, the team at Lonely Planet have announced their picks for the Best in Travel for 2016, spotlighting the top destinations that should be on our list for potential places to visit.

The list is broken down into several categories, including the Top 10 countries overall, the Best Value Destinations for 2016, and the Most Accessible Destinations to go as well. Top budget locations include places like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in Vietnam, as well as East Africa, which is still struggling to rebound following a downturn in the number of visitors due to the Ebola breakout in West Africa. Meanwhile, places like Barcelona, Spain and the Galapagos Island and Amazon region of Ecuador get a not for their accessibility to travelers.

Much of the attention from these lists will be given to Lonely Planet's choice for the top ten countries to visit, and rightly so. The list is made up of some amazing places, a number of which will be very alluring for adventure travelers in particular. Places like Greenland, Australia, and Uruguay all have plenty to offer, but the top spot – Botswana – is the one that personally calls to me the most.

One of the Lonely Planet lists that will be especially interesting to Adventure Blog readers is the destinations that are the Best Places to Test Your Survival Skills. Unique when compared to the other places that LP spotlights, this list consists of opportunities to truly get out into the wild in places that are incredibly demanding. Some of the experiences that earn a spot on this particular line-up include Bear Grylls Survival Academy in Zimbabwe and Bob Cooper's Outback Survival Course in Australia. Also making the list is Expedition Alaska, the adventure race that I spent a couple of weeks helping to organize and run this past summer. I can tell you that the team behind the race is excited to get this recognition, as we tried to truly put on an event that was tough, but fair for racers. We're hoping to do it again in 2017.

So, if you're looking for a bit of direction on where you should go in 2016, Lonely Planet should be able to help. There are definitely no shortage of options here.

2015 Expedition Africa Adventure Race Begins This Weekend!

One of the toughest adventure races in the world will get underway this weekend when 23 coed teams of four take to the starting line on Sunday to begin the 2015 edition of Expedition Africa. The race is the premiere AR event on the African continent, and a qualifier for the Adventure Racing World Championships to be held in Brazil this November.

As usual, Expedition Africa will be held in the remote and wild regions of Swaziland, a sovereign state found inside South Africa. This year's course will cover 450 km (280 miles) as the competitors run, ride, and paddle their way across the harsh, and unforgiving landscape. It is estimated that it will take the winning team approximately 72 hours of non-stop racing to reach the finish line, with the final teams taking as much as six days to complete the course.

There are 11 countries represented in this year's race, including teams from Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Israel, New Caledonia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. They'll be competing in a wide variety of disciplines that range from trekking and mountain biking, to climbing and white water rafting. As usual, navigation will play a key role as well. This year, the race has unfettered access to all regions within Swaziland, which means the racers can choose any route that they can find in order to reach Checkpoints and Transition Areas.

This year's field is a deep one, with talented teams from all over the world. Early favorites include Team Peak Performance from Sweden and home-town favorites Team Cyanosis and Merrell Adventure Addicts. Last year's winner – and eventual world champs – Team Seagate, aren't competing in Expedition Africa this year.

Once the race begins on Sunday you'll be ale to follow all the action at the Expedition Africa website, with news, race reports, and updates being posted regularly to as well.

Good luck to all the teams!