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Video: Climbing Brutal Routes in Moab

This beautiful video comes our way courtesy of my friends over at EpicTV. It follows rock climber Pat Kingsbury as he travels to Moab, Utah to take on some incredibly tough big wide crack routes in January. The climbing is difficult, the landscapes are beautiful, and the entire short film is great to look at. It also gives us a great sense of why Moab is such a popular place for climbers. There are just so many challenges there, with some of the most spectacular scenery in the entire American West.

Video: Flying Through the Trees at the Panamericano Mountain Bike Race

Ever wonder what it is like to be a mountain bike racer on a tricky downhill run? Than have a look at this video, which is a POV shot of Marcel Gutierrez taking part in the 2015 Panamericano Cota held in Colombia. To say there is little room for error would be an understatement as he blasts down a narrow trail at breakneck speeds, dodging trees all the way. This is scary just watching this ride, I can't imagine actually trying to do it myself. If you're looking for a shot of adrenaline today, this will certainly provide it.

Video: Meet Deaf Climber Andre Hedger

If you're looking for a bit of inspiration today than look no further than this video. It features climber Andre Hedger, who first started rock climbing at the age of four, but then lost his hearing at a result of meningitis at the age of five. Andre doesn't let his lack of hearing serve as an impediment to his goals however, and as you'll see in the video from EpicTV he is actually very active in helping to teach others both sign language and how to climb. Despite his busy lifestyle, he also finds time to continue his own training and tackle some challenging climbs of his own.

Video: Bouldering in Swaziland

South Africa is an amazing country for climbers, and over the past decade or so has become well known for its bouldering too. Apparently that reputation extends into nearby Swaziland as well, as this video takes us there to show us its amazing potential. The video was shot in the summer of 2014, when climbers Nalle Hukkataival and Jimmy Webb went to Swaziland to explore its climbing options for themselves. What they found was very impressive indeed.

Video: North America's 50 Classic Climbs Episode 3 - Yosemite with an Attitude

Mark and Janelle Smiley return with another episode of the "North America's Fifty Classic Climbs" series from EpicTV. This time out, they head to Colorado to take Black Canyon. They attempt a route called "Scenic Cruise" which holds a grades of 5.10. While that doesn't seem incredibly challenging, the  steep cliff walls and other difficult conditions in the canyon add a level of difficulty that puts it beyond that modest number. Watching the clip will make it abundantly evident as to why this is viewed as a "classic climb."

Video: Alex Honnold's Birthday Challenge

Last August, to celebrate his 29th birthday, Alex Honnold attempted to climb 290 pitches in a single day. This video follows along with him on that quest, as he spends 16 hours on the rock, completing more climbs in that period than most people do all year. If you needed further evidence that this guy is a machine, here it is.

Video: EpicTV Presents the Best Climbs of 2014

2014 may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't still look back and reflect on some of the best accomplishments of the year that has passed. Our friends over at EpicTV have compiled a short video that highlights some of the best climbs of the year. It features some outstanding efforts on some very tough routes, with a highlight reel to show these impressive climbers doing their thing.

Video: Rock Climbing in Israel is Illegal, Meet the Man Trying to Change That

I wasn't aware that rock climbing was illegal in Israel, but thanks to this video from EpicTV we get to meet the man who is hoping to change that. His name is Ofer Blutrich and he is working to raise awareness within the climbing community of the prohibition of the sport in his country. He freely admits that he knows Israel has a lot of other problems that it is facing, but he is trying to convince authorities there that repealing the ban on climbing could be good for the tourist economy, particularly since there are some good spots to climb there. It is an interesting story, and there are plenty of great climbing shots in the video as well.

Video: North America's Fifty Classic Climbs Episode 2 - Ancient Art

The second episode of the new climbing series from EpicTV entitled North America's Fifty Classic Climbs is now available, and this time we're following Mark and Janelle Smiley as they go up Ancient Art, 4-pitch climb that is rated a 5.1 difficulty. Located near Moab, Utah, this climb has an amazing finish, which you'll see in the video. The view from the top looks amazing, and the path to get there is not for the faint of heart.

Video: Wildlife Photographer Goes To Great Lengths To Get The Perfect Shot

Wildlife photographer Aaron Gekoski is use to spending days in the wild to try to capture unforgettable images of some of the world's most amazing wildlife. But what does he have to do to capture the annual sardine migration off the coast of South Africa? Just plunge into shark-infested waters to shoot an iconic image that will be good enough to make the cover of a magazine. Unfortunately, that proves much more difficult that he imagined, and we get an inside look at what these photographers must go through to get the photos they need.

This video kicks off an interesting new series called Fish 'n Tings at EpicTV and it promises to be a fascinating one to follow. The highlight of this clip is an impressive encounter with a massive whale.

Video: Climbers Weigh in on the Dawn Wall Climb

Now that the Dawn Wall climb is officially complete, EpicTV has spoken to a few other climbers to get their take on Tommy Caldwell and his relentless efforts to scale the toughest big wall on the planet. The video below provides some insight and perspective on that accomplishment, with top climbers sharing their thoughts.

Video: Hielo Y Fuego - Ice and Fire in Patagonia

For those of you who simply can't get enough adventure in Patagonia (and who can blame you!), we have a new video series that launched today at EpicTV entitled Hielo Y Fuego. In this first episode, Italian climbers Luca Schiera and Matteo della Bordella join Swiss mountaineer Silvan Schüpbach on an expedition to open new routes in the region. Their first goal? An 1800 meter (5905 ft) ascent of Aguja de la Silla over  mixed terrain.

If this first episode is any indication, this new series is going to be a good one to follow. Lots of great climbing and stunning scenery. Enjoy!

Video: Tommy Caldwell Talks Dawn Wall with EpicTV

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson's climb of the Dawn Wall is one of the biggest stories in the world right now – in or out of climbing. The two men are incredibly close to wrapping up what many have called the toughest climb in the world, and by this time tomorrow they may have found success at last. Prior to starting this expedition, Tommy sat down with the Climbing Daily crew from EpicTV and talked to them about the challenge of the Dawn Wall, which he has been exploring for more than eight years. That interview can be found in the video below, which also includes some amazing shots from Yosemite as well.

Video: North America's Fifty Classic Climbs - Episode 1: Fine Jade (5.11a)

Our friends over at EpicTV have just launched a promising looking new series of videos that will give viewers a glimpse of the North America's 50 Classic Climbs. The series will feature climbers Mark and Janelle Smiley, as they attempt to climb each of the routes in that classic book. These videos will allow us to come along for the ride.

In episode one, Mark and Janelle head to Utah to climb a sandstone tower on a 5.11a route called Fine Jade. While not an incredibly long, or difficult, climb, it does provide some solid challenges to get them started, while also providing some outstanding views of the surrounding landscapes as well.

This looks like it could be a fun new series, so be sure to check out future episodes here.

Video: ASICS "Outrun the Sun" Trail Running Challenge

Last summer, ASICS hosted an incredible tail running event that challenged two teams of endurance athletes to "outrun the sun" around Mont Blanc in Europe. The relay race started and ended in Chamonix, France but crossed through Italy and Switzerland along the way as well. Covering a total distance of 152 km (94.4 miles), the route took runners through some of the most mountainous terrain in the region, forcing them to climb a combined 8450 meters (27,723 ft) in the process. The event was held on June 21, the longest day of the year. With sunrise taking place at 5:44 AM and sunset occurring at 8:48 PM, they had roughly 14.5 hours to run the route while the sun was still overhead.

The video below, which comes our way courtesy of EpicTV, gives us a glimpse at this challenge. I won't spoil the final results, but lets just say it was a tough run with some impressive results.

Video: EpicTV Looks at the Three Weirdest Climbs of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, it is always fun to look back on the year that has just passed and reminisce about some of the amazing, wonderful, and just plain strange things that went down. In the case of this video, that means checking out the three weirdest climbs of the year, as decided on by our friends over at EpicTV. Check out their choices below and see if you agree.

Video: Highlining the Vajolet Towers in Italy

This video comes our way courtesy of EpicTV and features mountain athlete Hayley Ashburn as she travels to the Vajolet Towers in Italy to make one of the craziest highline attempts that you've ever seen. Hayley tries to walk a 50-meter rope suspended high above the ground, with some incredible scenery from the Dolomites providing the background. This clip will provide a bit of adrenaline, along with great looking mountains.

Video: Katabatic - Episode 3

EpicTV has released the third episode in their outstanding Katabatic series. These videos follow explorers Mike Libecki, Freddie Wilkinson, Cory Richards and Keith Ladzinski as they go into the Wohlthat Mountain Range in the Antarctic in search of unclimbed peaks. This is a part of the world that has seldom been visited in the past, and what these four men discovered there is almost completely uncharted.

In this episode, the team discovers a mountain that they decide they want to climb. It is a shark-fin peak that would be daunting in almost any environment, but in the Antarctic, where the weather can change in an instant, it turns into quite an ordeal. This is extreme exploration and adventure at its finest, at the Katabatic series is allowing us to watch it play out right before our eyes. Amazing stuff to say the least.

Video: Katabatic - Episode 2

A few weeks back, EpicTV launched a new video series entitled Katabatic. The series follows explorers Mike Libecki, Freddie Wilkinson, Corey Richards, and Keith Ladzinski as they attempt to circumnavigate the Wolthat Mountain Range in Antarctica. It promises to be a compelling set of videos of a very experienced team visiting some incredibly remote areas of the Antarctic.

In this video, the team discovers just how powerful the forces of nature are in Antarctica. A storm rips through their camp, unleashing a ferocity that is unexpected, even in a part of the world that is known for it's inhospitable weather. Seeing those forces in action on video will give you a new appreciation for what polar explorers endure on their journeys.

Antarctica 2014: Teams Gathering for First Flights

With the Antarctic expedition season poised to get underway in the next few days, teams are continuing to gather in Cape Town and Punta Arenas in preparation for the first flights out to the frozen continent. With storms hitting the Antarctic coasts at the moment, the first flight out of both locations are now scheduled to take place this weekend, officially launching the new season.

Once the weather clears, the planes will take to the air, and the first South Pole skiers will begin to hit the ice at last. Amongst them will be Stéphanie and Jérémie Gicquel, a pair of French adventurers who will be attempting to ski to the South Pole, and back to the coast, covering approximately 1800 km (1100 miles) in the process. They estimate that it will take them about 70 days to complete this journey, and for them every day is now precious.

Stéphanie and Jérémie arrived in Punta Arenas a few days back, and are now going through the final checklist for their gear, and getting everything packed for the start of their journey. Their flight out to the Antarctic should take place in the next few days, as they hope to get underway by November 9. Any weather delays could cause problems with their extended schedule however, and with so much distance to cover, they can't afford to much downtime. A few days delay won't have a big impact on their expedition, but if those delays should extend into a week or more – as we've seen in recent years – it could alter their plans significantly. Hopefully the weather will clear on schedule, and they'll be able start on time.

Meanwhile, our friends at EpicTV have launched a new video series centered around the Antarctic as well. It is entitled Katabatic, and it follows explorers Mike Libecki, Freddie Wilkinson, Cory Richards and Keith Ladzinski as they travel to the Wohlthat Mountain Range in Antarctica to attempt to summit some unclimbed peaks in that region. The first episode can be found below, and it gives you a great sense of what it is like to travel in the Antarctic this time of year. This should be a great series to follow, and I'm looking forward to seeing the next episodes.