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Video: The First Repeat Ascent of Metanoia on the Eiger North Face

Jeff Lowe's Metanoia route on the Eiger North Face is considered one of the most impressive climbs of all time. Solo and without bolts, Lowe went straight up the Eiger, changing the way we viewed climbing forever. That was back in 1991, and since that time no one else has attempted to make that same climb. But back in December, a trio of very talented alpinists – Thomas Huber, Stephan Siegrist, and Roger Schaeli – were able to make a repeat of Lowe's groundbreaking route at long last. This video tells their story.

Video: Mountain Biking in the Shadow of the Eiger

This is the third – and final – video in Teton Gravity Research's Single Track Sweden series, this time taking us back to that fabulous country to mountain bike in the shadow of the Eiger, one of the most iconic mountains in the entire world. As in the other videos of the series, we're treated to fantastic scenery, great looking trails, and amazing riding. Now I'm ready to go to Switzerland and ride a mountain bike too.

Video: Ueli Steck Sets New Speed Record on the Eiger

Earlier in the week I wore about Ueli Steck's new speed record on the Eiger. On November 16, he managed to climb the mountain in 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 50 seconds, shaving five minutes off the previous record held by Dani Arnold. In this video, we not only get to hear Ueli talk about this new record, we also get to see him climbing along the famous Heckmair Route. As usual, he makes the climb look almost effortless, and when he talks about his accomplishment he is quite humble too. Watching the video will help you understand how he earned the nickname "The Swiss Machine," as he moves with such speed and grace on one of the most iconic mountains in the world.

Ueli Steck Sets New Speed Record on The Eiger

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Swiss climber Ueli Steck. It wasn't all that long ago that he was in the Himalaya attempting a summit of Nuptse, and now he is back home in the Alps, and enjoying some time in the mountains that he knows best. That includes climbing The Eiger recently with mountain runner Kilian Jornet. But now Ueli has reminded us why he called "the Swiss Machine" by also setting a new record for a speed climb on that same mountain.

On Monday of this week, Ueli set off on the famous Heckmair Route in good conditions and with great weather. He later posted a photo of himself on the summit, showing his recorded time on his Suunto watch. The display read 2:22:50.7, which means he was able to top out in under 23 minutes. Thats five minutes faster than the 2 hours and 28 minutes it took Dani Arnold to summit the same route back in 2011, when he set the previous record. It should be noted that Arnold used fixed ropes on his ascent, while Ueli does not. For purists, that added an asterisk to the previous mark.

Ueli is certainly no stranger to The Eiger. He climbs it regularly, and it is part of his personal playground in the Alps. In fact, he set a record of 2 hours, 44 minutes back in 2008. That was the record that Arnold later broke. It has been a few years since than, and that record held up well, but it seems Ueli has lowered the mark even further. The funny thing is, he probably didn't even set out to break a record, but was instead just trying to climb while the weather conditions were good. But we all know how fast Steck can be once he gets rolling.

Congrats tu Ueli on setting the new mark. He was as impressive always.

Ueli Steck and Kilian Jornet Climb The Eiger Together

A few weeks back I posted an update from the Himalaya about two of the biggest stars in outdoor adventure coming together at last. Swiss climber Ueli Steck was in Nepal at the time to attempt to climb Nuptse, while Spanish mountain runner Kilian Jornet was there just enjoying some time in the big mountains. The duo met in Base Camp on Nuptse, leaving many of us to wonder what a team-up between these two great athletes would be like. Well, we no longer need to wonder.

Apparently, Ueli and Kilian hit it off well enough in the Himalaya that they were eager to meet up once again back home. This past Sunday, the two men climbed one of the most iconic mountains in all of Europe when they summited The Eiger together. They chose to go up the famous North Face along the Hackmair Route.

As you would expect, the two men went light and fast, although they weren't out to break any records. For Ueli, it was his 38th time up The Eiger, but it was a first for Kilian. From car to summit, and back again required just 10 hours, although according to the Swiss climber, it was simply a fun day in the mountains.

Want to catch a glimpse of what it was like to be on The Eiger with Ueli and Kilian? Check out the video below.

I spend all yesterday following this guy. Great day with Ueli Steck in Eiger.Suunto I Petzl
Posted by Kilian Jornet on Monday, November 9, 2015

Mammut's #Project360 Takes Us Up Iconic Mountains Without Ever Leaving Home

An ambitious new undertaking from Mammut is giving armchair mountaineers an opportunity to climb some of the most iconic mountains in the world without ever having to leave those armchairs.

The gear company sent top climbers up major peaks such as the Eiger, El Capitan, and the Matterhorn while wearing specially built camera systems that captured their routes in full 360º images. Those images were then stitched together and placed online, allowing us to take a virtual expedition up those same mountains from the safety of our homes.

Dubbed #Project360, the website hosting these virtual climbs is now online and accessible by the general public. In addition to the mountains listed above, it also offers a virtual climb of Mt. Elbrus – the tallest peak in Europe – and Rübezahl, a massive frozen waterfall in Switzerland. The Mönch – another iconic European peak – is listed as "coming soon."

These virtual climbs work much like Google Street View in that it gives viewers the opportunity to move up and down these mountains, and pan the camera around 360º to get a better view of the landscapes. The result is an opportunity to see what these climbing routes are like, and just how high up they actually are, to better appreciate what climbers must overcome on the way to the top.

This is definitely a fun and impressive way to kill some time on your computer without fear of altitude sickness or vertigo. You can check it out for yourself by clicking here. And if you want to know more about how the project was created, watch the video below.

Video: Mammut's Project360 Takes Us to the Mountains Like Never Before

Outdoor gear company Mammut has launched a new initiative called Project360, which gives mountaineers, both actual and armchair, a chance to explore the North Face of the Eiger from the safety and comfort of their homes. This new multimedia project allows us to make a virtual ascent along this iconic route using our computers or mobile devices, and the results are quite spectacular. The video below gives you a behind the scenes look at how Project360 came to be, and just how they managed to capture an incredible 3D map of the Eiger. Once you've finished watching the clip, head over to the Project360 website to explore the mountain yourself.

Project360 – Making Of from world of freesports on Vimeo.