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Video: Wingsuits Over the Dolomites

We all know that Italy's Dolomite Mountains are a spectacular playground for climbers and hikers, but it turns out they're pretty fantastic for wingsuiting too. As you'll see in this short video, the landscapes make for a pretty dramatic backdrop for some of the best arial footage imaginable. With Chamonix putting an end to wingsuit flights in the area – at least for now – the Dolomites could become the next big destination for BASE jumpers and wingsuiters, and this clip will tell you why.

Video: Moments in the Italian Dolomites

This video takes us to the Italian Dolomites with professional photographer Gürel Sahin as he captures some of the beautiful landscapes that exist in that place. Over the course of the clip, he shares with us his love for nature and passion for photography, two things that come together to create lasting memories of the places he visits in his journeys. Those are the moments that stay with us for the rest of our lives, and are captured in the images that he takes. He finds plenty of them in these mountains.

MOMENTS with Gürel Sahin - Dolomites, Italy from Palatina Media Group on Vimeo.

Video: A Highliner Talks About Fear While Suspended 2800 Meters Up

This short, but beautiful video, takes us up to 2800 meters (9186 ft) as we join highliner Hayley Ashbury as she walks a thin rope across two spires on Torri del Vajolet, a peak located in the Italian Dolomites. While doing so, Hayley shares a quote from the book Dune by Frank Herbert about controlling her fear, something that seems very fitting considering where she is at in the clip. This is 90 seconds of pure terror wrapped up in an incredibly well shot video.

Highlining 2800m in winter.'Hayley'- 90 seconds about fear. (Dir. Stian Smestad Music by Nils Frahm) from Stian Smestad on Vimeo.

Video: It's Time to Play Outside (In the Italian Dolomites)

When we get caught up in the mundane grind of our daily lives we sometimes need a reminder how important it is to get outside and play, something that is good for our bodies, spirits, and minds. This video not only points out just how important it is to go outdoors, but it uses the Italian Dolomites as an example of the playgrounds that are waiting for us. There aren't many places on Earth that can compete with that. Watch the clip, then go outside to play.

Dolomiti Paganella, Time to Play Outside from StoryTravelers on Vimeo.

Video: Winter in the Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites are one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe, if not the world. This video confirms that, providing almost three minutes of fantastic timelapse imagery from this fantastic setting, which is where many great Italian climbers have cut their teeth over the years. If you want to know just how magical of a place the Dolomites are, just sit back and enjoy this short clip. It is definitely worth the time.

WINTER | DOLOMITES 4K TIMELAPSE from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

Video: Paragliding Through the Italian Dolomites

We've seen some amazing videos from the Dolomites in Northern Italy, but we've never seen those famous mountains from this perspective before. This video was shot on a 50 km (31 mile) flight in a paraglider that soared high above the iconic jagged peaks that are a trademark of the region. This four-and-a-half-minute clip will give us a look at these mountains that most of us will never see, and it is well worth the trip. Enjoy!

Amazing day in the Dolomites from Robi on Vimeo.

Video: The Dolomites and Alps in Timelapse

The Dolomites and Italian Alps make up some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Europe. We're reminded of that in this video, which uses timelapse photography to dramatic effect. Clouds roll across rocky ridges and the sun drifts towards the horizon as we watch from various vantage points found in those iconic mountains. This is a peaceful look at a part of the world that is stunningly beautiful.

TIMEDRIFT II from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

Video: The Italian Dolomites in Timelapse

Located in northeast Italy, the Dolomites are some of the most rugged, and beautiful, mountains in all of Europe. Over the years, they have served as the proving grounds for many great climbers, who visit this section of the country to hone their skills on challenging big walls and snowcapped summits. This video takes us into those mountains, and gives us a stunning look at their beauty using timelapse techniques. The results are nothing short of breathtaking.

And when you're ready to visit the Dolomites for yourself, Mountain Travel Sobek can help. The adventure travel company offers a week of adventure in those iconic mountains that will take you trekking through charming villages, through lush meadows, and into the very heart of this Italian wilderness.

Dolomites | 4K time lapse from Michele Colombo on Vimeo.

Video: Paragliding Through the Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites are some of the most spectacular mountains on the planet, and what better way to explore them than through the air on a paraglider? In this video we go high up with a group of gliders who give us a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. While I'd personally prefer o be hiking or climbing in this environment, it is hard to deny how beautiful it looks from the air.

Follow Me - Dolomites from Cloudbase Productions on Vimeo.

Video: Get Out and Live Your Life!

This video begins like many of our daily lives begin. The main character drags himself out of bed to head into work, even though he is clearly reluctant to go – something we are all probably familiar with at times. But just as it looks like his day is about to be ruined, he is transported to the Italian Dolomites to go mountain biking instead. The clip features some great shots of the mountains, while our intrepid hero rides impressive trails that look like they would be a lot of fun. The message here is to get out and live your life. Find some adventure wherever you can, and don't always get caught up in the drudgery. You'll find it is more fulfilling that way.

Video: Riding a Via Ferrata on a Mountain Bike

If you know what a "via ferrata" is, you probably also know that they can be incredibly dangerous hikes in the mountains of Europe. In fact, some of these fixed-roped routes are amongst the most terrifying and dangerous treks in the entire world. Knowing all of that only makes this video more impressive (and scary!) however, as it features mountain biker Harald Phillipp as he speeds down one of these "iron ways" in the Brenta Dolomites aboard his trusty bike. To say is is a wild ride would be an understatement, but it also has to be seen to be believed. This is definitely not for the faint of heart, and it goes without saying that this should be left to the professionals. I for one am glad I'm only watching this on video.

VIA FERRATA from Summitride on Vimeo.

Video: Autumn in the Dolomites

Italy's Dolomite Mountains always strike a dramatic, imposing figure. These strikingly beautiful peaks are amongst the most beautiful in the world, and this video captures them in all of their splendor during the colorful Italian autumn. If you need a short escape to the mountains, this video will certainly provide a nice respite. Enjoy the views along the way.

Autumn in the Dolomites from Cristina Limonta on Vimeo.

Video: Timelapse in the Dolomites

Italy's Dolomite Mountains are the subject of this latest timelapse video, and it is a spectacular one. This is 2+ minutes of pure bliss, with some of the most spectacular landscapes in all of Europe on display. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Dolomiti 2015 from Franco Grisa on Vimeo.

Video: Highlining the Vajolet Towers in Italy

This video comes our way courtesy of EpicTV and features mountain athlete Hayley Ashburn as she travels to the Vajolet Towers in Italy to make one of the craziest highline attempts that you've ever seen. Hayley tries to walk a 50-meter rope suspended high above the ground, with some incredible scenery from the Dolomites providing the background. This clip will provide a bit of adrenaline, along with great looking mountains.