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Video: The Landscapes and Nature of the Czech Republic

Take a journey to Eastern Europe in this video that explores the landscapes and nature of the Czech Republic. Judging from the clips in this three-minute short film, which were shot in the country's numerous protected parklands – it is a beautiful place to behold. You'll find stunning mountain ranges, lush forests, wonderful wildlife, and much more. I haven't personally been to the Czech Republic yet, but it is on my list now.

Landscape and Nature of Czech Republic from ORCHIS FILM on Vimeo.

World's Deepest Underwater Cave Discovered in Czech Republic

Earlier this week a team of explorers discovered the world's deepest underwater cave in the Czech Republic. The group – led my Polish diver Krzysztof Starnawski – located a limestone cave that had previously been unplumbed, determining that it reached a depth of 404 meters (1325 ft). That's 12 meters (39 ft) deeper than the previous record holder, which was found in Italy.

For Starnawski it was a return to a cave that he had first dove into back in 1999. While there he had noticed that the limestone formations in the interior of the cave had formed in a unique and unusual way. This led him to believe that it might drop to a great depth, although he had no idea that it would be a record breaker. The cave was apparently created by hot water, rich with carbon dioxide, that was bubbling up from below. This makes the interior of the cavern unlike most others that he has explored in the past.

Over the past two years, the Polish diver has spent time searching the cave for clues as to just how deep it truly went. He discovered a narrow passage that gave him a glimpse of the deepest recesses of the cavern, but it wasn't until another diver found that that passage had widened that they could actually go further down. On Tuesday, the team dropped an automated ROV into the cave and maneuvered it to the bottom, accurately determining its depth in the process.

National Geographic has posted an interview with Starnawski about the process of exploring the cave, and what he and his team discovered inside. You can read his thoughts on the this 25+ year odyssey and just how he went about recording the depth of the cave, here.

It is stories like this one that remind us about how little we truly know about our own planet. I'm sure there are plenty of other discoveries just like this that we have yet to stumble across. It is also a reminder of how important exploration remains, even in the 21st century.

Video: The Steepest Running Race in Europe

I never thought a video would make my legs throb with pain, but this one just about did the trick. It was shot at the Red Bull 400, which is held annually in Harrachov, Czech Republic. The event covers just 400 meters, but it runs up the side of a hill that is typically used for ski jumping competitions. That means it is extremely steep, and as you'll see from the video, extremely demanding as well. You better have good lungs and strong legs if you want to compete in this race.

Video: The Colors of Home in Timelapse

This video features some of the spectacular landscapes – both natural and manmade – in the Czech Republic caught in timelapse. It shows a little of everything, including mountains,. forests, waterfalls, and cityscapes, giving viewers a nice taste of what the country has to offer. The clip is also another great example how relaxing and tranquil a timelapse video can be. Enjoy.

Colors of home from EMproduction on Vimeo.