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Car insurance Guide

If you want to insure a new vehicle or cancel your existing auto insurance and change, you should get advance insight into the market. Due to strong competition among insurers, there are favourable tariffs practically for each car. Whether a car insurance for novice or a car insurance for the car: you can choose among numerous offers. Learn what to look for here.

Types of car insurance
Generally can be distinguished three types of car insurance: motor insurance, the collision damage waiver, and the partial cover insurance. A compulsory insurance is the former and is usually meant, if only from the car or car insurance. You pay for all legitimate claims for damages, imposed after crashing against you by third parties. Partial and fully comprehensive stand, however, in varying degrees of damage to your own car.

Cost factors
Although the motor insurance is a compulsory insurance, you can save on a completion yet. So different factors will affect the contributions which you can influence their part at least in part. Are worth mentioning in the first place:

Drivers classification: Through years of accident-free driving you can reach a low damage freedom class, which specifies the auto insurance as a percentage. This is the most effective means to reduce contributions.
Type class: For the insurance, the type classes are binding, they are based on the statistical damage required of a specific vehicle class. Each car belongs to a type class, the overview is updated once a year.
Utilization behavior: A low mileage and a safer night Abstellort, for example, affect positively on the premiums.

Personal conditions: by the age of the driver about his profession up to the housing situation, the various criteria affect insurance premiums.

Discount protection and discount saver
The classification into a worse damage freedom class and the increase in the contributions follow a self-inflicted accident car insurance. Discount protection and discount saver can prevent this. Arrange a discount protection with your car insurance, remain you get damage freedom class and premium. Up to three losses per year allowed under these conditions regulate - however, you have also an extra seven to 15 per cent in purchasing.

The discount Savior is often free part of your policy, is possible but usually only once per year. Here the low premium is retained you though, nevertheless the insurance makes the classification into a worse damage freedom class. Bind off rescuers as well as discount protection in a way your provider: If you want to change the insurance, you can not take the percentages to the new car insurance. The company will be classified on the basis of the actual damages namely you.

Cheap car insurance for beginners
A car insurance for novice is often relatively expensive. This is due to their lack of driving experience and a higher than average carelessness which is reflected also in the accident statistics. But, there are ways to complete a cheap car insurance for drivers.

An option is to ask the insurer of the parents whether entry in the damage freedom class half is possible. This corresponds to a percentage range between 100 and 140 depending on the provider. The downside is that no free choice of insurance is possible. More often the way is used appropriately, that the parents of the young rider complete car insurance for a car. So, you run the police using their name while daughter or son of the main users of the car is. This caused an accident, the demotion in the damage category concerns only the second car. A start is possible at best with the classification of the Erstwagens depending on the age of the driver at least in SF, half.

Cancel car insurance: to go properly
There are several reasons to switch car insurance. If you are unhappy with a settlement, not be willing to accept an increase in premium or have simply found a better rate, you can cancel your car insurance - but not always. You are bound to your notice period or subject to specific cases. You authorize the following situations to cancel your auto insurance:

Re-registration or change of vehicle: You buy another car - whether used or new - you can change the insurance for this.
In the event of damage: after the settlement of a damage