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Video: Trekking to the End of the World on the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a 540 mile (869 km) long trekking route that begins in southern France and continues across northern Spain. Each year, thousands of pilgrims hike the trail for spiritual, physical, and emotional reasons. Some simply come for the adventure, while others are looking for a transformative experience.

Earlier this year, filmmaker Hank Leukart spent six weeks hiking the Camino, encountering all kinds of interesting people and places along the way. This fantastic video shares his journey, giving us an all-too-brief glimpse of what it was like to trek this historic route. The 35 minute short film is not only enthralling, but very inspirational as well. You're going to want to get comfortable for this one.

And if you'd like to hike a section of the Camino yourself, my friends at Mountain Travel Sobek offer an 11-day trek along the route that highlights its key points. After watching this video, I guarantee you'll be thinking about making this journey yourself.

To the End of the World from Hank Leukart on Vimeo.