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Video: Kayaking Down a Drainage Ditch in a Tandem Kayak

Three years ago I shared a video of kayaker Ben Marr as he paddled down a drainage ditch in British Columbia, setting off a slew of copycats that followed. Now, Ben has returned to that same spot to run the drainage ditch again, this time in a tandem kayak with his buddy Russ Sturges in tow. Check out their antics in the clip below, which demonstrates that like most things in life, having a partner just makes it more fun.

Video: Take A Wild Ride on the GoPro Winning Mountain Bike Line of 2016

At the end of 2016, GoPro invited mountain bikers from across the globe to share their favorite rides from the past year, promising to pick a winner for their favorite line. The winner, which can be viewed below, was submitted by Stevey Storey and was filmed as he bombed down a trail in British Columbia. This first person ride is fast and wild with a little bit of everything, including narrow, twisty singletrack; obstacles to avoid, and even places to catch some air. This is pretty much a dream trail for most mountain bikers, so sit back and enjoy.

Video: Riding Through an Enduro Playground in British Columbia

This short clip is part of Red Bull's "Raw" series, which is essentially a video that has been created to give viewers a great experience, but hasn't been heavily edited and lacks much in the way of special effects. In fact, this video doesn't even have any music. It is simply two-minutes of pure bliss as pro mountain biker Brandon Semenuk spends a day riding a beautiful trail in British Columbia. The results are spectacular.

Video: Mountain Biking Revelstoke

Primarily known as a ski destination, Revelstoke has quickly become a great place to mountain bike too. In this video, we travel to British Columbia with our friends from Teton Gravity Research to explore the possibilities of riding the many trails that can be found at the mountain resort, and beyond. If you love beautiful scenery and great mountain biking, you'll certainly appreciate this clip. And remember, it's not winter yet. There is still time to ride Revelstoke this season.

Win a Huckberry Explorers Grant, Go on an Adventure of a Lifetime

Huckberry is a website that sells outdoor and adventure travel gear. It was founded back in 2011 by two friends who wanted to shift their careers away from the investment banking world into something that aligned more with their passions. Now, five years later, the company has grown nicely, with 50 employees helping customers find the right items for the next escape.

For the third year in a row, Huckberry is offering us the chance to win one of their Explorers Grants, which not only will provide the winners with plenty of gear, but a chance to go on an adventure of a lifetime.

To be considered for this great opportunities, all you have to do is choose from one of four amazing trips and enter the contest using your email address. You can increase your chances of being selected by sharing your choice on social media. Entries are being accepted through March 31, with ten finalists being selected completely at random. Those lucky folks will than be asked to write a 250-word essay on why they should be the one who receives the grant. The ultimate winners will be announced on April 21.

So exactly what adventures are they offering? Each is interesting in its own right. The options include traveling across British Columbia by motorcycle, fly fishing the Snake River in the Tetons, camping and surfing in California, and hiking through Olympic National Park in Washington.

The winners will be accompanied on their trip by a Huckberry ambassador who will serve as their guide, and a $2000 shopping spree no the website to get geared up for the trip. To find out more and place your entry, click here.

Good luck!

Video: Free Solo Climbing in British Columbia with Will Stanhope

Want to know what it is like to climb a big wall without the use of ropes? Pro climber Will Stanhope conveys that feeling extremely well in this video, while we get shots of him plying his trade in the amazing settings of British Columbia, Canada. In this case, he's taking on The Chief, a 1000-foot (300 meter) rock wall that offers some of the most challenging climbing imaginable. For Will, this isn't about pushing yourself to the limit, but it is instead about having the chance to climb more freely, and interact directly with the rock. Obviously, this type of climbing isn't for everyone, but it is amazing to watch for sure.

Free Solo Rock Climbing - Will Stanhope in Squamish, BC, Canada from Blaise Sack on Vimeo.

Video: Mountain Biking Squamish

Located in the heart of British Columbia, Squamish is well known for being a spectacular outdoor playground that happens to get a fair amount of rain each year. In fact, it can get as much as 238 cm (94 inches) of rainfall, which can make for sloppy conditions at times. Those conditions are prominently on display in this video, which features mountain biker James Doerfling bombing down a wet trail near Squamish. The slick conditions add a level of challenge to the ride, which is through a spectacular forest worthy of exploration. If you want to check-out the world class mountain biking that is available in the region, give this clip a look. It is both beautiful and inspiring.

Fairweather - James Doerfling from OneUp Components on Vimeo.

Video: Climbing the Bugaboos with Alex Honnold

This all-too-short video takes us to Bugaboo Provincial Park in British Columbia,  Canada where we join free soloist Alex Honnold on an incredible line up a mountain there. Sadly, the short clip only teases us with the amazing scenery, and Alex's fantastic skills, although it is enough to understand that he is climbing in a beautiful setting. The clip comes our way from National Geographic, which has launched a new adventure video of the week series. If they're all like this one, they'll certainly be worth watching.

Video: Earth Porn - Volume 2: Alberta Water

Awhile back we had a beautiful video with the title of Earth Porn. It took us into the amazing wilderness settings of British Columbia, Canada, giving us some exceptionally beautiful shots of the landscapes there. Now, we're back with Volume 2 of the series, this time with a focus on the rivers, lakes, and waterfalls that can be found near Alberta. This short film is just as lovely as the first, with striking images that will leave you longing to visit these places for yourself.

EARTH PORN // VOL 2 // ALBERTA WATER from Christiaan Welzel on Vimeo.

Video: Kayaking the Stikine River with Rafa Ortiz

Canada's Stikine River is sometimes called the "Everest of Kayaking." Remote, wild, and difficult, it is often seen as the ultimate whitewater destination. In the video below we travel to that amazing river with pro-paddlers Rafa Ortiz and Isaac Levinson as they take on the Class V rapids that the Stikine is so famous for over a multi-day expedition through a very remote region of British Columbia.

Video: Kayaker Drops 35 Meters Over Keyhole Falls

Professional Kayaker Aniol Serrasolses recently traveled to British Columbia, Canada to paddle the amazing looking Keyhole Falls. His hope was to drop this legendary waterway, which features an approach down a narrow canyon, and whitewater that gushes over the falls at more than 3000-cubic meters per minute. The video below captures that 35 meter (114 foot) drop in stunning fashion and from multiple perspectives, including from within the cockpit. Not for the faint of heart, this one will certainly get your heart pumping.

Video: Mountain Biking Squamish

Squamish, British Columbia is an amazing outdoor playground, as is evidenced in the video below. It features mountain biker Sid Slotegraaf as he goes up and down some of the amazing trails that can be found there. At the moment, the place is probably covered in snow, but come spring, this will be just the place for a great ride. It's never too early to start planning.

The Patrol: Up and Down Squamish from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

Video: Journey to the Stikine and the Sacred Headwaters

The Stikine River of British Columbia is considered one of the best whitewater destinations on the entire planet. This short film takes us to that amazing place with a group of kayakers who are looking to explore that remote and beautiful destination. But the Stikine is under threat from developers who want to dam the river or mine the landscapes that surround it. The documentary not only shows us how amazing the Stikine is, but also how endangered it is as well.

Journey to the Stikine and the Sacred Headwaters from Mountain Mind Collective on Vimeo.

Video: Technical Mountain Bike Freeride in Squamish, British Columbia

If the holidays have left you bereft of an adrenaline fix, perhaps this video will be of assistance. It features professional mountain bike rider Aaron Chase as he screams down a fairly technical singletrack trail in Squamish, British Columbia. Captured using a helmet cam, it gives us a great idea of what it is like to ride these amazing trails, with much of the route not meant for your average rider. This one is guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Video: The Night Watchman - An Adventure Photographer in Whistler

This wonderful video follows photographer David McColm as he travels into the backcountry near Whistler, British Columbia to capture some fantastic shots of the landscapes there, and specifically timelapse images of the Northern Lights. It gives us a glimpse of the lengths that David, and other photographers like him, go to just to get the best shot possible. In addition to watching him work, which should prove interesting to other photographers, the video also provides some excellent examples of his work as well. Great stuff.

Video: New Documentary to Take Viewers on Epic Traverse of Remote Canadian Mountain Range

This video is a teaser trailer for a new documentary entitled Colours of Edziza. The film follows a diverse team of friends and adventurers as they trek through a remote mountain range in the Tahitian First Nation region of British Columbia in Canada. This part of the world remains largely untouched by outside influences, and the team discovered a land that is as rugged, as it is beautiful. Along the way, they also discovered how to work together to overcome the challenges they faced on their traverse of two different mountain ranges.

The filmmakers for this amazing looking documentary are hoping to complete their project, and have launched an Indegogo campaign to raise the funds they need to finish the film. As I write this, they have raised about $10,000 CAD for the project, and are looking to get to $25,000 CAD. I think after watching the trailer, you'll see that this is an interesting adventure doc that deserves to be seen. If you agree, perhaps you can help out a bit with their goal.

Video: What I Do in Whistler

Remember the Internet meme that was making the rounds awhile back which featured various activities shown from multiple points of view, usually with the captions of "what my friends think I do" or "what my grandma thinks I do" with images juxtaposing the reality of the situation? The video below is a film version of that meme, with the various viewpoints centered around mountain biking in Whistler. In this case, our erstwhile hero just wants to go riding, but he has to face the challenges of what his boss, girlfriend, and grandfather thinks he does there. Worse yet, he has to get over the hurdle of what his mom thinks he does there. It's a funny clip, with a good payoff at the end, and some great mountain biking shots intermixed.

What I Do In Whistler from Matt Dennison on Vimeo.

Video: Nouria Newman Makes First Female Descent of Stikine

A couple of weeks back I posted a wonderful video of a team of kayakers running the Stikine River in  British Columbia. In the late summer, and heading into the fall, the Stikine becomes a paddler's dream, with fantastic whitewater to test their skills. Recently, French kayaker Nouria Newman became the first woman to complete a full descent of the river, completing all 45 miles of the descent without a portage. In the video below, she shares that experience and takes us through one of the most iconic paddles in all of North America.

Nouria Newman - Site Zed from Mountain Mind Collective on Vimeo.

Video: Remy Métailler Shreds the Whistler Bike Park

We all know that the Whistler Bike Park is a legendary place to ride, with fun, challenging trails and unmatched scenery. But local rider Remy Métailler makes it look easy in this video, that has him bombing down hill on a fast and furious run. Watching this definitely makes me want to get on my bike again soon, and see what my local trails have to offer. Great stuff.

Remy Metailler burns the Whistler Bike Park from chris ricci on Vimeo.

Video: Paddling the Stikine River in British Columbia

The Stikine River, located in northern British Columbia in Canada, is one of the top paddling destination in North America during the fall. Each year, kayakers from all over the world descend on the Stikine to test their skills on the wild whitewater found there. This short film follows one such team, which visited the Stikine for the first time in the fall of 2013. The footage they captured is excellent, and it seems that the river lived up to its reputation.

Stikine Season from Adrian Kiernan on Vimeo.