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Video: Trekking to Mt. Roraima in South America

At just 2810 meters (9220 ft.) in height, Mont Roraima isn't even close to being the tallest mountain in South America. Still, it is quite an adventure to get to its table-top summit, which rises above the lush forest below. At the top, there is an ecosystem unlike what is found nearby, including some species of animals that aren't seen anywhere else on Earth. In this video, we make the trek along with some other adventure travelers to explore a place that was the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. This part of the world remains beautiful and largely untouched, and is on my bucket list of places I'd like to visit myself at some point. For now, I'l have to settle for this video like everyone else.


Video: Paragliding Over Rio de Janeiro

With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in full swing the eyes of the world of turned towards Rio. If you've been watching the events unfold in Brazil, you've no doubt seen some beautiful shots of the surrounding landscapes along the way. But in this video we join paragliders Nader Couri and Joe da Silva as they soar high above the city and Conrado Beach, giving us an adrenaline filled look at the surroundings. We haven't seen Rio from this vantage point just yet.

Video: Wingsuit Flight Past Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil

A few weeks back I shared a preview video of wingsuit pilots preparing to attempt a flight past the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While intriguing, that clip didn't give us the full story, and left us wanting more. Now, we have the full video, allowing us to get the whole story of Jamie Flynn's Rio flight. Check it out below.

Video: Preview - Wingsuit Pilots Fly Past Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio

This video is a preview of others to come. In January, G-Form – the makers of protective gear for every body – sent a team of wingsuit pilots to Rio to attempt to fly past the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue there. A three-part series of videos telling their story will be released later this week, but the clip below is a preview of what's to come. Check it out and get excited for the full videos that will be here soon.

Final 2015 Adventure Racing World Series Rankings Revealed

With the Adventure Racing World Championships being held in Brazil last month, another season of the AR World Series has come to a close. Earlier in the week, the final rankings for 2015 were released, and for those of us who follow the sport closely there are some familiar names at the top. 

The rankings are a result of how teams finish over the course of the entire season, which began last February at the GODZone Race in New Zealand and wrapped up at Pantanal Pro in Brazil. Each team receives a point value based on their performance, although sometimes their overall score is skewed by how often they race. Still, the best teams do tend to gravitate to the top of the list, and the best team in the world is definitely ranked number one in my opinion. So, without further ado, here how the top adventure racing teams stacked up, along with their point totals for the season:
1 - Seagate - 700
2 - Columbia Oncosec - 556
3 - Adventure Medical Kits - 458
4 - Haglöfs Silva - 398
5 - Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team - 371
6 - Raidlight-Naturex - 364
7 - Merrell - 355
8 - GODZone Adventure Team - Expedicion Guarani - 338
9 - Peak Performance 306
10 - YogaSlackers - 275
11 - Estonian ACE Adventure - 223
11 - France Green Caffte Costa Rica - 223
13 - R'ADYS Team Switzerland - 218
14 - Ecuador Movistar - 183
15 - Arverne Outdoor - 176
16 - Bivouac Inov-8 - 160
17 - Sweco Adventure - 150
18 - Fenix Multisport - Adidas - 133
19 - DART Nuun - 108
20 - Chimpanzee Bar - 105
20 - Kailash Brou Aventuras - 105
The 2016 season will begin in February at the Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge in Belize, and the ARWS will have another full schedule of events planned for the months that will follow. It should be another interesting year, with some great races set to take place on five continents, including the World Championships being held in Australia.

Team Seagate Wins Adventure Racing World Championship

Last week, the Adventure Racing World Championship was held in Brazil, where the top teams from around the world went head to head to decide just who is the best in this grueling endurance sport. The teams tested themselves on a course that was 720 km (447 miles) in length, and after seven days of nonstop racing, it was a familiar team that stood atop the leaderboard.

Team Seagate from New Zealand was the favorite coming into the event, and they did not disappoint. The squad took first place at Patanal Pro, the host event for this year's AR World Championship. The Kiwi's finished with a time of 6 days, 16 hours, 44 minutes, which fast enough to put them seven hours ahead of second place team Haglöfs Silva of Sweden. Third place went to team SAFAT, also of Sweden, who finished another five hours back.

At the start of the race back on November 15, there were 30 teams set to compete. Only five managed to run the entire course, with 17 other teams continuing on a short course, while 8 others retired from the event. Two additional teams continued on unranked after losing one of their four-person squad.

As usual with adventure racing, the ARWC required coed teams of four to trek, mountain bike, and kayak through a remote course using only a compass and map to navigate between checkpoints. In this case, that remote course ran through the Patanal region of Brazil, which is the largest wetlands area in the world. The dense forests found there are reminiscent of the Amazon, although the terrain varies to a higher degree.

Congrats to the champs who have proven once again that they are the top team in the world. Hopefully we can lure them to come compete in Expedition Alaska in the future.

Video: The Mountains of Brazil

We'll end the week with this fantastic video shot by a drone in the Pedra Selada region of Brazil. It features some fantastic imagery shot from the air of remote landscapes that are simply breathtaking. It is a short three-minute clip that gives us an all-too-brief glimpse of this pristine wilderness, and will almost assuredly leave you wanting more.


Video: Drone Flights Over the Mountains of Brazil

This video takes us to Pico do Cristal, the 5th highest mountain in Brazil to give us a beautiful look at a remote region of that country that is seldom visited by outsiders. The filmmakers behind this project took a drone with them to capture footage from the landscapes that surround the peak, and the results are simply stunning. There is always something mesmerizing about hiking above the clouds, and watching them drift by below. Something that we see prominently here. Enjoy this tranquil look at an amazing place.


Video: Itatiaia National Park Timelapse

Brazil's first national park is a place called Itatiaia, which was established back in 1937. Known for its rocky, mountainous terrain, the park offers a remote sanctuary for wildlife and a wonderful retreat from the bustling cities of Rio and São Paulo. This video takes us into that amazing place and gives us a great tour of the landscapes that can be found there. The timelapse images on display begin with some general shots of the flora in the park, but later we see the mountains and clouds, and eventually the stunning starscapes that can be found overhead, all set to some peaceful music that fits the mood perfectly.

Itatiaia National Park Time Lapse from Marcius Clapp on Vimeo.

Video: South America by Drone

Adam Humphrey, the filmmaker behind this beautiful short film, spent five weeks backpacking through South America, covering more than 19,000 km (11,800 miles) in the process. Along the way, he shot some amazing video – with the help of a drone – in Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. The results speak for themselves, as viewers are treated to fantastic shots of some of the most stunning landscapes on the continent, if not the world.

South America by drone from Adam Humphrey on Vimeo.

Video: A 10k Timelapse Demo

Remember when we all use to get excited about 1080p HD video? Now, while everyone is busy talking about 4k resolutions, the filmmakers behind this demo have made the leap to 10k. Shot with a camera that is capable of collecting 80 megapixel images that provide a stunning resolution of 10327x7760 pixels. In the short film we get a glimpse of what this looks like with some fantastic timelapse images shot in and around Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The sense of scale is very impressive, with details that will blow you away. If this is the future of video, I can't wait for it to get here.

10328x7760 - A 10K Timelapse Demo from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

Video: Drones in the Mountains of Brazil

The combination of a GoPro camera and an aerial drone have given amateur filmmakers a set of tools that simply haven't been available in the past. As a result, we're now seeing some amazing videos that simply weren't possible a few years ago. Case in point, this clip that was shot in the Sierra Fina region of Brazil, where a series of mountains rise above 2500 meters (8202 ft). The landscapes are captured in a truly beautiful fashion thanks to the use of drone. This looks like a beautiful place to visit, and we get a wonderful three-minute tour of the place that is simply tantalizing.

DRONE DA MONTANHA - Alto Capim Amarelo - Brasil from DRONE DA MONTANHA on Vimeo.

Long Rider Completes Epic Journey From Canada to Brazil on Horseback

It has been a couple of months since we last checked in with the progress of long rider Filipe Masetti Leite. At that time, he had just arrived back to his home country of Brazil, after spending two years on horseback riding from Calgary. The end of his journey was in sight, but he still had a long way to go, plenty of bureaucratic red tape to navigate, and some other commitments to his schedule. But in that moment, Filipe was happy. He was inching closer to home, and he was in Brazil in time for the World Cup. Now, more than five months later, we can report that he is officially home, and the journey has ended.

For those who don't know Filipe's story, he graduated college in Canada, and was preparing to head back to Brazil. But, he didn't just want to launch directly into a normal career, but instead wanted to have a grand adventure before he settled down. As a child, his father had read him the classic equestrian adventure story Tshiffhly's Ride, the true account of Aime Tschiffely's journey from Buenos Aires to New York City, that covered more than 10,000 miles back in 1925. That story had stuck with him, and the spark of an idea began to form in his head. What if he made a similar journey back to his home in São Paulo?

Getting his adventure off the ground was not easy. Filipe had to remain persistent, even as potential sponsors continually closed the door on him. But eventually his tenacious attitude began to pay off, and two quarter horses were donated to his cause. He also received a contract from OutWildTV to tell the story of his journey, which provided some funding to get him going. It all came together just a few months before he had planned to hit the trail, setting in motion one of the great equestrian expeditions of all time.

All told, Filipe's journey took more than two-and-a-half years to complete, and covered over 16,000 km (9941 miles). That puts him on par with his hero, Aime Tschiffely, who inspired him to begin this adventure in the first place.

Back home, Filipe is now working on a book about his ride, and has become somewhat of a celebrity. He reports in his last blog post that he has hit the motivational speaking circuit, and has appeared in a commercial for Burger King. Reading his words, it sounds like he is happy to be home, and close to friends and family, although he is already missing the open trail, and a nomadic lifestyle. Something tells me we haven't heard the last of Filipe Masetti Leite, and that we just might see another long distance journey on horseback out of him in the future.

Congratulations to Filipe on completing this amazing expedition, and thanks to my friend CuChullaine for sharing his story along the way.