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Best acne treatment - Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Acne Mask - Skin and Beauty

Best acne treatment - Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Acne Mask - Skin and Beauty

Best acne treatment  - Tomatoes, fresh red fruit which has the Latin name Solanum lycopersicum esculentum lycopersicum syn come from the mainland United States, specifically South America and Central America. Tomato plants have a height of about 1 to 3 meters and the plant life short. The tomato is a vegetable and used as a complementary fruit vegetables. Tomatoes have a variety of colors ranging from yellow, green, to red. Tomatoes also have a variety of sizes from small (commonly known as the public at large as cherry tomatoes and used to make chili) and tomatoes were the size of ping pong balls or less commonly mixed into processed vegetables and salad. Here are the benefits of a tomato mask for skin and beauty as well as treat acne.
Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Acne Mask - Skin and Beauty
Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Acne Mask - Skin and Beauty

1. Facial skin bright

If we want to have a glowing skin, bright, anti dull, no need to buy a wide range of beauty products that have not been proven to be effective. Better use of natural materials are cheap and safe, without side effects when applied. Tomatoes are loaded with vitamin C is beneficial brightens the skin and makes it glow. It is very easy. Only by slicing tomatoes into thick circles, then gosokkanlah the tomato slices on the face. Do it regularly in order to obtain satisfactory results.Best acne treatment .

2. Makes the skin pores so small

The pores of the skin / face continues to bring dirt makes it even greater. If the pores getting bigger, what happens is the skin that looked clean and fresh glow. The use of masks tomatoes can be useful to make the pores so small, so the impact on the skin clean, beautiful, and healthy. How to make it is to smooth the tomatoes first and then mixing the delicate tomato with lemon juice as much as a teaspoon. Then apply gently to face and gently massage, massage, let stand for approximately fifteen minutes. Finally, clean the tomatoes in the face mask with warm water and then ended with a disposable wash cold water to close the pores open due to the warm water Sewer earlier, so dirt does not stick back on the face.Best acne treatment .

3. Getting rid of acne on the face

The content of the tomatoes that have a property to repel acne, making the skin bright and black spots acne scars disappear is acid, vitamin C and vitamin A. The trick is to wear a mask tomatoes regularly (1-2 weeks) in the face for approximately thirty minutes. Cleaning the same as those already discussed above is wearing warm water that ends with a cold water rinse.Best acne treatment .

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4. Skin so smooth

Has a smooth and soft skin is a dream of every person. Face so looks more healthy, bright, beautiful. No need to spend in the unuk get delicate facial skin. Simply by wearing masks tomatoes mixed with honey to taste mask similar to the texture of pasta. After the mask so, can be directly applied to the face while giving a gentle massage, then mask diberihkan. Avoid out of the house after this treatment so that dust and dirt do not re-settled in our face is clean.Best acne treatment .

5. Preventing cells become damaged

To prevent damaged skin cells and ward off free radicals that cause wrinkles and skin looks older than it should be (premature aging) in addition to masks tomatoes, increase the consumption of tomato juice after lunch.Best acne treatment .

6. Making white

Cream of tomato can help make the skin look more white. How to make is to mix one teaspoon of yogurt, oatmeal, tomatoes and 2 teaspoons finely, then smeared onto the skin and leave for about twenty minutes, then do the cleaning.

7. Protect the skin so as not to burn

Burned skin due to sunburn can be overcome by eating tomato paste every day as much as five tablespoons. Skin that is already burned can be overcome with the consumption of this tomato paste. To benefit more, the skin elastic, soft and fresh, wear a mask tomatoes (two teaspoons of tomato fine) and one teaspoon of yogurt, and apply to the skin after doing the activity.

8. Overcoming oily skin

Face gleamed because of excess oil production, making the skin look unhealthy and bright. Oily skin that is not immediately cleared will have an impact on the appearance of blackheads and pimples. To overcome this, wear a mask tomato mixed with cucumber juice. 2 tomatoes blender until smooth add 4 tablespoons of cucumber finely / juice and apply on the face (applying it to the face can use a cotton). Allow it to dry, the last clean the mask. Regularly doing this treatment, can make the oil in the face of uncontrollable and helped shrink the pores of the skin.

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9. Caring for the skin

Tomato seed oil is useful for treating the skin. This oil can fend off free radicals trigger premature aging. Wear a tomato seed oil to massage the skin is desired (eg disposable facial massaging tomato seed oil). Do this ahead of us sleep, and wash off after we wake up in the morning.

10. Protecting the skin from ultraviolet light attack

Tomatoes can be used as a natural sunscreen. Lycopene, which owns antioxidants in tomatoes is a fortress skin from ultra violet rays. Drinking tomato juice before going to work on a regular basis is useful to create healthy skin. Dialamai skin problems due to exposure to sunlight often include scaly skin, dull and dry.

How To Make Tomato Mask

1. Mask tomatoes with the addition of lemon and oatmeal

Benefits: cope with oily skin, acne, nourish the skin.

How to make :

Tomato and lemon washed beforehand;
Cut the tomatoes and add to blender;
Add the lemon juice and oatmeal taste;
Blend until smooth and well blended;
Apply as a mask, by settling for approximately half an hour to dry;
Wear clean water;
Perform routine once a week.
2. Mask tomatoes with the addition of cornstarch

Benefits: soft and smooth skin, relieving acne, oily skin.

How to make :

Tomatoes in a blender until smooth with no extra water;
Add one tablespoon cornstarch until it looks like pasta;
Oles in the face, flatten, the last rinse water use.
3. Mask tomatoes with added sugar and lime

Benefits: taut skin, making pores smaller.

How to make :

Tomatoes and lime washed;
Tomato blender until smooth and then add powdered sugar and lemon juice to taste;
Stir well;
Wear a face mask;
Wait for about 20 minutes until dry;
Cleaning wear warm water that ends with a cold water rinse.
4. Mask tomatoes with added honey

Benefits: removal of blackheads, acne, dark spots, brightens the skin.

How to make :

2 fresh tomatoes are washed, blended;
Add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir well;
Apply as a mask, leave on for about half an hour to dry;
Wear a clean water rinse.
5. Mask tomatoes with the addition of liquid milk

Benefits for skin rejuvenation.

How to make :

Tomatoes that have been washed further small cut, add a little water, then blended;
Strain the tomato juice, take the juice;
Mix tomato juice and taste of pure milk (whole milk can be found in supermarkets);
Store in the refrigerator until cool;
When it is cold, it can be smeared into the face of a brush or cotton;
Allow approximately 15 minutes to dry;
Rinse with clean water and do not contact with eyes;
Perform routine once a week.
To obtain maximum results, and will, do regular maintenance due to the benefits of the tomato mask for acne and facial skin will feel when done regularly.