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Benefits of Turmeric for acne treatment Naturally

Benefits of Turmeric for acne treatment Naturally

Efficacy of turmeric since the first was never in doubt. Parents in ancient times always using turmeric to treat various health complaints such as colds, abdominal pain, menstrual pain, injury, fatigue and various kinds of other problems. Turmeric is also used to treat a variety of health problems such as mosquito bite skin, scars exposed sores, red spots and various types of acne.

Benefits of Turmeric for Acne Naturally
Benefits of Turmeric for Acne Naturally
Turmeric is one of the secrets to get the skin clean and smooth without acne. Causes of Acne can occur for various reasons and for different reasons, but the acne always cause the same problems that face acne scars and no longer beautiful. So that all those who have acne will feel insecure.

Here are some of the main properties of turmeric benefits effective to treat acne:

1. Prevent Inflammation

The easiest problem occurs in acne is inflammation caused by a buildup of bacteria in the acne. This inflammation that makes acne red and sometimes cause painful injuries. An anti-inflammatory agent or inflammation preventer owned turmeric will work to resolve this issue. Turmeric contains a special compound that could work to activate specific genes in the body that works to prevent inflammation. Turmeric will also send a special compound for blood that can make acne is not an infection and kills the bacteria in the acne section.

To avoid inflammatory acne, stay away from the following things:

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2. Source of Antioxidants

A turmeric contains an active compound called kurkuminoid. This is a compound that could work to resolve inflammation and also a source of antioxidants that are good for acne. Masks are made from fresh turmeric is believed to contain these compounds in an amount that is still high compared to turmeric powder. That's why the mask of turmeric will make acne shrink or help remove dirt from acne. Source of antioxidants also serves as:

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3. Prevent Aging

One of the signs of premature aging is the appearance of black spots that can be started from acne or acne spots that can not be broken. Turmeric contains a powerful antioxidants and can work to resolve this issue. Wearing a mask of turmeric actively been shown to prevent various problems of premature aging. Additionally, turmeric will make the skin becomes softer.

Some other things that can prevent premature aging, namely:

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4. Creating Elastic Skin

Turmeric also helps keep skin elastic and fresh. Women who often have skin problems as acne tends to be inelastic skin. Part of acne scars will leave deep wounds that are difficult to treat. By wearing a mask of turmeric, the skin can be elastic because turmeric contain compounds that can make the surface of the skin becomes softer.

To add the benefits of turmeric for acne it can mix other ingredients such as tomatoes manner (see also: how to get rid of acne with tomatoes), yogurt and milk. This mixture will work to make your skin softer.

5. Reduce Oil

All those who have oily skin may be saturated with acne. Excessive oil production of the skin's pores trigger acne because the skin more get dirt or bacteria. Turmeric will work to clean up the oil and all the dirt left in the pores. Even turmeric could also make the pores become smaller due to anti-inflammatory effects are very high. so turmeric is very effective for reducing acne for oily skin.

For those who have oily face, the following treatments can be done:

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Acne Treatment Methods with Turmeric

Acne is very disturbing because it can leave scars and make sense of lack of confidence. Many drugs are offered to treat acne but not all drugs work in line with expectations. Turmeric become one of the traditional medicine has long been proven as a cure acne. Not only to treat acne, even turmeric could also smooth the skin and make the skin become softer.

Here are a few methods of treating acne with turmeric:

1. Turmeric Mask First
To treat acne then you can try to make a mask of turmeric. The trick is to:

smoothing fresh turmeric that has been washed clean
You can use a grater or ground
Then add fresh water little by little until becoming a mask
Forms a sticky mask is very good for acne
You can apply the mask to the acne alone or evenly to all parts of the face
Let it sit for a while and then wash with warm water
After that, apply honey as a moisturizer and repeat wash with warm water (see also: how to get rid of pimples with honey)
For maximum results can be done two or three times a week.
2. Masks Turmeric and Sandalwood
3. Mask Turmeric and Rice Flour
4. Mask Turmeric and Olive Oil
5. Herb Turmeric Acid
Use Masks Turmeric Side Effects

At the beginning it wears a mask of turmeric would be very good for the skin. However, some people may also experience problems because of the effects of turmeric which react directly to the skin. Here are some of the side effects of using turmeric as a natural mask:

Wearing masks natural turmeric should not be done more than 30 minutes because it can make the red spots on the skin. So wear the mask for a maximum of 25 minutes to avoid these side effects.
The use of masks turmeric every day is strictly prohibited because it can cause a burning effect on the skin.
After wearing the mask of turmeric should be cleaned with a cleanser and apply moisturizer. If you do not do that then your face will become more yellow because of the natural ingredients of the mask turmeric.
Turmeric mixture with water is prohibited for dry skin, you should replace the water material with yogurt or milk to provide natural moisture.
Never mix the use of natural turmeric mask with chemicals, because the mixture of chemicals to turmeric can make an overreaction or even damage the face.
To get the benefits of turmeric mask to the fullest, then try using turmeric is still really fresh and do not contain the fungus. Additionally, do not forget to peel the skin clean and wash the turmeric until completely clean. So, do not be afraid to start using turmeric as a natural ingredient for treating acne.