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Benefits of Coffee For Face Acne Treatment

Benefits of Coffee For Face Acne Treatment

A. Benefits of Coffee for Face and Skin

Coffee is the seeds - seeds that contain caffeine which can be utilized for world health and even beauty. The caffeine content in coffee is not only beneficial to neutralize drowsiness. In the world of beauty, caffeine serves as vasorestrictor that will tighten and shrink the blood vessels. This causes the skin will feel softer and are very effective in helping reduce seluit skin. Coffee can be used as the basic material for the manufacture of beauty products as organic acids, minerals, potassium, magnesium, and iron in it.

Benefits of Coffee For Face Acne
Benefits of Coffee For Face Acne
You need to remember, do not consume foods made from coffee, because it is one of the foods that cause acne, only use for the exterior or natural scrub. Here are some benefits of coffee for facial acne:

Ward off free radicals
Coffee contains two substances, namely antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols that can prevent free radicals. The skin is exposed to free radicals will experience premature aging. For the use of coffee contains anti-oxidants can prevent skin wrinkles prematurely (premature aging) by keeping the intake of antioxidants in the body.

Minimizing Risk of Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is influenced by two factors namely internal and external. Internal factors can be derived from what is consumed. In fact, with coffee consumption can reduce the risk of skin cancer in men and women. While external factors can be derived from activities outside environment that makes exposure to sunlight on the skin directly over a long period of time.

Refreshing Skin
Mix coffee powder which has been made into a cream can be frozen in the freezer that freezes. Then wipe gently like wearing a cream or lotion. Typical aroma of coffee grounds can also make the mind to relax. Relaxed and calm mind will also be reflected on the face look more fresh.

Eliminating Cellulite
As difficult as the skin can certainly interfere with your appearance. To reduce menyemarkan even cellulite. Coffee grounds waste is usually only used as it is here can be used to support your appearance. The trick mix coffee grounds with olive oil and apply on the skin. For optimal results you should use plastic wrap or so mix coffee grounds with olive oil can penetrate well. Then let stand for 5-10 minutes and wash using cold water.

Eliminating Dark Spots
Combine powdered coffee with baby oil with a dose that is not excessive. Apply on the skin that has black spots for 5 minutes. Perform this treatment regularly to obtain optimal results.

Stains or eliminate acne scars
Mix coffee powder which still has small grains and then apply on the skin. Do massage in a circular motion and then leave to dry. After cleaning, wipe the block of ice for refreshing the skin for a few minutes.

Peel Peeling or dead skin cells and tighten the skin
Dead skin cells that accumulate jikak not be cleaned or lifted will also cause skin problems such as acne and facial dull. Use coffee grounds combined with egg white to get tight skin and helps the process of peeling or flaking of dead skin cells.

Tona Brighten Skin Color
Which serves as a bleach mixture here that is whole milk. Pure milk contains high moisturizer that can brighten skin color toned. Other substances such as lactic acid also can make the skin feel softer. Mix coffee grounds with milk and apply as a face mask.

B. The content of the coffee beans

Coffee is not just plants seeds - seeds are processed into drinks alone. But various content contained in coffee has a variety of benefits to the human body. Here the content of the beans:

Protein and Amino Acids
Aliphatic acids (carboxylic acids)
Chlorogenic acid
Fat and derivatives
C. Benefits of Coffee for Facial Acne

One of the causes of acne that excess oil glands so that pores - clogged skin pores. Facial acne can not only be solved with cosmetic containing compounds kimia.Kulit exposed materials or chemicals such as mercury can indeed get rid of acne instantly, but there are dangers that cause tissue damage kulit.Kopi can be used as a natural acne removal without risk exposure to chemicals. Some elite class cosmetic products even use coffee as a main ingredient to get rid of acne in the form of a cream or skin lotion.

D. Benefits of Coffee Scrub for Face Acne

Coffee can help eliminate acne scars and blemishes on the skin. Dead skin cells left behind and accumulate on the skin will clog pores - pores and trigger acne. Blockage of pores - pores that cause inflammation of the skin and make acne more and more. By applying the scrub on the face of dead skin cells will be lifted and the revitalization process helped by good skin. Dry skin will be easier to peel and thus appears scaly and rough. This can cause premature aging of the skin. For that use coffee scrup containing anti oxide can prevent these skin problems.

E. How to Use Coffee Scrub

Scrub can help remove dead skin cells on the skin, but if its use does not match then scrub the rules can have an impact that is not good for your skin beauty. Here's how to use:

Mix coffee powder with water and apply evenly on the skin
Once spread evenly, massage gently in a circular motion and let stand 15 minutes
Use cold water to rinse then dry using a towel face
Gently pat all areas of the face and apply a moisturizer to keep the skin moisture
 F. Tips usage Coffee Scrub

Choose a coffee powder which still have grains - tiny grains that can be used as sccrub. When doing massage (massage) in play should be done slowly so that coffee granules do not injure skin tissue. Milk or honey can also be added as a compound for optimal results. Avoid massage or finger pressure activity in the area of ​​facial skin as this can cause acne in other areas. Discharge from the acne contain bacteria that will cause similar inflammation on the skin of the other. pasta dose comparisons are used to scrub the 3: 1. With the provision of three teaspoons Sendoh can be mixed with one teaspoon of honey or milk.

G. Benefits of Coffee Mask for Face Skin

Coffee mask can be applied singly or in combination with other ingredients such as chocolate milk or honey. This combination can be tailored to the needs and skin type. This mask can remove dead skin cells and helps tighten sagging skin. The use of coffee to the face mask will also make the skin appear clean because it contains anti-microbial that is contained in the mask of coffee. For dry skin, should combine olive oil with coffee powder to obtain moist skin.

H. How to Use Masks Coffee

To make a mask of coffee needed some extra material in accordance skin problems possessed. Suppose for tona whiten skin color, you should add milk into it. The skin will ternutrisi skin colors become brighter. In addition, the lactic acid contained in milk can soften the skin.

Here's how to use:

Mix three teaspoons of coffee powder with a teaspoon of olive oil or pure milk
Apply the mixture evenly to the face
Massage gently with circular movements in five minutes
Allow the mask on 15-20 minutes or until dry
Clean using cold water
Other masks for facial acne:

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Benefits of honey mask for acne
I. Usage Tips on Face Mask Coffee

Masks coffee consists of coffee grounds still have grain - small grain and potentially damage the skin tissue when rubbed or pressed too hard on the skin surface. To avoid this you should pay attention to what it should and should not be done during use coffee mask.

Avoid chemical substances to be used as supplementary material for the risk in the form of skin damage and even cause acne. Other complementary ingredients such as honey, milk or olive oil is a natural substance that can be combined with the coffee powder. keep clean brush or a hand that is used to put on a mask of coffee in the face. Brush or dirty hands carry bacteria that can be attached to the pore - pore.

J. Anything Mixed Materials Mask Coffee and benefits?

Different materials are mixed would have properties or benefits differently. Natural ingredients that have been mentioned above are complementary materials in order to get multiple benefits from the use of the coffee itself. The content of caffeine in coffee is a substance that easily absorbs into the skin and can be combined with other natural ingredients. So what are the other mixed materials that can be combined with coffee grounds? The following will describe any natural material that can be combined with coffee for beauty treatments.

1. Milk

The content contained lactic acid in milk that can make your skin softer and maintain skin softness. Nutrition and moistuizer therein can also make the skin become more toned bright and shining.

2. Natural Honey

Natural honey is a mixture of materials that can prevent allergy or kill bacteria on the face. Honey contains compounds such as vitamin C, katalse, pinocembrin, chrysin which serves as aktioksidan that can moisturize the skin for a long time. Read also: How to get rid of pimples with honey

2. Lemon

Lemon juice can be used as a natural ingredient in the use of coffee. Lemon contains vitamin C is high so that the dead skin cells can be lifted. Vitamin C can help the process of formation of collagen that can rejuvenate the skin.

3. Olive Oil

Coffee powder combined with olive oil is able to moisturize the skin optimally. Mix olive oil with a ratio of 1: 3 using coffee powder. Read also: How to get rid of acne with olive oil

K. Suggestions

In this article has been presented to us what are the benefits of coffee and even coffee grounds for skin beauty. Even the coffee grounds can also be used as a basic ingredient skin care combined with other natural ingredients such as milk, honey, oil and lemon zaitum. The use of coffee as a scrub that rely on grain - small grains on the coffee grounds if it is not done properly it will hurt the skin surface. Referring to these problems, we recommend the use of coffee as an ingredient treatments should also notice how the use of existing.