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Benefit Toothpaste for Acne

Benefit Toothpaste for Acne

The use of toothpaste to treat acne has been deployed and started a long time ago. Toothpaste can improve the natural health of the skin so that it can be used to cure acne and how to remove it safely. Toothpaste had been more widely used as a paste for cleaning teeth. Toothpaste designed to improve oral health, reducing the production of plaque on the teeth and make the teeth more healthy and clean. However, many dermatologists stating if use toothpaste to treat acne is a safe way if done in a way that is not excessive.

Ingredients in Toothpaste
Benefit Toothpaste for Acne
Benefit Toothpaste for Acne

Before you actually use toothpaste to deal with acne, the following are materials commonly found in toothpaste and functions:

Fluoride - Fluoride is one of the active ingredients found in all types of toothpaste. This compound works to make teeth become stronger and prevent damage to the teeth. The content of this material can also cope with the growth of bacteria and gives protection to all layers of the tooth.
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate - This is a special material that can prevent pengendalam magnesium and calcium in the teeth. This material could be a deterrent plaque formation on teeth.
Sodium Bicarbonate - This substance causes mild abrasion to the teeth and make teeth whiter. In addition, these materials will make the atmosphere around the mouth becomes more alkaline and reduce bad breath. In fact, this material could reduce the production of stains on the teeth due to the consumption of foods and beverages that cause discoloration of the teeth.
Triclosan - This is a material that serves as an anti-bacterial and can help prevent the formation of dental plaque because it can destroy bacteria that can produce dental plaque. A combination of several materials such as zinc citrate and zinc kloridam which may prevent the formation of bacteria in all parts of the mouth and teeth.
Hydrogen Peroxide - This ingredient works to make teeth whiter and provide special agent that can remove stains on teeth. These agents can cause the teeth to be whiter and destroy all the bacteria on the teeth.
Sodium Benzoate - Sodium benzoate is a very important ingredient in toothpaste because it can cope with the formation of micro-organisms that cause bad breath and diseases of the teeth and mouth. This material is very active and will not be damaged even though toothpaste is stored for a long time.
How to Overcome Acne Toothpaste ??

Acne is a form of skin infection caused by bacteria that appears under the skin. Acne will be marked with small red spots, large or medium. Sometimes severe acne can not be broken so that the acne is left in the skin. Here are the benefits of toothpaste for acne:

1. Prevent Skin Irritation

The active ingredients in toothpaste can help overcome skin irritation. Irritation occur in the skin of acne. The area around the pimple will become more red, rash and peeling. Irritation will make acne more severe because it makes the growth of bacteria that cause acne to be faster growing. Because that use toothpaste smeared on the night for several hours can reduce irritation and cause acne becomes drier parts.

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2. Helps Clean Acne

Dirty acne can cause inflammation that acne becomes more severe and more pain. Active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide in toothpaste can also help clear acne. Toothpaste that is applied to the acne will make acne become drier then in use for some time then it can cause acne becomes more clear. Acne clean will help mitigate the adverse effects on acne bacteria.

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3. Helps Shrink Acne

Ingredients salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide in toothpaste can help shrink the size of acne because it can make acne becomes more dry surface. Salicylic acid can also make acne become softer surface because it can make the process of cell turnover in the skin faster. While the ingredient benzoyl peroxide works to reduce the bacterial attack on acne. This material can cause bacterial growth stalled thereby reducing inflammation in acne.

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4. Accelerate Healing Acne

Benzoyl peroxide ingredients in toothpaste will cause the acne to be more easily recover. This material can reduce redness on the acne that can make acne is also a speedy recovery. How to treat acne with toothpaste benefit is to apply a little toothpaste on the pimple and leave it for a while to dry. Toothpaste will make on the acne skin becomes softer and can reduce pain in acne.

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Toothpaste Wearing Tips for Treating Acne

Many people who have successfully treat acne with toothpaste. Toothpaste is an active ingredient that can cure acne quickly and without side effects. However, to accelerate the healing follow some of the tips below:

Clean your face before applying toothpaste to treat acne. Clean with warm water or cold water, but do not wear cosmetic products. Cosmetic products for facial acne, acne can still leave stains. Even when stacked with toothpaste that can cause allergies or sores on acne.
Clean the face with cold water after applying toothpaste to the face. If necessary use a cold towel to wipe all parts of the face so that no toothpaste left on the face.
After therapy with the benefits of toothpaste for acne, you should not to use cosmetic products for a variety of cosmetic ingredients in the mixture can cause adverse effects on acne.
Do not use toothpaste that contains menthol because it can cause acne sores become irritated and infected.
Toothpaste is indeed very safe material for treating acne. Use toothpaste in accordance with the materials that can help cure acne it can make acne heal faster. Should select safe toothpaste containing ingredients for acne, so avoid side effects.